Chemical Castration: Small Price to Pay For All the “Benefits” of Modern “Life”

One of the most powerful questions anybody can ever ask themselves is —


These five words. Pose this question often and do so with iron resolve to refuse being a loser. Ask it of yourself, and just as importantly, ask it of those with whom you have any business.

Again:  WHAT’S  IN  IT  FOR  ME?

Many — hell most — people have been conditioned to think that such an attitude as is found in these 5 words of power is that of a selfish bastard. Not so, friends. In fact, it is selfish bastards who have conditioned you to think this way. Honest men can sit down to a table and bargain; either reaching a mutually beneficial agreement or walking away from the table with their values intact. You don’t have to go with the flow.

Let’s apply the 5 Words to modern life:

Most people are “liberated” from traditional livelihoods, thus leading to the overall softening of society and the dissolution of survival-based camaraderie. It is an increasingly lonely world where people call “friendship” the shallow exchange of funs. Mentally, most men are burned out. Physically, most men are in ghastly disorder. What’s in it for you?

A mechanized world has removed man from the healthful rigors of nature, and from her wonders, giving in exchange a world of pollution, noise, machines instead of human comrades and animal companions, a night starless and blighted by obnoxious lights, and besides this, a sustenance that comes from the hand of the machine instead of from the hand of nature and nature’s God. What’s in it for you? 

A non-natural world, isolated from nature’s discipline, offers a false and psychotic path far off course from every tradition that any of the races of man have heretofore been anchored and nurtured in. Whores, queers, trannies, infantile “adults”, and other freaks run rampant and even tyrannize normal people and insist on recruiting others into their degeneracy — this means recruiting your children. What’s in it for you?

A mechanized world demands of the individual that he focus his aptitudes and labor into increasingly narrow fields of expertise; so much so, that should circumstances ever call upon him to take care of himself like any of his recent ancestors, he would almost certainly prove unequal to the task. Most people are thus pathetic domestic animals completely dependent on the system’s hand feeding them. What’s in it for you?

Most of the habitable earth is covered with a vast web of surveillance and other control mechanisms. A person can scarcely engage in any number of harmless acts, such as communication, commerce, travel, socializing, and reading, without being tracked and liable to almost instant seizure should the system disapprove of, not only his actions, but even his opinions. What’s in it for you?

The modern way of life and modern contrivances have so intruded upon and altered the relationship between the sexes that everything from innocent early-childhood friendships to courting to marriage to family is totally poisoned in all but the most religious hold-out sub-cultures. The institution of family has been completely crushed underfoot by the pornification of the world, the industrially-founded liberation of women from the traditional role, and the pursuit of consumerist aims with dual incomes rather than prioritizing family. What’s in it for you?

Industrialization has almost completely uprooted agriculture as a way of life for most of the world’s population. Most people are now dependent on food that contains a great deal of harmful industrial pollutants. The same is true of drinking water. Many of these pollutants have been scientifically proven to disrupt the endocrine system of animals and humans. Besides this, a great deal of other serious disorders, such as autism, have been increasing very significantly, although not yet fully understood. What’s in it for you?

Even if you are clever enough and lucky enough to make it through this clown world more or less okay, it is almost certain that building any kind of meaningful and enduring legacy is impossible. The consumerism, the freak show, and the dehumanizing mechanization will take its toll on your descendants. And one day you will see that you will have put up with the dispiriting industrial life and the endocrine-disruptors, going along to get along, only to see that you have bought no peace in the end. The clown world only gets worse when given time. What’s in it for you?



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