Can Modernity Get Anything Right?


It is most doubtful…

Modernity is almost like meth: Speeding people way up, making them grotesque and fried out, and slowly but surely killing them.

Can you talk a person out of the meth habit?

I am slightly more optimistic when to comes to getting people off of tech, industrialism, and modernity. And if God will intervene to help us — and I believe He will — then victory is assured. It is only a matter of solidifying those who are salvageable and preparing for the final meltdown.

More and more it becomes obvious — even to non-“extremists” — that to be a good citizen of the modern realm is truly to be a traitor to all that is natural and beautiful, to wage war against the most essential and wholesome instincts, the most basic human bonds, the most fundamental identities. Being a good modernist is to find profound fault in masculinity (too “toxic”) and femininity (too “oppressive”). It is to abhor motherhood. It is to relegate to family to the lowest of priorities (at best). It is to mock that which is holy (which is made all the easier by having increasingly limited communion with that which is alive, and breathing, and beautiful). It is to consider one’s own tribe as the least deserving of your compassion and believe that strangers on the other side of the world are the most deserving. It is to consider your great-grandparents, and everybody who preceded them, as absurd, bigoted, and superstitious.

We are now reaping what was sowed only recently — really only “minutes” ago in the great timeline of human existence.

Men getting fake tits and/or chopping their dicks off.

Women bragging about having abortions.

Slut walks.

Gay parades.

Microchips implanted in humans.

Environmental devastation.

Plastics and estrogen-like compounds in our food.

Young people who are physically and mentally feeble due to tech-centered childhoods.

This is what the so-called Enlightenment got us. Comically, most people think we are the most knowledge-rich generation ever, yet something as basic and self-evident as the idea that women NEED to have kids and NEED to be breastfeeding them is the stuff of scientific research these days. Moreover, this finding will certainly be emotionally “refuted” by offended feminists and empowered women.

What to do:

Go back to you great-grandparents are start from there. Don’t stay there. Start from there. This world must crash, soon. Either it will crash under its own absurdity, or it will crash under God’s chastisement. We need to go back. It’s like we are in a bus that has made a wrong turn and has wandered willy-nilly into a very dangerous part of the city. The driver is determined to keep pressing forward despite his obvious confusion. You need to bail before he goes to far. You need to get backward past the point where this erroneous turn was made.

Go back to your great-grandparents (or further). How did they live? What did they believe? What were their principles? What did they consider to be normal? What was the meaning of marriage to them? What was the meaning of friendship? What was the meaning of a neighborhood? of a nation? How did they think about self-worth? What were their traditions and manners? What were their expectations in life? What were their mistakes? What hardships did they know? How did they make ends meet? What was an abomination in their eyes? What would they say to you?


Recently, a friend of mine, when remarking on the dangers of our physically easy modern life, said something that bears repeating:

“The types of struggles which build resilience and character have become all but eliminated. But all of the struggles which lead to anxiety are increased.”

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