Saving the Environment

The other day I was reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — a gigantic soup of garbage, mostly small bits of plastic litter, swirling around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Similar phenomena are found in the world’s other oceans as well. Lately scientists and environmentalists have claimed that the GPGP has come to be twice the size of Texas! Wow, twice the size of Texas — that’s about the size of Alaska! There’s no denying that there is massive environmental degradation in the world, but this challenged my credulity — particularly when the reports of the GPGP often include photos like this one:


So, I looked into it. As it turns out, this and similar photos are not of the GPGP but are pictures taken from various estuaries and other coastal areas around the world. So no, there actually aren’t any solid micro-continents of plastic shit swirling around in the middle of the oceans — but there is nonetheless a substantial amount plastic shit floating down-current from many of the world’s major urban centers.

Fishermen prepare to fish, amidst floating garbage off the shore of Manila Bay

Generally, environmentalists have shown a willingness to sensationalize much of what they present. This has been a two-edged sword. For one, it more easily draws impressionable people to their cause, which, at the core, has much that I do sympathize with. But on the other hand, sensationalism alienates skeptics and often provokes them to opposition. “To hell with these people and their falsehoods! There’s no trash continent, let’s keep the party going!”

The truth of the GPGP, as far as I can distill it, is still a very disquieting one to say the least. More even-handed descriptions tell of a region of the ocean with a significantly higher-than-average density of small plastic debris which generally elude detection by casual observation; this includes microplastics. Microplastics are being detected in more and more human foodstuffs. Even if you are not an “environmentalist” this is a development that ought to infuriate you. Study after study comes out showing plastics as a significant source of man-made endocrine disruptors. Most of these disruptors mimic estrogen.


Seems reasonable to me this plays a role in the proliferation of low-testosterone men who look and behave like faggots. Estrogen-like chemicals are everywhere. It is only by a concerted effort that one can minimize one’s contact with them.


We can look at this and many other instances of horrible environmental degradation  and conclude that Environmentalism is clearly a failure. The reasons for this are —

Environmentalism mostly focuses on secondary and tertiary problems and suggest second- and third-tier solutions, such as cutting down on air pollution by buying a Prius. Basically most of Environmentalism is just a bunch of left-wing good-ism — as if the abuse of the natural environment is just one more item in the grab-bag of stuff to protest.


Out of, say, 10,000 of these fags, how many would ever want to give up smartphones let alone give up electricity? — which is, after all, the only real solution to environmental problems. I wonder how many of these environmentalists could even identify the flora and fauna in the natural areas closest to where they live.

The second reason for the failure of Environmentalism is due to the fact that Environmentalism too often articulates its view as though we have a conflict between Man and Nature, and that Man must do “the right thing” and yield, or better yet, surrender to Nature. This is disastrous. Who in the world wants to harm themselves, even suicide themselves, for the sake of plants and animals they know nothing about? This is why — rightly — most of humanity sees Environmentalists as deranged.

What I’m about here is different. What I’m about is seeing a robust, healthy natural environment as a key factor to mankind being its healthiest. The environment is important — is valuable — exactly because it is the home that God designed for us.

My brand of “environmentalism” is about humans. So much so that it could rightly be called “Humanism” had that name not already been taken (and misused).

The environment is indeed our house. What would it take for you to completely dismantle and consume your home? I can appreciate that in some extreme circumstances, people may dismantle their homes; for example, to make battlements and weapons in the face of an advancing army. It’s an unusual case, but I’m sure you could see why people have done such things. But what are we currently dismantling our home for?

Maybe a better analogy would be shitting on the living-room floor. What could possibly induce you to start shitting on your living room floor? Let’s say you meet a wizard, and the wizard says, “Look, you, your children, and your grandchildren will be extremely wealthy, beautiful, healthy, happy, and wise. There’s just one condition: you have to start shitting on the living-room floor.” Do you do it or not?


Essentially, this is the proposition of Progress — your family needs to shit on the living-room floor indefinitely and one fine day, digital unicorns are going to fly into your life and make your dreams come true!

So here’s where we’re at:

Tons of trash in the world’s oceans and waterways, nuclear waste, industrial wastes, smog, soil degradation, light pollution, noise pollution, endocrine disruption, etc, and what did we get for all this? Surely, all this great cost must have purchased us something worthwhile! Are we now healthier or happier? Have we eradicated cancer? (Or have we made cancer a more probable event to the average person?) Have we eliminated depression and suicide? Have we achieved new levels of human dignity? Perhaps we have torn down our house so as to be able to communicate with angels or with God? No?

No. Progress talked us into shitting on the living-room floor. Now we are fatter than ever in human history, more depressed and suicidal than ever. Increasingly, our young men are faggots and our young women are whores and spinsters. We increasingly turn to drugs and electronic distraction to keep the charade going. Our dignity? It has fallen to the level appropriate to those who shit on the living-room floor. Our contemporary arts are an orgy of pain and anguish, and God, as Nietzsche rightly foresaw “is dead” — at least dead to modern man, who slew Him on the way to “Progress”.

The worst environmental catastrophe of all time is actually the separation of man from the natural environment, which allows man to destroy his home without being really aware of it. The worst human catastrophe of all time is the separation of the natural environment from man, which has alienated him from the nurture and discipline of God. The only real Environmentalism is the NEL. After the elimination of electricity, the environment and humankind will heal. I think a large part of the healing will actually be pretty rapid. Resilience and recovery are gifts from God found abundantly in the world that He created. Of course, there are parts of the environment which may take many thousands of years to fully recover, but there are positives to this as well. The decaying skyscrapers and nuclear no-go zones will serve as enduring monuments to the folly of Progress. Even the resurrected Christ retained the scars from the wounds of the Crucifixion.


We look forward to a world which may not be as physically easy as this one, but it’s a world which makes humans feel human. A world where God’s might and glory are glimpsed. A world of men who are men and women who are women. A world where children and grandparents are valued. A world of real friendships. A world where people are too busy with life to get depressed. A world of Tradition. A world we were made for.






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