Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (II)

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I spent the next several years studying Judaism. A number of my readers are already quite wise as to matters of Judaism and Jewry and naturally may be wondering — in light of the unsavory things that they know — how anybody in their right mind could endure the absurdities and villainies of the Jewish religion enough to study it for 5 years, to say nothing of actually converting to it.

It is a fair question. The truth is that Judaism, while certainly having its share of absurdities and villainies, nonetheless is a vast territory possessing much that a decent person could, and ought to, admire. For one, its founding myth is all of the spectacular Old Testament narrative that all Christians are not only familiar with, but take as part of their own heritage. Further, Judaism has had a very long time to work things out vis-a-vis the various needs of its practitioners, it’s had millennia of accumulating interesting parables and homilies. Studying Judaism opens up a large linguistic aspect of Bible study as well. Once a person learns biblical Hebrew — which I did — you have a whole new continent of exploration. Texts that have long been familiar are suddenly brimming with novelty. Discoveries which are possible only in the original language come into grasp which were before only possible through a guide already grounded in Hebrew or through tedious work with concordances. Sometimes a whole verse is found to have a secret meaning because of a minute alteration of a single letter or an anomaly in the trope.

(A “trope” — just to set the record straight, is not only a truth that non-Jews repeat about Jews, but a term used to designate the traditional cantillation of a Torah text when they are chanted in a synagogue service.)

Here is just one example: In Genesis 22, where Abraham is called by God to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice, the original Hebrew actually uses the word “please”.

“Qah-na et bin’cha…”          “Take, please, your son…”

From this small detail flows out a wealth of commentaries and homilies, contemplating the actual nature of God’s strange request to Abraham, contemplating the liberty which Abraham had to decline the request, contemplating the alternative outcomes and the resulting alternative biblical histories, and contemplating what it all means for Jews. So you can see, there is a lot there with which somebody interested in the Bible can occupy himself. Similar things are found in the explanations that Jews have for the specifics regarding the performance of a given commandment. For instance, the number of  strings that are used to construct the tzitzit and how many knots they are tied with, or the number of cups of wine consumed during a Passover Seder (dinner), etc; all of this flows from fine details embedded deep in the text of the Old Testament and makes for complex and interesting learning.

There are certainly serious problems in Judaism that are apparent right away, but it takes time to really figure out why they are there and then decide what to do about them.

For one example we can look at prayer within Judaism. Jewish prayer is quintessential Jewish craziness. I balk at the idea of trying to do it justice here, because it is really that nuts and I cannot get into all of it within the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that their set daily prayers are a titanic litany that they hate reciting. They cannot bear them at all except by reciting them at some great speed which renders them a totally slurred and thoughtless torrent of gibberish. They themselves admit as much. Contemporary rabbis produce books whose purpose is to correct this. But it is futile.

Some neurotic impulse, not well understood to us or them, compels them to keep adding material to the already over-sized thrice-a-day prayer. It is already far beyond theirs — or any person’s — ability to manage gracefully, but they bind themselves with more and more of these burdens. Seeking to show themselves devout, they make themselves more and more miserable and fall more clumsily under the burdens they have loaded upon their own backs. What do they win by this, other than cynicism and spiritual numbness?  On a curious side note, most Jews conspicuously disdain the word “prayer” — instead, they insist that what they are doing is some superior thing called “davening”.

Their synagogue services are regularly plagued by congregants chatting among themselves. It’s as if they just cannot for anything in the world take their own religion seriously and be quiet when it is time for being quiet. If you were there, you might, as I did, tell yourself that you won’t let your prayers degrade into such a thing. Your optimism might carry you far, but eventually you would find that you have to cut yourself out of that scene for the good of your soul.

Another random example can be made of sheytels, or wigs: Judaism considers married women to be obligated under the weight, not of mere rabbinic decree, but of Torah-law, to cover their hair in public. Orthodox Jewish women, therefore, are extremely scrupulous in covering their hair, however, those of Ashkenazi decent do this mostly by wearing wigs! Generally, these wigs are made from the long, luscious, and real hair of other women. Many of these same wig-wearing women love to wear hooker boots as well. It all makes up what has been derisively called the “hot Chani” look by Jews who mock the the ridiculous self-contradictions in the Jewish religion as practiced.

