The Worst Inventions of All Time (I)

Well, try as I might, it’s been hard lately to write something that is not demon-related. I guess it’s just the nature of the times we are living in. The good thing is that at least this time around I can spare my readers the kind of revolting photographs found in my previous post.

Recently, somebody brought to my attention that demonology recognizes a certain being, namely, ba’al pe’or (spelled alternatively as “belphegor”), as —

“a demon, and one of the seven princes of Hell, who helps people make discoveries. He seduces people by suggesting to them ingenious inventions that will make them rich. Bishop and witch-hunter Peter Binsfeld believed that Belphegor tempts by means of laziness. Also, according to Peter Binsfeld’s Binsfeld’s Classification of Demons, Belphegor is the chief demon of the deadly sin known as Sloth in Christian tradition.”

Well, this harmonizes perfectly with my Axioms II, III, IV, and V. Anyways, even if you are somehow still not convinced of the satanic root at the bottom of “technological progress”, I hope you can still appreciate the cunning ability of people from centuries ago to discern the real transaction that takes place when we purchase “ingenious inventions” at the high price of our souls. There have always been a good number of people who knew this. This fact is shown not only in the ingenious — and even prophetical — creations of dystopian literature, but in its overwhelming popularity!


The creators of dystopian literature have shown themselves true masters of insight. The horrific scenarios they foretold have all either come fully true or are widely regarded as just around the corner. Just today I read an article about random Britons going about their day being subjected to the police’s facial recognition scanners. People talk a lot about the book 1984, but I can tell that far fewer people have actually read it. Another very insightful book is Huxley’s Brave New World. Read them both.

By looking at the rapid disfigurement of humanity into soft, weak, phone-addicted head-cases, I’d say that if there really is a ba’al pe’or, he’s laughing triumphantly right now.

I thought it would be good to take a look at some of the key inventions that have brought about our downfall. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor are the critiques meant to be exhaustive. All I want to do is show how certain innovations have bewitched the world and then went on to usher us into great corruption and degeneration. By looking at some of the following examples, we’ll be better able to understand what is taking place in the coming years.

Also, don’t make the mistake of supposing that by calling these the “worst inventions” I am suggesting that we could simply remove these particular things (or very heavily regulate them) and things would be fine. From time to time, people ask me if such an approach to the tech problem is feasible. No, it is not. Hypothetically, the nearest we could ever come to having a safe and healthy relationship with tech would be having it controlled in every aspect by a global and absolute theocracy, but even this would be nowhere near sufficient. Please consider my Axioms in this regard. Fortunately, though, some of these things can be reduced or even eliminated at the household-level.

The Automobile


The automobile is thought primarily as a means of transportation. This idea is certainly true, but it is also much more. It has not only changed the way people travel, but it has even changed the way communities are made. Many people are even under the impression that the automobile has changed the Earth’s climate. I, personally, am unconvinced of the factuality of most of the things people believe about so-called “climate change”, nonetheless, I do see the automobile as playing a very significant role in the degradation of the environment and traditional human communities.

In looking at the automobile, it is good to first consider what this invention replaced: the noble horse. For the vast majority of civilization, if humans wanted to travel, not on foot, they had the horse (or donkey, camel, etc.) and that was it. It was a really a great thing — nowadays a “luxury” of the rich. The symbiosis between man and horse — between these two living souls which essentially grew up together in historical terms — is a marvel that can never be equaled by any motorized transport. Your car is not a living thing, no matter how many “smart”-gadgets are attached to it.

There was once a golden age of the car, such as when my father was a young man. Ordinary people were once capable or servicing and even modifying their cars in their own garages. But the technological state of cars soon evolved to such a level that even an above-average man with above-average tools at his disposal can hardly hope to do much more for his car these days than the most rudimentary maintenance. People routinely hear that their car has a “computer problem” or an unknown problem that requires computer-based diagnostics, and finally, that what’s wrong with their car is something that only dedicated experts can fix.

Car enthusiasts are fond of talking about the “freedom” that cars bestow upon their owners. This is pure delusion. Like every contraption, cars are a vehicle through which all kinds of taxes, fees, mandates, and surveillance/tracking devices are foisted upon people. The modern car is loaded with the eyes and ears of the system, to say nothing of the camera-laden highways themselves. A man in a car is a man totally controlled, able to flee (on limited streets) only until either his fuel runs out or the system remotely shuts his engine down.

The real freedom is travel by horse: you can literally go anywhere. A horse is capable of passing through terrain that is more than enough to prohibit even the best jeep; actually, even the best tank. When you’re enjoying true vehicle freedom (on your horse) and your vehicle needs to refuel, you need only to let it graze and drink.

Of course, as I’ve said above, a horse is so much more than a vehicle. It’s a very intelligent, living being. A great deal of our own mental health and development comes from having to interact with other intelligent life — to understand and appreciate the natural give-and-take between two souls. This is a situation that fosters empathy and intuition, humility and leadership. If you have ever seen the relationship between a horseman and his steed; the trust, the discipline, the mutuality of understanding — all in the absence of a shared spoken language — then you know what I am getting at. A horse provides character-building chores and experiences for the young and can even be a hero’s fearless companion in mortal combat.


