The Faith Which Moves Mountains

Sometimes I am asked whether I truly view every bit of modern tech in such a negative light.

“Isn’t there something redeeming about it?” 

“Isn’t there at least one aspect — at least one possibility — from all of these amazing emergent technologies that fascinates you?”


No, I sincerely believe all that I have been publishing here. The Industrial Revolution has indeed been a disaster for humankind. Moreover, the emergent technologies promise to exceed all expectations for darkness and degeneracy. It’s as if the badness of technological innovation is proportional with its movement along the historical timeline. In fact, I’ve talked about that before — the Tech-Degeneracy Feedback Loop.

However, if I were to indulge that question a bit, if I were to dig down deep and demand of myself that I produce an example of some potential thing on the horizon of technological advance that I could theoretically enjoy, there IS actually something:


Bringing Home Da Bacon

Using tech to bring back the woolly mammoth is something which I could get excited about. I am somewhat obsessed with mammoths, to be honest. That’s why I use so many pictures of them in these articles. Contemplating scenes of men hunting mammoths evokes something in me, it calls back to some ancient thing that resides deep in the spine. The mammoth was a kind of guardian angel or spiritual teacher to our race. In wrestling with him, he left an imprint on us. I also feel this fascination when I encounter the other great mammals in the wild, such as the bear. There is an awe and also a feeling of kinship. Mistakenly, our ancestors chased the mammoth away. It is a great tragedy, and the loss is still effecting us. Now people are wrestling with computers and literally turning into limp-wristed faggots and trannies.

If the mammoth were introduced back into our life, then humanity could itself become re-mammothified. How incredibly tempting is the prospect of using our advanced scientific techniques to reconstruct the mammoth, breed them until there are literally a few million of them across the global belt of boreal forest, and then EMP the world and say good-bye once and for all to tech!

Of course, we ought not let ourselves get stuck long in fantasy thinking. But there is, in the kernel of this thought, an ideal that is very real for me: my solemn aim is that my activity in the technological realm ought to be nothing other than trying to reconstruct the atavistic mammoth/mammoth-hunter slumbering deep and dormant within us. That is why I am posting these thoughts on-line, on social media, attempting to reach people where they are congregating. Yes, we are here in this system, but let us scavenge this thing for its scraps and turn its tools against it. Uncle Ted himself advocated this.

Some day, very soon I believe, we are going to NEED mammoth-like graces alive and very active in us. We will find that unearthing the not-so-distant heritage of our forebears is not at all a mere hobby, but as indispensable for life as air, water, or food. Technology has been all about promoting the survival of the unfit. We have reached a point where the unfit are legion enough to create an insufferable clown-world — and this grotesque burden is just enough to collapse the entire technological system. You and your loved-ones better be strong — naturally strong.

And what about the faith which moves mountains?

Here it is: You know very well that there is NOTHING good or healthful in this world for you to inherit. Other generations did have good things to inherit, but since the more-or-less full implementation of Industrialism in the Western world about 150 years ago, the family legacy has been all but squandered in a few generations. The foundations and key institutions of sane, healthy life are all but obliterated. If we do not cultivate an indomitable faith in ourselves, we might as well resign everything.

Marriage. It is now slaughtered and quartered as is the whole relationship between the sexes. Hell, even the sexes themselves are more and more mutilated. It has gotten to the point that nothing makes sense anymore. Faggots and whores are dominating everything. People who are the embodiment of the utter shame and depravity inflict limitless wrath and humiliation upon those who oppose them. It’s absolutely crazy. Today I just read an article about an old lady giving birth (as a surrogate mother) to her faggot son’s child. The sperm can from one homo, the egg came from the other homo’s sister, and mom gestated and birthed the baby. This world is done. The prospect of life-long marriage is absolute fantasy for the vast majority of people.


