Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (III)

Part I here.

Part II here.

After coming to this view of the Jews, I did not leave immediately. I wanted to test and test again my observations. I wanted to really understand this matter, not just very well, but fully. The Jewish Question is obviously extremely controversial by nature — I wanted to be sure that what I had concluded about all this was a conclusion I could stand by, rock-solid, for the rest of my life and give an insurmountable answer to anyone who might examine me later. I also wanted to see if this “Jew Wisdom” — as my friend Daniel called it — was capable of making predictions.

Thus, I continued to put my time in. As is already comfortable to my nature, I kept quite; doing far more listening than speaking. And of course, these people just say the darnedest things when you give them the floor! They spew out all kinds of contempt for everybody but them. I don’t fault any tribe for having enemies necessarily. Look, obviously there are people I don’t like, too. The real problem is the duplicity that is part and parcel of Jewish bigotry. The do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do ethic is a true Jewish ethic. Jews are always the chief ones boo-hooing about hatred in the world, and preaching all this peace, love, and harmony, but they have no intention of ever doing it. Ever. Go ask the Palestinians about the Jews’ peace, love, and harmony. Go ask the millions Ukrainians the Jews starved to death in the 1930s. Go ask the Russian Christians murdered by the Jewish/Soviet NKVD. Go ask the Poles today, who are having their land wrested away from them by the Jews.

Why Jews

It’s all a game for the Jews. Our loftiest Gentile inclinations for mercy and kindness and rule of law — inclinations which they don’t even possess — are simply being used against us. I know from my own ears that Jews, when speaking frankly among Jews, come second to nobody in how much they despise blacks, moslems, and faggots, yet, when they get any chance to flood your society with them, they sure as hell will! And if they find any White man simply desiring to have a country of his own just like the Jews have a country own their own, they will bring political and economic weight on him relentlessly until he is crushed.

Jews are often fearful that somebody else might be well off. They begrudge the happiness of others. Jews are not, by nature, communists as some have supposed. They are not capitalists. They are neither right- nor left-wing. They have no natural attachment to any ideal other than hatred of the goyim. I know, I know… People reading this are going to think this is just over-the-top slander. Nope. It’s not. Don’t believe me? You are welcome to go put in the time to convert and find out for yourself. Hatred of the goyim drives them. It drives them even more than love for self. That’s why they are frequently involved doing things that harm both us and them. If there was no way to gouge out your eyes except through gouging out their own, they would do it. They’ve got it in them. They’re weird that way. They even crush some of their own number when they find somebody with a bone of goodness somewhere in his body. It’s as if they instinctively clean the good out of their ranks! There are good Jews out there — and their life is not worth much in the eyes of their brethren.

My wife and I agreed that these people see the USA simply as some rental house. They’re just here to party hard and then leave for home the next day, being sure to leave plenty of gratuitous vandalism before exiting. There’s just a weird streak in them.

Many of you will be familiar with the Old Testament (Genesis 33) story of Jacob meeting his estranged brother Esau after many years apart. Jacob, or course, was the forefather of the Jewish nation. In Genesis, you read about how he swindled Esau out of his birthright by deceiving their father and then fled for many years, hiding from his family. Finally, he comes home to bury his father. Esau, having already long ago made peace with Jacob getting the birthright, is glad to see his brother again. The text reads —

“And Esau ran to meet him and he embraced him and he fell upon his neck and he kissed him and they wept.”

There are a couple of interesting things here. First, the Jewish sages long ago understood Esau as being the progenitor of Rome, and by extension, the embodiment of the enemies of the Jews (their words, not mine). Secondly, they suggest a hidden meaning in the word “kissed” in the above passage, namely, as “bit” — i.e., Esau bit Jacob’s neck! This is not some obscure gloss, this is mainstream rabbinic Judaism. Just take a moment to let that sink in!

The father of the Jews is a swindler — and his descendants insist on interpreting the compassion shown to him as actually being underhanded violence!

If foundation myths have any weight — and I certainly believe they do! — then it should be obvious that peaceful close-proximity with these people is impossible, all the more so if they think you are a descendant of Esau (which they do). Yes, utterly impossible.

