Lessons From Nature (I)


The other day, somebody suggested I watch this video:

It really is loaded with meaning and lessons that are especially pertinent for us.

For all the truths that may be said about a lion’s great strength, cunning, and ferocity, for all the talk about it being the “King of Beasts” and the dread of the other animals of the savanna, a lion without comrades is a vulnerable animal. The mighty lion, when on its own, can very well fall prey to organized groups of animals which are clearly inferior to it in an individual-to-individual comparison.

The fear really shows in the lion’s face.

When finally the lion’s comrade approaches the scene, the mob quickly disperses. Not a single blow falls upon them. The hyenas are too frightened to face two lions for even a brief moment.

Readers, you know the parallels in our world. We know who is the regal King of Beasts, the foremost of all the sons of man, now perilously isolated and surrounded my mobs of bandits, scavengers, and out-and-out inferiors. They converge upon us. Wherever we go, they push onto the scene to feed themselves through thievery; pushing, whining, incessantly pressuring. When they see the opportunity, they kill.


Few things are more important right now than genuine camaraderie. The bonds of traditional society are now the bonds of survival. All that is needed is a real and visible and lasting solidarity, and the hyenas will flee.

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