The Awesome Power of Hate (II)

Please read Part I of this first.

As I was saying earlier, some humans take up a mode of existence which bears uncanny practical resemblance to entropic forces such as disease and nuclear disasters. It’s only natural that the more a person values LIFE, the more he must, even if not consciously at first, come to HATE (that is, feel intense disgust, aversion, or outright hostility towards) these agents of death and ruin. In fact, it would be perverse to not hate them.


As I said earlier, hate is nothing other than a spiritual immune system. This 5 minute clip of Jordan Peterson talking about hate as an immune response is very relevant to this discussion. I hope you will watch it. (Jordan Peterson I see as somebody deserving a lot of credit for good in a number of areas, yet I also become more and more frustrated with his ability to not perceive or acknowledge deeper truths that are right under his nose.)

What Dr Peterson states here is very enlightening, yet it begs the question: Should a person or group of unified people not have an immune system simply because, like,  Hitler and stuff, like…? Peterson is a highly accomplished academic; he should be able to dispassionately examine things like the spiritual/social immune system known as “hate” and not get bogged down in the poor political maneuvering of the 3rd Reich. Hate transcends all specific historical instances — thousands of years before Hitler and thousands of years after Hitler — hate is an essential part of the sound human spirit.

You know, liberals do this with all kinds of things. Take gun control, for example: Just let a single gun accident happen or let a “medicated” kid shoot up a school and, for them, all the countless instances of good coming from guns and all the reasoning about the right to self-defense mean nothing. “Guns are bad and scary… Reeeeeeeeeee!”

I would very much enjoy asking Dr Peterson what he thinks is the reason that not all people facing persecution describe their plight as a struggle against Hate as a transcendent quality. People of all races and ethnic groups and ideological inclinations face persecution from time to time. Often very harsh or even deadly persecution. But consider how very often people will describe these experiences as resulting from the cruel winds of fortune, the natural rivalry and prejudices of distinct peoples, or the stupidity of one’s political foes. Sure, perhaps the word “hate” might be used now and again in these descriptions, but it is used in a non-philosophical way. In clear distinction to this, there are people — easily identifiable — that understand themselves to be in the midst of mortal combat with (capital-H) Hate. They clearly see themselves doing battle against something transcendent.

They are lashing out against what is left of the pangs of conscience. Very probably not even their own conscience at this point, but the conscience that resides in people of religion, tradition, and goodwill and which still finds public, albeit diminishing, expression. Conscience is not a two-way street. That’s why non-degenerates don’t think of themselves as faced with Hate, even though they are increasingly abused. Degenerates, on the other hand, are very rarely physically harmed, yet are the ones screaming about all the Hate they face. This is a conflict whose foundations are entirely spiritual.

The close relationship between the physical and spiritual realm is acknowledged by practically all traditional religions. Often, important religious leaders have spiritual missions that bear an uncanny resemblance to their mundane life. Moses the shepherd of sheep became Moses the Shepherd of the Israelites. Jesus the carpenter in business with his foster father went on to build the greatest spiritual edifice with his Heavenly Father. Here’s something to consider: AIDS is just the distillation of the gay spirit into the material world. Gays are the perfect human-analog to AIDS. AIDS is the perfect pathogen-analog to gays. Ponder the blindness of those who insist that God did not create AIDS! Just like the AIDS virus, gays are seldom content to just quietly enjoy an “alternative lifestyle” with one another. There is all this aggressive pushing, all this aggressive search for a host. All the time. They want to get to your kids. They want to be in your face and in your church. They want you to not merely tolerate them, but to accept them — accept their domination. Once they obtain acceptance, they work relentlessly at overturning the entire social immune system. Like a virus, they have the dominated host do the reproduction for them!


But what about altruism? What about Christian love for all?

You know — and this is very important here — the Truth of Christianity is much, much more than what meets the eye at a casual glance. The Bible even says this in many places. Take the opening of the Gospel of John, for instance:

In the beginning (of everything, including the ages-long dialog between God and Man) there was the Logos — the logical order which is of God and which fills reality — if a person does not know and does not accept the truths concerning that fundamental order which precedes the historical development of Christianity, there is not a high likelihood that they can understand Christianity as they ought to. It would be like a half-illiterate fool picking up a Calculus textbook one night and recommending some method for building the best airplane the next day. Just as man is not able to safely travel through the sky except under extremely limited and tightly regulated conditions which have been found out by highly educated people who have repeatedly demonstrated the correctness of their knowledge in the practical world, so man can only engage in “altruism” in extremely specific circumstances which have been understood by devout scholars who repeatedly demonstrate the soundness of their wisdom and teachings in the practical world.