When Trump was running for president, back when he was all about “America First!” I knew exactly how the Jews would behave — such was the predictive power of “Jew Wisdom”! I knew how my Jewish acquaintances would condemn him for the very things they praise in their own Israeli politicians. I played dumb the whole time. I threw out bait just to see where they would go with it. It was hilarious. It was as if these people were following a script that I wrote! The very rare Jews — the black sheep — who supported the Trump of 2016 were vilified and ostracized. They were “literally” voting “for Hitler!”, etc.

I told Daniel that I hoped just as much as anyone that Trump would be the real deal, but I had grave reservations about Ivanka and Jared. Even before Trump won, I knew that they were very likely to ruin everything. Now the Trump of 2016 is gone. We have a empty golem in his place who has no loyalty but to “Israel First!”, Jared is running the show, and the Jews absolutely love this presidency! Jews I know who reviled Trump two and three years ago are now adoring him.

Strange as it may sound, this brings my to why the Savior of the world had to be “Jewish”.

A legitimate savior of the world necessarily is one who confronts the evil of the world. Of course, by this “evil of the world” I do mean the kind of moral failing that is common to all men, but by this I also mean the actual, physical entities that reign in wickedness — the powers of this world that are far more than the shortcomings of man but are the agents of satanic hatred of God.


Jesus was not, as modern revisionists like to tell us, merely a good man who reminded people of their moral obligations and died speaking truth to power. No, once you start to really sort these things out in ways that, for me, were only possible through experiential learning, you realize that Jesus was very Divinity in the flesh warring against satan in the flesh. Christ did not die speaking truth to power, he died speaking truth to THE power, the power that tyrannizes the whole earth. His persecutors were indeed the ones who murdered the prophets before him, who murdered the apostles after him, who murdered the tens of millions of European Christians in the Bolshevik revolution and the terror that followed, who desecrate and murder every object of wholesomeness and decency in their path. Who were those organized criminals conspiring to kill Christ? Why, the same ones who conspired to kill the Tsar, the same ones who ruled organized crime from the USA to China, whose mock trials condemned the innocent from Haman and the Persians to Nuremberg and beyond. Those Israelis who in Genesis fleeced the Egyptians are the same old Israelis who today fleece the Americans. We know who these people are. Practically the whole world, at one time or another, has had the bitter misfortune of crossing them. The names rotate, the faces get shuffled, but the eternal crime spree continues. The tables of the money changers of old become new again with each generation and there is always some Pilate whose strings they are pulling.

Even before the truth of Christianity had came back into my heart, I saw this. I remarked once to Daniel: “If the Messiah were to come, the Jews would surely murder him!” He, of course, agreed wholeheartedly. That realization was a major inflection point for me. I had stumbled onto a truth that transcends historical context. What we are dealing with is a war of spirit. It is a war of a particularly transcendent quality taking place in the physical realm — both good and evil are now corporealized more and more. Especially right now is this true of the evil. We are witnessing a removal of the usual veil of subtleties. Just witness the rapid proliferation of militant deviancy in just the last 5 years — the law-backed dismantling of Christianity, the transsexual movement, the aggressive homosexual activism and its colonization of the main stream, and the emerging push to normalize pedophilia. All four of these aforementioned developments are conspicuously Jewish.

We must remember that God’s plan has been to put a very high premium on our intellect, freedom of will, and freedom of conscience — He does things in such a way as to truly convince us, not just force us. By the Savior of the world being a “Jew”, He shows us what is the nature of that primordial, serpentine evil that seeks to destroy us all. How so?

Had God sent this very necessary salvation in the person of a Gentile, all it would have resulted in would be the Jews crying about being unfairly hated and persecuted by a foreigner who was blinded from the beginning by natural race-based bigotry and didn’t even have the “privilege” of understanding the Jews (on their own terms, of course!). Of course, the New Testament makes it very clear that Jesus, however, knew the Jews. He knew them in all possible senses. He knew their religion, being popularly regarded not only as a child prodigy, and not only as a rabbi, but as a “prophet” and a “teacher who had come from God” (John 3:2). So thorough was His grasp of the realities of Jewish religion, that the Jews were mostly helpless but to confess the authority and authenticity of His wisdom and they were willing to abide His fiery rebukes if only He would at last prove to be the type of goy-conquering Moshiach they were greedily hoping for. It is when they saw that Jesus was unwilling to compromise His integrity, especially when they desired it most, that they gave up their souls to eternal hatred of His name, shouting, “Crucify him! Crucify him! Let his blood be on us and on our children!”

