The Latest School Shooting

I’ve felt compelled to write something about the recent school shooting. I say “recent” because I am intentionally not connecting this with any particularly shooting. The reason for this is that I have observed enough of these to recognize a consistent pattern. It’s almost as if, in witnessing any given school shooting, we are witnessing a re-play of the same event, the same circumstances, the same characters. What I’m about to write would have served well 5 years ago and it will serve well 5 years from now if Christ has not yet returned by then. In fact, reason dictates that my observations about the recent school shooting will only become more plain for all to see with every passing year.

The reason for this is complex in its particulars but very simple in its underlying cause: Humans are suffering from modernity. If the worldwide electrical grid were abolished, this horrible sort of phenomenon would rapidly disappear.

When this massacre occurred, as in previous massacres, the public divided into two camps with regard to what or whom to blame: (1) easy access to guns or (2) insane people (who, they say, would have found some other murder weapon in the absence of guns). I’ll be direct and say that the objection some people have to the general public’s access to weapons is a bunch of faggotry, so I won’t spend any time on it. Instead let’s look at the insanity argument. You see, I think calling the guy insane is shallow, inadequate, and, importantly, disingenuous. It’s as if we, the mentally healthy and well-adjusted majority, are observing from a distance a rare and foreign thing called insanity. “We need to keep these crazy people from getting guns!” is the general sentiment from the 2nd camp. But the problem is that there is a LOT of insane people out there! A huge portion of our population is taking some kind of drugprescription or otherwisejust to make existence bearable. That’s what it boils down to folks. If you are on anti-depressants, this means exactly that your conviction and your doctor’s conviction is that without them, you’d collapse into total spiritual fatigue with the very real likelihood of contemplating or even committing suicide. Similarly, the taking of anti-anxiety meds is an admission that the person’s nerves have been frying out and showing no tendency to recover. They cannot get on without help. This is to say nothing yet about people who can’t get on without pot, alcohol, or other drugs. Obviously, I would rather see people take these things as an emergency stop-gap measure than to see them snap and kill themselves and go on a rampage. I’m not trying to shame people who are on these meds. Not at all. In fact, I call society to shame.

Now, for me to assign blame to society for the heinous crime of a mad man is really a tremendous, tremendous stretch for me. Some people blame society for everything all the time but this has never been me. Truth be told, for most of my adult life I have been ruthlessly libertarian as far as theories of justice go. And even now I still hold that even the insane have some debt of justice to pay. However, I’ve had enough experience in this present society to know that it is a world sufficiently sick and evil so as to break many a decent soul if it is young, weak, or alone. This society – packed as it is with monstrous perversions, soulless mechanisms, anti-social institutions, and, above all, pervaded with a strident materialist mythos – is a very exceptional society. This society, if we are to look at it as objectively as we are able, is one which can only disappoint our expectations for overall decency, safety, order, and civility. What’s more, as this society accelerates along its present path, it can only disappoint our hopes for normal human order more and more frequently until finally, everybody – not only I, but everybody – comes to expect only chaos. We are actually very, very close to that moment. The amount of people who feel resigned to grudgingly tolerate a host of life conditions that their grandparents and everybody preceding their grandparents would have instantly condemned as the most blasphemous outrages is ever growing. We are living in a hellfire of blasphemy and outrage. If you are not broken inside, not on drugs, and not suffering beyond your coping capacity, you really should literally thank God, that for whatever reason you have merited to have good upbringing, a strong faith, a good livelihood, and one or two true companions in life – because this is very rare.

For practically everybody reading this article it is pretty safe to say that your concepts of basic justice and social order derive from an old world that has almost completely been replaced by a new one. This new world has a different biosphere – figuratively and even literally – than the old one. This new world has been built, very gradually, in such a way as to flip the entire old-world matrix of action and consequence on its head. What was once right – and so upheld by formerly immutable laws of nature – has been reversed, because so many of the basic givens of human life on the individual and social level have been smashed to pieces. Attempting bring justice to any of today’s outrages through the lens of the old world is a fool’s errand. Our present codification of justice, still largely an old-world relic, was constructed while observing the old world – before rampant single-motherhood, the widespread use of mind-conditioning drugs, the urbanization of mankind, the welfare state, and the steady diminishment of hard consequences as a result of poor risks. For a while already, the old law has corresponded poorly to the emerging new world. The present changes in social expectations and codified law that have disturbed conservatives and libertarians are actually an unavoidable catching-up to this new human milieu. You cannot have a (technologically) progressive human environment without being forced to give way to progressive new customs and laws. A relatively unimportant example could be made of the debate of the legality and morality of pirated downloads. More important examples could be made of the changing expectations and protections regarding speech, the changing expectations and protection of privacy, or, the foundational blow that was dealt to the traditional family structure by the invention of the birth-control pill, or worse yet, the replacement of the theistic origin of the Universe and Man with science’s mythos of a purely material world originating from an accident. This is just scratching the surface.

