Why You Hate Contemporary Music

Chances are, if you read this blog of mine, you probably think modern music is mostly shit. I know I sure do. Even within genres that I like, most of the stuff being pushed now is awful.

Well, there’s a reason behind this.

Check this out, too.

Now, why do I bring this up? Surely, I aspire to bigger things with my time and effort on this blog than to just gab about how bad today’s music is. The reason I think this is worth bringing up is because it serves as a great example of how the very free-market mechanism, i.e., consumer demand, that is supposedly there to function as a check against bad taste, idiocy, weakness, sloth, and ultimately, overall degeneracy, is utterly ineffectual.

No, it is actually worse than that.

The average consumer is a brainwashed moron who has no idea he is a brainwashed moron. He even insists that he is one of the few that is not brainwashed.

This average moron consumer is economically enfranchised in a “free market” and even “catered to” by producers of goods and services. Anybody with an IQ of 125 or better can easily enough figure out how to separate this fool from his money as often as he gets any and make him feel well-served by the shake-down! It’s nothing but a feedback loop.

Beat the intelligence out of the masses and they will say, “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

This feedback-loop type of failure in the (global) market is actually a really significant factor in humanity’s decline. It goes far beyond pop music. Once you recognize it, you will observe its insidious work everywhere. I will definitely devote more time to it soon.

1 thought on “Why You Hate Contemporary Music”

  1. Not only is modern music almost exclusively garbage, but the few artists who do manage to produce decent content are usually only one-hit wonders. Rare is the album that can be listened to in its entirety, even when the artist is otherwise excellent. And what applies to modern music could also be said of television, movies, you name it. Our media masters have run out of ideas and have resorted to reboots and reality TV, instead of coming up with something original. The demand for retro and nostalgia seems to be higher than ever. Of course, when they do revive an old franchise, they cannot help but to use a cast that looks nothing like the original. The one good thing about all of this is that at least some people are waking up and cutting the cord. I haven’t watched a currently produced TV show in at least two years.


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