Division of Labor / Narrowing of Mind

Here’s an experience I had a couple years ago:

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I own a window cleaning business. At some point in time, I bought a sophisticated water purification system which — without delving into the mechanical details — significantly increased the speed at which we can clean windows. So, we get done cleaning these windows on a home that’s worth somewhere around $2 million and the homeowner says, “Wow, you guys got it done so quickly this time!” The customer went on to suggest, seriously, that the price should be lower in turn. At first, I thought he was just trying to make a joke, but no, it soon became clear he was serious. So, there I was, explaining Econ 101 to a guy who lives in a luxury home and who makes beaucoup bucks doing something in IT, or at least something in the tech realm.

This experience brought me to realize that the division of labor (if you are not familiar, read here) has gone very far in liberating the average man from common sense. I realize this sounds like an insult, but I don’t mean it that way. It is simply the observation, that getting along successfully in this world is more and more to be accomplished by focusing one’s intelligence on a very specific subject rather than by having a command of broad, general intelligence (and then having specialized intelligence in one or a few fields). Sure, philosophies as to how to educate a population could make this trend a little better or a little worse, but that is all.


And certainly, I realize that the general glut of distracting “information” in our “Information Age” as well as the abundance of crass entertainment plays a role in the diminishing of common sense, but I am focusing here on the division of labor because when it comes down to it, the biggest motivator for most people to acquire information of any kind is the drive to preserve one’s self, i.e., gain economic competence. In other words, this phenomenon is driven by the evolution of our economy and its constituent industries into ever more diversified and complex states. High-schoolers and college kids are wondering what they are going to do as adults. From pretty early on in life, they are listening to the chorus of exhortations around them about STEM etc, or even arcane social-science stuff for that matter, and aiming their education towards these narrow fields — and usually with no thought for seriously pursuing any real livelihood between childhood and the entrance into their sought-out career.

I can tell you as a small business owner, the view is downright apocalyptic. The process of trying to find hire-worthy young people provides a mind-boggling view into just how screwed this society is. Absolutely screwed. A generation consisting almost totally of the most pathetic weaklings (both physically and mentally). But hey, these kids often know a lot about tech or some other arcane thing.


In this regard, a person’s knowledge is like a the use of microscope; you give up some of the field of view in order to gain magnification. It’s very, very dangerous for us to sacrifice too much the large field of view that has traditionally equipped people with what it takes to live a more or less psychologically healthy life. Misunderstandings far worse than issues in Econ 101 are sure to arise. Indeed, they are already here and cannot help but become worse and worse. I think a lot about these school/mass shootings, they are brimming with deep lessons and dark portents for our civilization.

How striking it is that, by far, that bulk of the reaction to these incidents centers on “microscopic” analysis, i.e., gun rights or no gun rights, trench coats should be banned or not, SSRIs good or bad, etc. This is exactly the retarded shit that I am criticizing throughout this post! Are you people really that stupid? Nobody has any kind of panoramic view to offer? Nobody can see that as we march into Progress, the horizons for a large and growing amount of young people are very, very dark? Almost everything that ought to stabilize and nurture a person has been demolished or made toxic! Everything from livelihoods to marriage. Do you “experts” on the TV bother to read what these killers have written before they go on the rampage? You should. Your very own kids are probably engulfed in the exact same darkness! Idiots!

Let’s look at this “Incel Rebellion” incident in Canada a few weeks ago:

And, yes, I realize there are numerous layers to this incel business, such as feminism (mainly a techno-industrial phenomenon misunderstood as an ideological one) and secularism. But what I want to point out here is that few avenues in the world are as effective in sending you into a state of involuntary celibacy as investing all, or almost all, of your personal development into the extreme kind of specialization which is more and more demanded by Progress! Basically, regardless of what the bro-web might be telling you, your incel issues have less to do with abs and “frame” than with the following question:

“If your industry suddenly closed overnight, would you have even a slight chance of (independent) survival?


Are you up shit’s creek if “web sales analysis” suddenly collapses? Yes? Then, from this alone it is a safe bet that you are frail and low-T and your SMV is shot to hell. Let’s take this exercise further:

“If you were magically transported back to, say, 1968, would it mean a life of begging, crime, starvation for you?”

Are you starting to get the picture?

This is why “Chad” can be some 94-IQ townie, without perfect abs, etc, and still pull decent tail. He can do more basic things than you; more classically manly things. If computers completely vanished tonight, he would survive. Sure, he might struggle at first, but ultimately, he’d get by. He has more adult-male competency. Adult-male competency is the central factor determining sexual success throughout most of the natural world, especially for mammals. You must achieve competency as both an adult AND a male. Do this and you will gain access to women. Thing is, all the “hot careers” today are things which, at best, will give you adult-unisex competency. That is, until AI takes over web sales analysis entirely and you retreat from the adult world back to mom and dad’s house. If you are young and reading this, please, take this to heart and direct your life accordingly.


For most of human history, human labor was not divided to such an extremely fine degree. For most of human history, a competent adult male was somebody who could make and service a decent amount of his own stuff. He had a few avenues of survival open to him, and even though he was not proficient in all other livelihoods, he at least comprehended them. Likewise, a competent adult women was actually capable of nurturing young life and maintaining a home — not like these worthless spinsters of today who essentially bring nothing of lasting value to the table of life. And man and woman together had a solid grasp of home-life, parenting, national history, lore, religion. They were integrated into nature and their society on many points of contact. Life had a panoramic view.


Contrast this with the idea of today: Find one intricate way to maximize (in theory) your economic productivity so that you can pay other people to do the million and one things you can’t do! This has been an incalculable loss.

Our society has wandered very far from having an integrating view. Only distractions and hedonism. Naturally, if a young person becomes convinced they are ugly they will believe that life is both hopeless and too unfair to live with. What else do they know? What else do the people around them know? Of course they will rage. The West decided that no sacrifice was too great for the worthy cause of Progress, including religion and every traditional more. Now it’s getting that Progress in the form of suicides, drugs, and rampages.


Where there is no vision, the people perish.







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