Children. The White peoples of the industrialized world are not even having them — at least not at levels that come anywhere near to maintaining the population. Abortion is by far the largest cause of death annually. If you do bring a child into the world, what are the odds that he or she will have autism, or some other of the very serious health problems whose prevalence is all the time becoming greater and greater? And what life will you give your child? Let the faggot schools raise him? Let the TV and iPad nanny him while mom pursues her career ambitions? Personally, my views of the demographic question have some nuances — I don’t like high-density living at all, and I think instinctively, Whites don’t like to be crowded. The Industrial Revolution brought about an ease of life and a subsequent population boom that has derailed our collective reproduction rhythm — all of this is undeniably similar to the famous rodent-utopia experiments carried out by Calhoun:

Work. The vast majority of people work at completely meaningless and inhuman jobs — jobs that have very little or nothing at all in common with our evolutionary past or traditional heritage. Today’s jobs are extremely specialized and offer a man no possibility of realizing a state of being as a well-rounded provider for himself and family like literally every other creature on earth (as well as humankind prior to the last 5 minutes of history). Unlike our ancestors of a mere 3 generation ago, we are utterly dependent on a complex system of machines we can neither create, nor fix, nor even understand without the system. We have traded in the rugged ability and dignity of our earthy forebears to be the auxiliary appendages of the very minutest significance. And in this relationship, we are often enough treated just as poorly as our low relative value suggests. People are routinely laid off from their livelihoods just as somebody might throw away some perfectly good coat only because spring has come.

And then there’s the rapid and accelerating pace of the evolution within the professional world. A young person today is placed under extraordinary pressure to go to college and prepare for a career which is bound to quickly evaporate before the student loans are anywhere near to being paid off. There is no way the to get a good bearing on things — even for most people of above-average intelligence.


Church. Besides localized and largely isolated exceptions, institutional Christianity is horribly corrupted. What was given as a balm of life has been adulterated and made into deadly poison. Instead of drawing people up to our Father in Heaven, it has resolutely decided to define deviancy down and make every possible accommodation to things which have always been utter abomination. It has open up its gates and invited Hell in. As if this rebellion against Heaven were not enough, most churches insult and persecute those who faithfully uphold the timeless definitions of true righteousness. Instead of protecting the flock — the families dedicated to a life of peace, dignity, wholesomeness, reverence for tradition and for ancestors — it has brazenly fed the flock to the wolf-hordes of the global-south and the homolobby. Not only does it do this, but it proudly blows the proverbial alms-giver’s trumpet while doing so! Absolute treason and sickening abuse! Sadly, this is true even of the organizational church which purports to be representing the original tradition of my own faith (Catholic). How much more true is this of those countless churches which gladly proclaim a departure from tradition!


Trump. Then there’s Trump.


It really seemed that he might be the Great White Hope. But nope, he is just a craven shabbesgoy. He has sold out his country in a most brazen fashion, often embellishing his back-stabbings with tongue-in-cheek insults directed toward the very people and ideals he once very credibly vowed to represent. The USA continues to be a slave to Israel, continues to throw open the gates to immigrants (especially those from the low-latitudes), continues to let tech companies squash the speech of the right wing, continues to whore out the military for an Israel-centered foreign policy, continues to curtail the 2nd Amendment, etc., etc.

There is truly nowhere to run to. There is no quiet harbor in which to anchor your ship. There is no already-made situation of health and sanity for you to inherit. It’s all toast. Even Poland is in the guillotine. The government elites there are now absolutely committed to literally giving the country to the Jews. I didn’t use the term “selling out” the country, because they are giving the country away for free. Actually, no, they are also giving Jews money while giving them the country! Much credit goes to Donny “the Shabbesgoy” Goldtrump for leveraging the US’s diplomatic muscle to make sure that Poland’s backstabbing elites overcome any possible pangs of their already deficient consciences! At the same time, Poland has lately come under unprecedented Western pressure to makes friends with the fag movement. It’s absolutely vicious the way these creeps are trying to snuff out one of the last flickering lights of decency. Truly reminiscent of the biblical story of the man-raper gangs of Sodom and Gomorrah. May God bless us very soon with their annihilation.

This is the state of things. Many of you know that this is a truncated list and that I could go on and on like this. There is truly “NO HOPE” in the sense of things already made and actual and waiting for us. If life just means being a faggot, going with the flow, and buying shit, then great, you’ve got it made. Those who know that life is meant to be, not only something more, but categorically different must realize that there is nothing to be had outside of that which we make — all the way from the burnt, ashy ground on up.


There is truly no way out. There is nothing left to do but to dedicate ourselves to God. All other approaches have failed and failed badly. God is the one and only hope at this point. None only that, but all of the life-long work that God calls us to at this point is work that only a society of mammoth-men can possibly do. Without the back-bone and inner fortitude of the ancients, we are spiritually unemployable.