I don’t apologize if this sounds elitist to some people. Religion is not a kids’ game. Religion is the absolute pinnacle of all human endeavors. It is the greatest knowledge, the greatest action, the greatest state of existence. If we can’t get religion right because we take a half-ass approach to it, then so much the worse for us. People go to school almost half their life to become doctors. You need to understand that if you really want to know what you’re talking about when it comes to religion, you have to be doing at least as much as a doctor or at least defer to those who do.

Agents of entropy have been high-jacking Christianity and re-purposing it to support a growing list of wildly destructive positions that churchmen of your grandfather’s day would have found absolutely unacceptable. This is the infect-overtake-destroy-the-host strategy that I spoke of earlier. It is a spiritual battle taking on earthly forms. We don’t have anything to debate with these people. We don’t need their blessing. Let the dead bury the dead. You will not win the devil’s blue whale game.

But, to the person who is sincerely perplexed by all these people hollering about loving your enemy and so forth, I offer you this advice: Follow the example of Jesus (John 8), who, when he saw the hypocrisy of the Pharisees — whom he hated and reviled as “sons of the devil” — he challenged them to submit to their own machinations. Just find a clever way of applying this technique and it will silence their game-playing every time, although it will make them boil over with rage.


“Let him who loves rapefugees among you be the first one to open their (own) door!”

Of course, none of these people will ever bear the direct responsibility for refugees. Nobody is housing them in their own houses, feeding them from their own pantry, or thinking it will be their own daughters getting raped or their own churches turned into mosques. Same thing with gays: most of the people who say they accept gays actually despise them (even in the current year, study after study and editorial after editorial point this out!) I’ve seen instance after instance of fags getting thrown under the bus by straight so-called “allies” when being an ally actually demanded something of them or when the gay person in question was somebody in the “ally’s” family. In just the last year I’ve seen this with two different people that I know personally(!), yet these under-the-bus-throwers-of-gay people used to consistently blabber about how wrong it is for people like me to not go along with the love-thy-gay-neighbor agenda.

This kind of hypocrisy is nothing new. The Jewish religious establishment was engulfed in it in Christ’s time, and Christ rebuked them:

“They say, and do not. They bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments, and love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi. . . . But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” (Matthew 23)

Virtual-signalling has been around for a long, long time.

While we’re harking back to time of Christ, one other very important thing about the love-thine-enemy issue, and this cannot be understood without historical context. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere and I’ll mention it again — I studied Orthodox Judaism for about 8 years years. I even converted to it before realizing and deeply regretting my error. Listen, Jews were and still are engulfed in something called sinat chinam, which literally means baseless hatred. Not simply hatred, but baseless hatred. It is a completely mainstream understanding among Jews that the exact reason for God punishing them with the destruction of the Temple as well as several other key tragedies is because of their baseless hatred. Further, it is almost universally admitted among Jews today that their baseless hatred is the single greatest obstacle to God granting them their long hoped-for redemption.

Listen, when Jesus talks about loving your “enemy” and not “hating your brother” and so forth, he was addressing the massive problem Jews have with sinat chinam. This is the incontrovertible historical context. Further this natural interpretation presents no difficulty to the healthy and reasonable hate I’ve been talking about above, thus, very importantly, it harmonizes with the over-arching Logos / John 1 context.

Christians are called to do what they can to repair the relationships in their life, absolutely. Furthermore, Christians absolutely should not have baseless hatred in their hearts. But Christians are not called to throw open the gates to the wild and destructive ravages of entropy.

Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies. (Psalm 139)



3 thoughts on “The Awesome Power of Hate (II)”

  1. This is an altogether excellent blog and this particular pair of posts on the appropriateness of hatred when it is directed at the degeneracy of the modern world is a much needed breath of fresh air. Thanks for offering your unique perspective on this matter and also for providing a much needed context to NT verses on the subject of love and hate.

    Personally, I think that most NT commandments about love and hate are misused in a very abusive way. Telling a victim of evil that they will burn in hell unless they love their tormentor is a form of abuse. It’s really a cowardly attempt by finger wagging moralists to not confront true evil. They would rather sweep it under the rug by shutting up the victim. But this is the what most White American Christians believe.

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