Had the killer in this most recent attack lived 200 years ago, I am confident he would have lived a contented enough life as a farmer, a butcher, a lumberjack, a surveyor, or a frontiersman. He would have had, relative to today’s standards, a physically tough life, but a decent, respectable livelihood nonetheless. Like the vast majority of people, since childhood, he would have lived in strong symbiosis with both parents and other humans as well as a host of other creatures; horses, dogs, other livestock, etc. The things in his life would have breathed. The night sky was a spectacle of stunning wonder that humbled people. Quiet could be found easily. Even if he had been weaker than average in the faith department, he still would have been surrounded by people and institutions of faith. Very importantly, he would have had reasonably good access to at least one woman who was not total trash and who could be his and only his. It’s a lost world…

More and more these days, survival is reserved for those who can endure new kinds of life-pressures. Does John Doe have what it takes to be a ritalin boy who can’t throw a baseball and was raised by a single-mother and who knows, that in the harsh and truest judgment in this secular and hyper-sexualized age, he is a complete non-entity in the sexual market. All the while, females are strutting around him without a trace of modesty and shamelessly hooking up with everybody but him and those who are like him. Additionally, life is understood on the strict basis of radical materialism. This is the doctrine of our schools, our media, and our social institutions. Young people are taught that there is NO PURPOSE TO LIVING EXCEPT HEDONISM – AND – if you are one of these twerpy single-mother boys who are somewhere on the “autism spectrum”) YOU ARE NOT EQUIPPED TO ENJOY HEDONISM!!!! That is some soul-busting shit there! Let that sink in: Life is a rat-race whose only redemption is realized in the obtainment of epicurean ends, yet, most people are by design not destined to achieve any kind of success in such a game. We were designed to live under radically different conditions.

Mind you, this is far from being conjecture on my part: just look at what confessions these killers have left us. They are bewildered creatures. Their madness is not something from some other dimension, but spring from torments which would have badly damaged any one of us. The difference is that you and I happened to have, by an extra measure of grit or luck or some comparatively better circumstances, found ourselves better situated to survive in this modern clown world. For my own part, I have found a nice livelihood, self-employed in an industry which is a little more automation-proof than many others (which I do recognize is rare), plus I’m just quite a bit tougher than the average person. Additionally, I’ve never believed in the material mythos of our era and, on top of that, I suffer no impediments from being hedonistically fulfilled. Yet, in spite of these lush advantages, even I frequently feel something I would call “world-weariness” towards this clown-world, and sometimes have passed through a couple bouts of anxiety and depression. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve never contemplated slaughtering innocents like these guys, but I certainly understand how somebody could look at the world as-is and feel contempt for it. Plus, once you throw psychoactive drugs into the picture, there’s no telling what people will do.

Here’s a sad thing: Genuine psychotherapists are going to be more and more needed – worth more than college education, that’s for sure! Instead of these kids getting help from a manly father-type counselor who believes in God, these kids, and everybody like them, are just going to get prescriptions pushed on them and occasionally talk to some disgusting twink with a PhD whose other clientele consists of men he’s counseling on how to transition into being females. What a God-damned world! Listen, if you want to solve the “why-are-boys-blowing-schoolmates-to-bits?” problem, start by stemming the tide of boys chopping their dicks off.

I’m convinced of this: Go ahead and track all the kids who significantly match the life-circumstance profile of this kid. Every year, the per capita incidence of tragic endings among them (suicide and or rampage) will just tick up and up.

How is any justice system equipped to truly handle this? There is only one real solution. Turn off the electricity.

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