Lately, people have been quoting this a lot:


I think it is true, but I think we have only a faint notion of how hard the “hard times” can get and how strong the “strong men” have to be. The strength needed — of body, mind, and faith — is something which can reside only in holy men. Christ does not call us to be pretty good. Christ does not call us to be kind of traditional. Christ calls us to be HOLY. That’s the only program with any meaningful future: holiness. Do not delay.

“Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” (Revelation 22)


As I see it, here are some practical endeavors that must be taken up by all of us:

1.) Get your life in order. Stop watching TV, stop playing video games. Stop watching porn. Get in shape. Don’t go merely for aesthetics, train to make yourself tough. Harden yourself to the rigors of summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Sleep outside from time to time, even in winter. Swim in ice water. Practice fasting for time to time. Aim to get to where you can go several days without food and at least a whole day without water. It is important to realize that this is not merely training for some future time of hardships; this type of conditioning will start to benefit you — bodily, mentally, and religiously — almost immediately.

2.) Make a well-thought out plan to learn as many of the fundamental skills of pre-modern life as possible. Get your family and friends involved with you. If you have children, make sure to involve them — more than anyone else! Yes, this includes the most primitive of survival skills, but it doesn’t stop there. The scope of this learning should range from the stone age all the way to the American pioneer era. Farming, cabin building, tool making, clothes making, animal husbandry, traditional navigation, horsemanship, botany, etc.

3.) Pray consistently. Study the Bible consistently. Go to church. Yes, to church. Of course I realize how corrupted many/most of them are — I just got done writing about it! You really need to overlook the corruption in a certain sense. 2,000 years ago, Jesus warned us that there would be weeds growing among the wheat crop. Yes, the corruption/weeds is a bad thing, but it doesn’t amount to an invitation to stay home and sit on your ass. Ask yourself this: “How much attention and nurture and gratitude have I felt for the true wheat in the fields of the Lord compared to my resentment of the weeds?” See a difference? Fix it. I’m not suggesting you should become a member of some full-blown SJW fag church that is a complete disaster. Just find a place that is all-around pretty good relative to the circumstances and go there religiously. Don’t go there as a spectator. Go there as a man. Go there to shoulder as many burdens as the Lord sees fit to give you. Most churches are actually very needy for responsible men and women to make things work. If they ask you to join the choir, you do it! God Himself is giving you that. (In the past, you used your mouth for evil, he is blessing you with a chance to redeem it.) If they need a volunteer, you do it. You shoulder whatever is brought your way and then some!

You want to now why “church sucks” so bad? Because for too long you stayed at home and let it get that way! No more! Don’t get distracted by the weeds. Love the wheat. When you find wheat in the clergy, thank God and build it up. When you find wheat in the laity, thank God and build it up. Don’t just go on Sunday. Go to prayer meetings and study groups. Catholics, go to Adoration and/or weekday Mass. Get to know your priests and pastors.

One of the very greatest responsibilities which you should unhesitatingly accept would be to have some type of leadership role in a study group — especially a youth study group! In such a position you might prove to be much-needed bulwark of sound thinking for these kids. You might be the guy who cool-headedly and capably dismantles a pro-homo idea that these kids are being fed. You might be the guy who makes the compassionate and cogent case against race-mixing. You could be the guy who shows an example of good, truly traditional fatherhood. You could literally make the difference for some young people that will soon take on their own adult life! This is very serious top-tier stuff. It’s much more powerful than arguing with 30- and 40-year-olds who are mostly set in their ways.

4.) On a similar note, get involved in scouting. Just as at church, don’t go there with your kids just to be a passive participant. Go there to be INVOLVED. Go there intending to earn and righteously wield INFLUENCE for the sound development of promising young souls!

5.) Similar to the item above, get INVOLVED in cultural organizations or historical societies. These places are goldmines — the people going there have, at the very least, a little something in them that gravitates toward cultural heritage, history, tradition, their ancestors, etc. These are very wholesome inclinations. Often, you will find people there who are actually passionate about these things. Again, I stress INVOLVEMENT and INFLUENCE. If you can get elected to the board, do it!

Obviously, there are more possibilities, but these are all really good ones. I myself am already involved, or soon to be involved, in all of the things I’ve listed above. I’m not giving advice that I don’t apply to myself. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that politics is the one avenue. Politics is downstream of culture, which is downstream of cultus. Also, don’t think that if your work is small it is not worth much. Be faithful in little things, and the Lord will give you greater things. At the moment, only a minute number of people read what I write. I am not at all bothered by this. I know for whom I write and for what purpose.

Strive for mammoth-hood and holiness.

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