Wigs for modesty! Hahaha

Yes, it’s weird to say the least. Just like with the “davening” example above, if you were in my shoes, you might, as I did, tell yourself that you won’t let your concepts of modesty degrade into such a thing. Your optimism might carry you far, but eventually you would find that you have to cut yourself out of that scene for the good of your soul. It is one thing to be in the company of immodest or irreverent people who make no claims whatsoever to modesty or reverence, it is another to be in the company of those whose standards are objectively bad and yet claim to be authorities.

There’s really tons of things like this. It’s simply not possible to address even a quarter of them here, so I won’t even try. For instance, there’s the eruv, the perimeter of strings and specially designated telephone wires around the neighborhood acting as a “wall” (yes a WALL!) and demarcating the limit to which Jews may carry things outside of their house on shabbat. There’s the heter iska, a legal invention which allows Jews to charge each other interest on loans by not calling it “interest”. Further, there are routine arrangements whereby Jews hire and pay one another for work performed on shabbat justified on the premise that the hours of labor performed during actual shabbat hours were pro-bono while the half-an-hour or so of work that fell just outside of shabbat hours is what is covered by the wages paid out! They constantly make a big production about how great their “god” is and yet constantly invent weasel ways of cheating this “god” out of the piety supposedly due to him.

In their legal machinations, interest becomes no interest, immodesty is no immodesty, shabbat desecration is no desecration, etc. Justice (“tsedakah”) is forced to take on the meaning of “charity”. Words often are made to carry meanings which are literally the exact opposite of what they should be.

[Quick note: it is no wonder therefore, that Jews have played such a tremendous role in the West’s current plague of newspeak, whereby, something is called “liberal” when in fact it is some tyrannically enforced decree that runs exactly contrary to normal nature and tradition. Same goes for “liberation”, “tolerance”, “democracy”, “inclusion”, “social justice”, “education”, “mental health”, “humanitarian”, “free press”, etc.]

Under such conditions, you either burn out or bail out. As I said earlier, there is a large amount of novelty and interesting things to keep a person sufficiently occupied for a while, but you still have these encounters that leave you saying, “Wow, that lady is sure crazy!” “Wow, what an asshole that guy is!” “Wow, that was incredibly duplicitous!” “Wow, just imagine what Christian admirers of Jews would think if they heard what those guys just said!” On and on it goes. At first, it’s easy to suppose that such incidents are isolated and that such people are just the odd cranks and weirdos. But such an assumption shows itself more and more untenable as time goes on. Eventually, my wife and I started to feel we could only tolerate being around the utter outcasts of the community, being that the overall flock was continually proving itself to be certifiably nuts. (Mind you, these are the Orthodox. I’m not even talking about the politically-left, non-Orthodox Jews whose literal craziness is something most gentiles can scarcely imagine.)

You might ask what I mean about them being nuts: a great many of them are suffering very obviously from severe emotional and nervous disorders, resembling somewhat functional autists or savants. If normal, Gentile people operate at 45 rpm, you might think of Jews as operating at 110 rpm. The particularly religious ones (the “haredim”) often have bad breath and dubious hygiene, their houses are usually very disorganized, dirty, un-maintained, and smelly; or if clean, are nonetheless conspicuously devoid of the things that usually give a house a warm, homey feeling — even when they have loads of money. And listen, I don’t say this at all to make fun of them. It is an honest observation and outward symptoms of this sort have an undeniable significance. If you were to meet a person like this, you would rightfully suspect that something is really off. Likewise, if you meet a large community where even half of the people live this way, you would be a fool to not form certain convictions about things.

While it’s nearly universal that they hold the goyim in contempt, it’s also true that, with some exceptions, they have a remarkable hatred for one another! They are constantly scheming against one another and breathing out contempt for the less pious (or the more pious!). While to many critics of the Jews it seems as though Jews have a nearly invincible tribal cohesion among themselves, it must be understood that this is in very large part due to nothing more than the shared hatred of the goyim. Were Jews are not concentrating themselves on a common “opponent”, they would soon be at each other’s throats full-force, as history many times testifies. My wife and I have personally witnessed numerous intrigues and feuds among the Jews that are truly the stuff of legend.

