Technology and Relationships (III), Nationalism or Consumerism?

In my book, Human Sunset, I use a lot of screenshots that pertain to loneliness and the deterioration of relationships. I think it’s really important to unpack this – and truly, there is a lot going on as far as this particular aspect of tech goes. You can find Part 1 of this series, dealing with friendships in the face of tech, here, and you can find Part 2 of this series, dealing with family and homemaking in the face of tech, here.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”   Genesis 2:7


I realize it’s the year 2018 and many people have moved on from believing in Christianity, nonetheless, I hope that most people can appreciate a truth contained in this passage and one supported by science, namely that humans, much like the other animals in the Creation Narrative, owe their formation — and ultimately, their identity — to a long and sustained experience in a specific environment. It is worth noting that the very name given to the primordial man, Adam, is a name derived from the word adamah, which means “earth”. Man is derived from the earth. Of course, the earth is not uniform and it is therefore unsurprising that neither is man. The varieties of man, i.e., the races, are a result of this very power of the varied environments to mold their inhabitants over the long stretches of generations. The sundry advantages and disadvantages of any given race as compared to other races is made sensible by comparing the race under question to its native habitat.

Thus, the races, and their constituent ethnic groups, flourished under nature’s discipline and refinement. Genuine human diversity was the result. The different peoples developed their own ways of relating to life — from the precise perspective of their environmentally-bound experience of it. Over the millennia languages, folk traditions, arts, crafts, trades, martial disciplines, holidays, and religious traditions were developed. These institutions — which are ultimately natural — reinforced in-group / out-group distinctions and ethnic groups received an even greater chiseling of uniqueness in their form. At one time, all Slavs, for example, were more or less one. As the Slavs spread throughout Eastern Europe and settled it, they developed their distinctions, such that, although a Pole and a Russian are from brother-nations, they each have their own national identities, which they have patiently honed in peace time and defended in war time. Such is the case with all other peoples of the world.


In spectacular contradiction to this primordial regimen, modernity and its tool chest of inventions has effectively melted away the peculiarities of what was once a multitude of human environments. Most of the factors which have historically produced genuine diversity have very recently become nullified by things like chain retail, TV, computers, smart phones, global economics, and a very dramatic shift from agricultural livelihoods to advanced technical ones all over the world. The races, nations, and ethnicities are converging on a new humanity: we will call him Panera Man.


I’m picking on Panera because it almost perfectly typifies what a good friend of mine calls an “end-of-nation enterprise” — started by some extreme-left-wing activist, cosmopolitan Jew, it has a carefully conjured up name that evokes old Mediterranean Europe instead of a big retail chain. Typical American crap nowadays. Why not just name your business after yourself like it used to be done? Everything in this country is lies — marketing and gimmickry continually give names that have a meaning the exact opposite of what they are. It’s like when they name some soulless suburban development “Woodland Heights” or some similar shit, when the only woodlands are the ones they mowed down to make room for more human hives.


Anyways, back to Panera. The place is a favorite haunt of our burgeoning population of yoga-loving spinsters and soyboys. The perfect place for deeply modernized people who have effectively relinquished their stake in the world to come in and have brunch and fidget with their smart phones. “Smart phones” — that’s another one! Everything they call smart, without any exception I’m aware of, is some gadget that panders in some way to the weak-minded and gullible.

Panera is, of course, not the only one. Almost every part of our modern lives is now a soulless chain-retail affair designed to make you feel as though it’s not that — designed to make you feel as if you’re living the life! “OMG, McKayla, like, what did people settle for before Panera? LOL. Oh, by the way, did I tell like tell you Tim scheduled his vasectomy! Yeah, I know, we’re so stoked, so yeah, this brunch is on me!”


Simply find for yourself a single specialized function in the global economy and you too can survive to produce a successor generation, which, like this one, will be too distracted by drugs and electronics to care about which diverse strains of humanity contributed to its mystery-meat essence, and which, with the assistance of drugs and and heaps of training can also find sundry specialized functions in the global economy to keep the wheel spinning.

This is a very new phenomenon. Although you can date the Industrial Revolution to about 200 years ago, the early results of the Revolution, i.e., mechanized textile production, advances in iron processing, and steam power, et al, were limited at first to just certain areas of England. Gradually these technologies spread to Western Continental Europe’s cities, and later still, beyond. When you consider certain things for which we have abundant documentation with which to form a reliable picture, it is entirely reasonable to say that Industrialization as a (virtually) universal state of human life has only been around for a few generations. That’s all. This sick shit we are experiencing is not at all the norm. In terms of time, it is an eye-blink in the scale of human history.


For some perspective, Stalin is regarded as the man who brought Industrialization to Russia. Stalin in the 1930s! That’s not even 90 years ago! Even after the 1930s, Russia — and all of the Western Countries for that matter — had aspects of life wonderfully lacking in Industrialization. Even America had pockets of persistent “backwardness” when our parents were kids. This is because the Revolution first altered the production and distribution of goods and it was still quite a while before this initial alteration would produce the effects which ended up clearing virtually everybody out of agriculture and into the cities. It was longer still until the evolution of consumer goods had reached such a stage as to bring about feminism and infantilize the average person.


Less than 100 years ago, you could randomly select 50 men from countries all over the West (and certainly all over the East) and if you examined their mode of life you would see that they lived and led families in their own way; ways that were in a number of ways distinct from men in other countries and that entailed dignity, tradition, honor, aesthetics, and character. A huge part of their identity was based in belonging to something bigger then themselves, namely, an ethnic nation. The life they had made them want to have kids and generally skewed them towards an optimistic view of life. Depression and anxiety are disorders of “advanced” societies. The fixation on morbid things and filth and profanity is the style of “advanced” societies. And the increasingly popular sentiment among people long acclimated to industrialized society that says, “I don’t want to bring children into this world” is truly among the most damning indictments of this awful mistake! The deliberate refusal to produce children after one’s own likeness is, in its plain essence, nothing other than the suicidal urge. All these generations of evolution in the face of nearly impossible challenge just to fizzle out in the hollow comforts of the suburbs!

in 2018, if you randomly select 50 men from countries all over the world, you’ll see that there’s little to no difference in the way they live in human hives, slave away as appendages to machines, and spend their earnings on mass produced plastic shit and digital crack. In fact, truth be told, there is an unmistakable phenomenon that has arisen very recently — for industrialized nations to compete with one another in terms of depravity and suicide.

I don’t have time right now to really get deep into what we need to do. But for right now, listen, we need to prepare ourselves for a time when there won’t be any more electricity. Trust me on this. I will explain later. You need to have good land away from urban centers and you have to learn how to get by the way people did before all these modern toys came and seduced us into an infantilized state.

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