The Green New Deal

I’ve really become quite a fan of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez lately. No, I’m just kidding of course. But I do appreciate her championing this GND resolution, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Before we get going here, I want to make a few points abundantly clear, lest there be some confusion later on:

1. I do not believe in man-made global warming, lately conveniently renamed “climate change”. I find there are far more plausible explanations as to why the planet’s climate has been “changing”. I use quotes there because I find there is little credibility even in the claim that it is changing to any degree more than the precedent that has already been well established by the best chronicling of geologic time, to say nothing of the notion that humans are to blame. Of course, I am obviously somebody who loves to find fault with the industrial system and this global warming rubbish would seem like pretty low hanging fruit, but no, I sincerely don’t believe in it. Moreover, I’ve long resented the fact that the global warming hoax upstages legitimate environmental concerns like toxic wastes, plastics in the environment and food supply, conservation, and the alienation of man from nature.

2. I realize there is little if anything truly environment-focused in the GND. Like most US government initiatives for helping the environment, it is a Trojan horse — “green” on the outside and full of heavy-handed socialist policies, graft, and the erosion of traditional personal liberties on the inside.

Having gotten that out of the way, I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of people eager to pull the plug on the machine. Obviously very few of them have thought this stuff through. They’re imagining little wind turbines atop every home, and that’s allowing them to be mislead to a degree, but, they’re also cool with ditching air travel! People have been battered with the global warming nonsense for so long that many of them are willing to any length to save the world! Older liberals, like Diane the Gun-Grabber Feinstein, know how destructive this GND is (that is, destructive towards the modern lifestyle to which they are accustomed) and she btfo’d a bunch of terrified school kids! Hilarious!!

This all brings me to a matter that I’ve been chewing on for some time now:

I’ve decided that it’s time to “agree with” and to push the global warming hysteria into new frontiers of lunacy. Personally, I don’t like seeing such a dumb theory being thought of as true, but, hey, I didn’t start they hoax and people are determined to believe it, so we might as well leverage it for some redemptive cause.


Ideally, every global warming alarmist we run into to is a person that we should not only confirm in their delusion, but leave them more radicalized than ever before! Hype them up higher and higher! Stoke the embers of radicalism in them all! Of course, you should also make sure they are informed and utterly radicalized regarding legitimate issues like like toxic wastes, plastics in the environment and food supply, conservation, and the alienation of man from nature. Radicalized environmentalists should be encouraged to find careers in the power industry, where, as technicians, managers, or even as owners of power plants, they can one day orchestrate a global shutting-down of the power grid (so that we can have green power, obviously). You know, to save the climate! Hahahaha!

“If we don’t turn off all the electricity, carbon emissions will raise the worlds oceans and flood meccas of diversity and cultural vibrancy like San Francisco and NYC! Don’t let rising oceans drown our gays! Act now for the good of social progress!!”

While I do continue to hope in God’s help in all this, it is nonetheless praiseworthy to seek out ways to take manful responsibility to help ourselves where possible.

What about the socialism aspect, though?

As acknowledged earlier, the green movement, at least at the upper-management level, is much more about the implementation of socialism and social justice policy than about redressing environmental damage. So, what if all we get from the GND is the real and full implementation of socialism in the USA? There might still something to be happy about here, albeit, in a 4-D chess kind of way.

My theory is the following: I believe Trump faces a very real possibility — even a probability — of losing re-election in 2020. He has simply let too many people down and has shown himself a typical Israel-serving neocon. If/when the Dems regain power, it will be really, really awful. Trump’s failure to deliver on keys points of his platform will seem like nothing in comparison to the hardships and persecutions that the Left is very eager to unleash on people like us and even people whose only “crime” is to be not sufficiently to the left of us. It will be Hell’s Circus. Just look at what they do now without the full control of the government.

I say this because I don’t want anybody to imagine that I do not realize how hungry the Left is to devour us. Believe me, I get it and I take it seriously. I also understand full well how terrible a system of societal organization socialism is. I assure you that I get this and I take it seriously. Many, if not most, of my relatives and close friends are people who know its horrors from personal experience or at least from the experience of their parents who actually lived east of the Iron Curtain. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in socialism any more than I believe in global warming.

That being said, I think a rapid-onset type of socialism in America — brought on, not only as the long-worked-for project of the intellectuals and elites, but also as an emotionally fueled over-reaction of the plebian Left to the Trump phenomenon — could very well bring about conditions of true collapse. This collapse might be our only lifeboat outside of an open miracle.

To the extent that socialism has “worked” anywhere, it has done so in great thanks do to high IQ throughout the populace, overall modest notions of what constitutes material well-being, a smaller population with an overall low inclination to violence and other crime, high social trust, unifying religious faith, cultural homogeneity and the social cohesion that results from it. In fact, whenever libs are asked to name instances of successful socialist regimes, their replies invariably cite European countries that conform largely, if not entirely, to the traits I have just listed; thus, almost exclusively the Nordic countries. Of course, numerous studies show that even Nordics fare much better outside of the imposition of socialism.

Socialism within our teeming-with-diversity, brazillianized shores would be a drastically different matter.

All of the high-population-density areas of the USA are now seriously lacking in literally all of the social traits that could help make an experiment in socialism “not-so-awful”. It would be absolute bedlam. And if the coming socialism really does have some enforced element of “environmentalism”, a la the GND’s drastic reduction of energy consumption,  it will be a disaster for the ages. Should this happen, we must tirelessly throw more and more and more fossil fuel on the proverbial fire to make sure the bitch burns all the way down. If the techno-industrial system in the USA goes kaput, it could very well spell the end of the system globally.

Never let a Green New Dealer be content with the status quo! Never! Urge them to greater and greater levels of being a true-believer!

As true green-socialists, they must be committed to more and more diversity hires for everything. We need IQ-75 Somalis running all of the wind farms. We need Guatemalans running all of the solar-power factories. We need Syrian “refugees” and MS-13 out there enforcing all the regulations. We need transsexuals writing the curricula. Anything less would be obvious bigotry, plain and simple. Do not let them settle for anything less than utopia! Socialism will “work” if you just try hard enough this time!

Diversity could actually bring about the end of the notorious Spic-Nig Cycle!


From this perspective, I’m not even half as bothered with the embrownening of America. A single winter without adequate electricity will be sufficient to freeze to death most minorities or at least drive them south of the Rio Grande. Just imagine a Hurricane Katrina type scenario in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, or even St Louis in the winter! Most non-Whites find even a very mild winter utterly unbearable without all the weather coping mechanisms they currently enjoy.

So, get that nice little plot out in the country, raise your family, solidify your community, chop and stack that firewood, urge the greenies to go full-crazy. Sit back and enjoy the purifying fires.


Doomer Eco-Fascism — “Freeze ’em all to death and let God sort it out.”

1 thought on “The Green New Deal”

  1. When the Left gets power back they will do exactly what is necessary to bring on full hard core fascism and eugenics.

    We white men are apparently incapable of organizing ourselves, but leftist persecution will jump start white fascist organizing faster than you can say 1933.


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