Sterligov, “Cut the Power!”

German Sterligov is a very interesting and inspiring man. A very successful businessman and devout Orthodox Christian. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, he founded Russia’s commodities exchange. By his mid-twenties, he was a millionaire — by some accounts, Russia’s first after the fall of the USSR. As his company expanded he had offices around the world and employed at least 2,500 people. Eventually, he became a billionaire. He engaged in numerous efforts to better his nation.

Many of the principles of his Orthodox faith eventually led him to adopt a very quiet, low-tech, rural lifestyle. For years he has been living as a Kristianin (old-style Russian farmer) and encourages others to do the same. He offers instruction on various aspects of pre-industrial living and frequently makes appearances in major Russian media to preach about the advantages of pre-industrial life. (This is exactly what I think needs to be done for a while — be in part-time in the modern world but not of the modern world. Pretty much anybody can cash out and buy some rural land, but if that’s all we plan on doing, we will not change anything. We have to win a lot of people over to this or the system will eventually come into our woods and into our fields. There is no hiding from this.)

Unfortunately, finding materials pertaining to Sterligov is not easy in English. I speak Russian fairly well and hope to eventually translate some of Sterligov’s interviews and editorials into English, for now, I managed to find this one video with English voice-over (not mine). Enjoy.


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