The horses of the Polish Hussars were so incredibly well disciplined that they became admired all over for their fearlessness. They were a priceless asset to the Kingdom of Poland. To sell such a horse to a foreigner was considered a capital crime under Polish law. Imagine that: the death penalty for selling a horse. (Listen up, libertarians!) Have you ever encountered an intelligent living creature that was fearless? Imagine forging a bond with such a creature…

One truly awful thing about the automobile is the noise they generate. Thanks to the automobile, the vast majority of human beings — even those who live in “rural” areas — are subject to this constant and horrible noise. When I am in the wilderness, simple quiet is consistently the first sensation that I am profoundly grateful for; the silent beauty which the wild grants my ears is more quickly appreciated than even the beauty that meets my eyes. It also seems to me that many un-extraordinary places in the world would instantly become quite charming and desirable for living in if only the incessant noise pollution of cars could be clean done away with.

Of course, another matter with cars is that they have modified the way people build towns and this, in turn, has a lot to do with the decay of communities. With a car, the range that people can cover in a single, ordinary day is incredible: it’s nothing for somebody to put in 30 or more miles of driving on an average day. An average person might be 10 miles from their doctor, 5 miles from their grocery store, 25 miles from work and other places where they conduct business, 30 miles from church, and hour away (or more) from many of their family members and friends. It provides for a great deal of anonymity and isolation — much, much more than what we traditionally had. This becomes a hard trial for people to bear. For most of human history, most of your family and friends and other important people in your life were within close walking distance. Such geographical proximity fostered cohesion among people is which scarcely conceived of these days. It no wonder people say, “I feel like I don’t know anybody in my neighborhood!”

Then there’s the pollution, the traffic, the highway deaths, etc. There’s putting up with people who drive like retards. Etc., etc. Really a shit invention that has wrought very serious degradation in the human species. If you can manage a way to get by in this world without a car, it really is worth doing. Hopefully, we will soon end these car-ruled conditions of life that contribute greatly to our kids growing up as thin-limbed sperg weaklings. Give them horses!



The primary significance of television is its role in the “colonization of the mind”. It is the greatest propaganda device ever created — being so much more disarming than old-fashioned propaganda approaches. It really has no other purpose beyond steering the opinions of the masses into new directions, getting them to buy shit they don’t need, and inculcating them with different attitudes — even bending them to the adoption of different accents and personalities.

Case in point: I remember when the Beavis and Butthead program on MTV inspired what seemed like half the boys in my school to talk and otherwise behave like Beavis and Butthead. Some of you doubtless remember the characteristic, idiotic laugh. The Valley Girl Accent was the same thing. Young thots all over the English-speaking world started talking like retarded sluts from California. Why? Because they saw it on TV. Though I am long past schooling, I still see this phenomenon. I have gone about 20 years without a TV, and yet I still know practically all the shows — and even many of the key characters — because of the role that they play in modern conversation. This effectiveness of TV for the homogenization of peoples’ attitudes is staggering.

TV’s essential need to playing to the lowest common denominator of intelligence would by itself be bad enough, but it also plays to the lowest common moral denominator — and constantly drives this down to lower and lower lows.


Vice President Joe Biden, it is well known, praised Jewish leaders for using the power of TV mind-colonization to help gay “marriage” succeed. Of course, that’s already an old conquest. The current project TV is engaged in is the complete “normalization” of transsexualism. (Same people at the helm, this time, too.)

Obviously, it has been very effective in encouraging the scourge of racial miscegenation as well. Horrible, horrible poison.


Getting rid of the automobile society-wide is a huge project; it’s probably impossible outside of a global natural disaster (like a Carrington II, etc.) or some other divine intervention, but fighting TV is something far easier. For one, you can opt to not own one. If your kids grow up without a TV, they very likely won’t even desire one once they realize that TVs exist. My children’s life is full of the fun, and learning, and projects, and crafts, and outdoor play that used to be ubiquitous. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass about TV — and it’s wonderful.

Even in public places, when you see a TV, you can always shut it off or demand that the caretaker of the facility shuts it off. (If nothing else, inform them that it deeply offends your religion or causes you to have seizures, etc.)

Btw, so many things in this world have changed 180-degrees just because of some minute-minority complaining loudly and autistically enough. Personally, I don’t like complaining. As I’ve watched (((kvetchers))) and complainers over the years constantly get their way and change society in huge ways just to accommodate their odd sense of entitlement I have been greatly dismayed. I’ve come to thinking we need to fight fire with fire. Complaining is foreign to us, but we are in the age of victimhood-is-honor. Adapt or die.

There are still a number of inventions to discuss, but I don’t like to let these posts get too long, so I’ll continue this next time.

Take care. Stay away from the wiles of ba’al pe’or.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Inventions of All Time (I)”

  1. You’ve brought up some great points on cars which I have brought up over the past couple years. I’d like to bring up some more though.
    1. cars destroy villages the tiny villages which once had an independent communal life have been turned into tiny suburbs (if they exist at all) to the small towns near them due to cars. And ofc the small towns are all spread out due to cars which makes having a community much harder.
    2. The consumerist architecture based around cars destroys the landscape. The suburbs go without saying when talking about ugly architecture that atomizes people and has no community, but you can see the difference in towns of various sizes between the traditional downtown and the commercial uptown of a town, the former of which contains more traditional neighborhoods with nice-looking stores and most things (atleast the older structures) fairly close together, while the latter is spread out and is built only for people to get between work,school,home, church, and the store. Parks exist but no communal meeting place exists. It is designed to force atomization.
    There are other reasons as well, but here are 2 more reasons why cars are awful for society.


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