I think the reason that many of these realizations about them came gradually is because they open up gradually. Even people of the lower sort don’t fart in front of those whom they have only recently met. For example, at some point, their frank feelings about Christians and Gentiles in general came fully into the light for us. You catch things like this, more and more and more, at shabbat lunches and holiday gatherings. One of the greatest earthquakes that could shake American Jewry down to its foundations would be the outing of very nasty Orthodox Jewish attitudes towards Christians – the unfortunate mistake of Christian Zionism would be completely uprooted before the week’s end! Listen up Christians: the vast majority of Jews, yes, even the Orthodox Jews that you so admire, consider you to be stupid, consider your beliefs hideous and stupid, consider you to be innately inferior, and are purely taking advantage of your naive moral support! I cannot emphasize this enough! You are nothing more than beasts of burden to them! If you want proof, simply examine what Jews have to say about Rabbi Lapin, a rare man who has made the efforts to be a genuine good neighbor to Christians. They look at him like a dirty traitor.

*[This is a fine time to mention a book called “You Gentiles” written by the Jew Maurice Samuels — a true classic of chauvinistic Jewish hatred for the European. Doubtless, certain of you have read excerpts of this book as included in articles on the Occidental Observer, Stormfront, or the Daily Stormer. Here’s the thing, though: when you see the two dozen or so most popularly cited excerpts as they are usually presented, they come off as sounding kind of bizarre and even funny in a sense; it’s the kind of stuff that’s likely to just make you laugh and say, “Gee, that guy is a prick! Hahaha.” Nope, not at all. I strongly recommend you buy this book — it’s only $10 — and read it in context. You will see that this guy is not a spaz in the least. This book is a cool and coherent and systematic presentation of the deep contempt that Jews have for goyim. The author, like virtually all Jews, is absolutely sure there can be no peace between Jew and Gentile — one must annihilate the other. It is time Gentiles woke up to this sobering reality.]


My wife and I were both genuinely horrified at the thought of our young children growing up and one day marrying these people. I was sure that getting into all of this was a huge mistake, driven mostly by my sense of curiosity and not having found any rooting in Christianity. But, having begun to see all this, I also wanted to understand it all better, so I was in no hurry to bail out just yet — after all, my kids wouldn’t be grown up for a while and I was pretty much the only one the he household mingling with them to any real degree. Interestingly, even at the outset, in spite of vigorous protests from the rabbis, we did not send our kids to the local Jewish day school, opting instead to stick with our original intention of homeschooling. And on a related note, I had a few Jews openly question whether I really had a “Jewish neshamah” (a Jewish soul). You see, it is popularly assumed that a convert to Judaism is somebody whose soul is actually Jewish, either as a result of reincarnation into a Gentile body or at least otherwise possessing certainly qualities unique to the Jews. In this light, converts are seen as finding their way back to the Jewish fold where their soul belongs. I always scoffed at this stuff as unnecessary and superstitious, but people would warn me that my interest in Judaism was too much in the head and not in the soul. Now I see how right they were! Apparently, our guts always knew…

My mode of life in the community became more and more withdrawn. When I did go to synagogue, it was to pray my own way from the heart or to observe the goings on or to socialize with the outcasts. I would also spend a lot of time just reading in the shul’s library. Also, I increasingly found myself searching the internet to see whether other people shared observations or experiences similar to my own. It was then that I stumbled upon the website Stormfront. My reaction was: “Man, this stuff is amazing!! How do they know so much about the Jews?!”

Not long afterwards, a young East-Coast man visited the community one shabbat on his way either to or from a job interview somewhere out west. To protect his identity, we’ll just call him “Daniel”. Anyways, I could tell Daniel was an outcast. He clearly did not fit the mold and something in my gut told me I would get along really well with him. Instead of davening, we went to the shul’s library and talked. From my physical appearance, it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a Jew by race, so at some point he asked me what I really thought of Jews and Judaism. I let the truth rip out pretty good and, amazingly, he understood and agreed with all of it! Then he told me that, actually, I had just barely scratched the surface! He strongly recommended I read David Duke and look up George Lincoln Rockwell. Which I did, and found their many presentations to be gloriously truthful and profoundly illuminating. So many of the missing links in my own observations were coming together and the big picture was coming into unmistakable focus. Things were making sense — big time! I highly recommend that all of my readers make a diligent study of David Duke’s tour-de-force entitled Jewish Supremacism.

