The Flag is at Half-Mast Again… What is it this Time?


Flag at Half Mast Proclamation

“What’s the massacre this time around?” I thought to myself as I noticed the flag lowered to half-mast while driving home from work. I make no effort to follow the “real” news from day to day, so oftentimes I don’t find out about mass-shooting until a day or two after the fact.

(By the way, I strongly recommend trying to not follow the news with any kind of regularity or intensity of focus. For one, in order to “do a good job” of keeping up on current events, a person must immerse himself in a steady stream of very dark, disgusting, and tragic events, usually sensationalized and endlessly repeated. Moreover, a lot of the news is blatant lies. Why waste your life on hearing lies? Makes no sense at all. And most people have enough to deal with within their own sphere of influence so as to have no need to borrow additional troubles. Secondly, if some event is truly significant enough, believe me, you will end up knowing about it sooner than later. Leave the news-gathering to others.)

Anyways, I said to a friend, “Seems as though the flag is at half-mast all the time. I don’t remember it being anything like this when I was a kid. Are there really so many more national-level tragedies, or are we just more fragile?”

He agreed with this observation. Only few days later the flag was at half-mast again and this time he remarks on it. Fortunately, the website provides explanations of our frequent half-mastings. Of course, I am being facetious, since obviously no one is providing the fundamental explanation for the tragedies — particularly those in the form of mass shootings — which bludgeon the populace with increasing frequency.


The fact that there is a very large and determined and insane effort to coax the American population into total disarmament is not lost on me. I get it. These kooks are presenting whatever facts in whichever way to make the case against guns. But regardless, it is a fact that mass-shooting have been on the rise. And not only mass-shootings, but truly all manner of psychopathology is on the rise: homos and trannies running wild, kids on all kinds of illicit drugs and harmful prescription meds for ADHD, etc, young men living with parents well into their late-twenties or beyond, addiction to nascent “Virtual Reality” programs such as video games, intensely degenerate porn, facebook, instagram, women choosing to live as whores and spinsters. . . It’s a really tragic world. When you truly consider the breadth and depth of the tragedy, you immediately realize how inadequately it is signified by the flag being flown at half-mast on any given day.


Many people have not yet realized what is truly being mourned:



Alienation from a world that once provided for everything that makes us human.

If we continue to be bewildered by mass-shootings it is only because we are foolishly demanding sanity from a well that is all but dried up. These rampages are the last cry of people who can no longer shoulder the burden of a hideous and dysfunctional modern world. I’m not at all attempting to justify these acts, I am merely explaining them. As modernity expands, so will insane violence. If you want to change this, it’s not a matter of banning guns, banning trench-coats, banning medications, etc. Get rid of modernity.

A child born into the modern world is a child born into a world created not by God, but by chance. Like the universe, his life is a random accident. There is no objective right and wrong — something which has long stopped being a theoretical concern and has become more and more a practical reality. The child likely has no real parenting. Mom works, of course. Careers are more important than one’s own children. The child is likely to have divorced parents. Maybe, by some luck, they are not divorced, but nonetheless, their attention is swallowed up by screens. Screens are everywhere. Boys are criticized for their masculinity at school. All children must pass long hours, long days, long years in a classroom in order to be fitted for some future destiny working away in some artificial and ridiculous enterprise. Increasingly, kids — especially boys — cannot get through the strange rigors of school without drugs. Almost all the people the child knows “earn a living” in a most undignified fashion, spending their working life in ways that bear practically no resemblance to anything that calls forth the human spirit and sense of identity, to anything that relates to what humans did for many thousands of years prior to modernity. Something un-nameable to the child, latent in the instincts, urges him to look for a “big picture” but he seeks it in vain, for there is none. God is a dead concept. Nation, too, is a dead concept. Individual is everything, they say. But individuality is so small and disappointing. Life is apparently a grand shopping and fornicating experience. That seems to be the one thing left, unless of course, the child is not cut out for it and his fat and/or ugly ass knows it.


Obviously, this hell has both objective and subjective dimensions. Many kids, if given the kind of help that could re-frame their subjective experience of this life could turn out “successful” so to speak, but part of this modern reality is the powerful alienation that exists between people. So, you’re simply going to have some kids being mass-killers, some kids being druggies, some never leaving the nest.