It’s critically important to realize that there is simply no possibility of ever understanding the predicament of the modern world without carefully studying the Jewish Question, as it is called. That is not at all to say that Jews are solely responsible for modernity, nor even for many of its contraptions. Modernity is a result of a spiritual power that transcends the Jews and involves many nations. It developed first through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Protestant Reformation, and the Industrial Revolution. Jews simply saw in all these developments wondrous new means for advancing their supremacist agenda over the European Man. This is the kind of thing I refer in my 7th Axiom:

“Most of our problems today in the social and political sphere, though they appear to the casual observer to be the result of an ideological agenda, are in fact only the misdirected and confused reactions to industrialization. It may be true that sinister people are leveraging the average person’s struggle to come to terms with industrial life against them, but the thing being leveraged pre-exists the leverager and supersedes in importance. Feminism serves as a great example: If you attempt to maintain the industrialized system while hunting down those who leverage feminism as a political tool, you will constantly be overwhelmed with both work and failure. On the other hand, if the industrialized system is defeated, feminism automatically dies with it.”

Many casual critics of the Jews have noticed the overwhelming representation of Jews in 2nd- and 3rd-wave feminism and have incorrectly assumed that feminism is a Jewish invention. This actually is not true. Originally, feminism was overwhelmingly a WASP development and very directly tied to the recent changes that Industrialization was bringing upon family life and natural-traditional gender roles in NW Europe and the USA. Only afterward did Jews take it over and mold it into its present form. Many similar examples can be found where they didn’t actually make the thing, they simply jumped at the opportunity to use a dangerous object as a weapon against strangers. The main point is that today, modernity is literally killing us off. It is like a monstrous beast that is saddled by the Jews. Sure, that beast would try to devour us even without a rider, but we would be very foolish to not concede that the rider is directing the beast to devour us in a far more sinister and orderly fashion than it could on its own.

Anyways, Daniel and I continued to talk even after he left, and we became good friends. One day he enthusiastically suggested I look up the Daily Stormer. I found it to be an excellent site. Very relevant. Very accurate. Very humorous. I recommend this site very much to all of my readers. Listen, one of the main things you need to realize when looking at an “outrageous” website like the Daily Stormer is that in private settings — that is, among Jews only — there is virtually no content with which Jews do not actually agree! During my sojourn among the Jews I have heard one Jew or another admit to all of the most serious claims commonly made against them:

Do Jews own all the world’s major banks and central reserves? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Do Jews own virtually all the news and entertainment media? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Were Jews the main force behind the Bolshevik Revolution and similar attempts at communist revolutions around the globe, including 1920s/30s America? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Are (non-religious) Jews the main force behind the cultural rot in the USA and West, including the homo-movement? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Are Jews the main force behind 3rd-world migration to White countries. Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Are Jews the main force behind censorship of the right wing in the US and West? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Do Jews have the US government by the balls and most other Western governments by the balls? Do they rule the courts? Do they rule the congress and the main political parties? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

Do Jews hold their Gentile victims in contempt? Yes, they all admit this when it won’t get them into trouble.

There was a Jewish man in our synagogue, a doctor held in high esteem by all. There were a few occasions in which he was speaking in the hearing of 3-5 other men and commenting about how (morally) “filthy” the Jews are, exclaiming that had he been born a Gentile, he would have no choice but to be an anti-semite! I’m telling you, I heard this with my own ears and it was not only once! And here’s the real kicker: he still mocked the Gentiles in Europe who got run over by the Mohammedans in the delivery truck! Yes, mocked them with great relish and commented that they “got what they deserved for being anti-semites”! How can such breadth of mental illness fit inside one person?

The worst of the Jews are like demons. The know they are worthy of loathing and opposition, and yet they lash out at those who loathe and oppose their tyranny.

Often enough, Daniel and I would talk about the New Testament, especially the fierce rebukes that Jesus would heap upon the Jews. We both saw it as incredibly relevant and even hilarious in a sense! Yes hilarious. Jesus absolutely roasts the Jews and their duplicity in a way that would be absolutely forbidden x1000 were it not the foundational text of a major religion of the world. We both agreed that the Gospel narratives are alive with a certain quality of current-ness and accuracy that cannot be fully appreciated without having been immersed in the synagogue experience. A chapter like Matthew 23 simply never loses its edge — that entire holy rant could have been from last shabbat!


Next time, we’ll talk about Jesus the Christ the Son of the living God.

The Peace of Christ be to you.

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