I understand these 30 year-olds living in their moms’ basement. Lazy is not the right judgment. The are unmotivated. (Plus, there is clearly something causing a conspicuous society-wide drop in average testosterone.) They don’t have a desire to be a cog in this machine. In this light, it makes perfect sense that Virtual Reality is so dear to so many people. It’s the boldest attempt so far to have the goods of modernity without having the bads.

If things continue long enough — which is probably not very long at all — political debates in the future will include candidates attempting to out-promise their rivals with regard to the government’s funding of Virtual Reality. Much like wi-fi, this will soon be seen as a public utility.

Democrats, of course, will push for full subsidization. Republicans will sheepishly go along but mutter something about how certain immoral VR genres ought not be paid for with tax-payer money. Libertarians will insist that the only moral issue involving VR is whether the government is interfering with the market or not! This actually mirrors the popular discussion regarding mass-shootings. All the major talking points, from the Liberals, from the Conservatives, and from the Libertarians, are ridiculously off-mark. Nobody cares to take a broad, panoramic view of this. If they did, it would be as clear as can be that these mass shootings are just symptoms of what Alvin Toffler called Future Shock.

Most of our problems today in the social and political sphere, though they appear to the casual observer to be the result of an ideological agenda, are in fact only the misdirected and confused reactions to industrialization. It may be true that sinister people are leveraging the average person’s struggle to come to terms with industrial life against them, but the thing being leveraged pre-exists the leverager and supersedes in importance.

So, what to do?

There are a number of specific things which must happen in order for a person, a family, a nation, and the world to get out of this hell. In summary, a growing boycott of all things industrial and modern occurring simultaneously with an emerging renaissance of that which is natural and traditional. Presently, we have to work on the individual and family levels. The bigger stuff will come later. (And yes, it is totally within reach. I will present ideas regarding the national and world levels soon.)

For now, here are some things that are very, very much worth doing. Some you may be able to do now, some later.

1.) Get rid of your TVs. All of them. There is really no programming out there that actually justifies the continuing existence of this poison. It’s really harmful for you and your family on so many levels. I haven’t had a TV for almost all of my adult life and I am convinced this is one of a handful of the best decisions I have ever made.

2.) Get rid of your smartphone. If you absolutely need to have a mobile phone for work use a flip-phone. Don’t be one of these smartphone retards. What a waste of precious time.

3.) Take a day-off every week. No computers, no commerce, no traffic. Spend this time at Church. Spend it with family. If at all possible, spend it out in the country.

4.) Go to Church. Perhaps you aren’t into religion. Doesn’t matter. Listen, we are approaching a time when there will only be two choices: (1) being a soulless, bionic, androgynous consumer or (2) being a Christian. One or the other. That’s all. As for which church? Frankly, I favor Catholicism and Orthodoxy, but just look and see what most of your great-grandparents did and start there. Once you have some quiet in your life by getting rid of your TV and smartphone and establishing Sabbath observance, you will not long afterwards find your mind is actually quite apt to seek out and connect to godliness.

5.) Stop treating your kids like they’re some kind of obstacle in your life. Sometimes I really dream of slapping some of these shithead parents that are mesmerized by their smartphones instead of attending to (and enjoying) their children.

6.) Homeschool your kids. Unless you lucked out and found some kind of ultra-traditional private Christian school I simply can’t sympathize with sending kids off to school. Wake up. These are your kids! Your future, your legacy! Mothers should be home with their kids, period. Anything else is sick and just brings more mental sickness into the world, truly. Working motherhood is one the the major things specifically sick about modernity.

7.) Marry only from your own ethnic nation or one that is at least very closely bound to yours. There are 2, and only 2, opportunities for a person partake in something — to be bound up in something — that is theirs yet at the same time is greater than they are. These are lifelong religious devotion and possessing an ethnic-national identity. Not everybody is suited to the former, but the latter provides belonging to a history, to a language, to a set of traditions, to a distinct people, to a peculiar biological way of being, to a sense of self. The overwhelming majority of people that are prevented by their parents’ practice of miscegenation from having a distinct ethnic identity are most unfortunately slated to a life of seeking false identification in consumer goods.

8.) Get back to the land. Start re-positioning you and your family for a non-industrial life. Aim for eventually living in total absence of electricity and industrial-age tools.

9.) Spread contempt for tech. When you get into discussions with people about problems in society, go for the jugular. Point out to them what is clearly to blame for these afflictions at root-level. It’s not Senator McShmuck who’s ruining this and that. It’s tech. It’s an innovation in human living that has only been in most places for little over a hundred years.








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