Secondly, the “Jewish roots” aspect of Christ and the first Christians leaves to us this important monument of truth: there is no genuine peace that could ever be had from them. No connection with them — be it from the natural bonds of an alleged “judeo-christian heritage” or from excelling in the learning of their religion (Galatians 1:13, 14) — can ever secure for us any good. If they zealously killed Christ and His disciples, as well as the prophets before them, what on earth do we think we can expect who are the “goyim”, the despised Others?! As I said above, they seem to be driven instinctively to clear their ranks of the good and decent. If they do this to their own, where does that leave us? Seeking friendship with the Jews on any national basis or an any ecumenical grounds is absolute folly and very dangerous. You should be every bit as guarded around them as you would with mohammedans, if not more so.

I suspect, that with this second point, I may be challenged by some; Jesus was Jewish after all, as were His holy Mother and His disciples and the early Church. Additionally, I do admit (and even insist) that there are genuinely good Jews in the world. This is true not only today, but always has been true, and maybe will continue to be true for a while. Obviously, my friend Daniel is a Jew and is a remarkably conscientious person, as are some other Jews I have met throughout my life. So, what gives? Well, it must be understood these people are exceptional. It’s that simple. And these are precisely the type of people Christ referred to as “the lost sheep of Israel” and the “sheep that hear His voice”. I know these people, and after a while, they were the only company in the Jewish community I cared to have around. They are marginalized or even opposed in their own communities and are usually exhausted under the heavy burdens of the rabbis as well as exasperated by the insanity and evil behavior of their nation. This, hopefully, is easy to understand. It’s similar to Blacks: I have met some really intelligent, conscientious, and genuinely likable Black people in my life — people who objectively have accomplished more than I have in endeavors that are positive. Far from making me a confirmed anti-racist, meeting these people has simply made me better informed of the realities of Black life, for through them I have become perfectly convinced that whatever truths might be said about anomalies among blacks and Jews, these groups (as well as some others) are an absolute nightmare when considered corporately. Indeed, no fate is so horrible to exceptional Blacks and Jews as living among Blacks and Jews.

Even so, some Christians, even in denominations that are not historically known for Jew-fetishizing or Christian Zionism, have a peculiar enthusiasm for “dialoging” with the Jews and trying to win them over to Christianity. I caution these people very strongly against it. It is true that every nation is invited to become a Christian version of itself, but it clearly is a more complicated matter when it comes to the very nation that stands in a unique kind of adversarial relationship to Christianity. The issue I see is that many missionizing activities — especially, in my experience, those of the Evangelical type — try to actively “win” somebody over rather than simply being their authentic selves and letting come who will come. Within this active type of evangelism to the Jews, there is almost always a foolish, slavish effort to vindicate Judaism as much as possible in order to set the stage later on for demonstrating the merits of Christianity. Bad idea. This has led to the “vindication” of a satanic system about which these evangelizing fools actually know very little. All discussions of Jews as a nation and as a religion should simply be the facts, dark and cold as their truth is. This of course, is always the best way with all people. Simply tell the truth and let God deal with the results.

Going back though to Jesus being “Jewish”: there is a real halachic sense in which Jesus’s supposed Jewishness is questionable. I do not say this in the sense of the Christian Identity sect — who see the Jews as we know them to be non-Jewish impostors and the Europeans to be the descendants of the true Israelites of old — all of which I consider to be ridiculous. Nor do I say this in the sense of the Talmud’s allegation that Jesus is the illegitimate son (“mamzer”) of a Roman soldier (may wrath fall upon the Jews for their slander). I say this because the Jews themselves don’t quite know what to make of Jesus’s genealogical status when taken at face value from the New Testament. In fact, some have based their dismissal of the Messianic claims on the premise that if He is the Son of God, then He isn’t the Son of David, and thus, prophecy has not been fulfilled! Only a Jew could come up with something like that!

Nonetheless, it is very interesting to note two things: (1) Jewishness, as far as halacha is concerned, is determined from matrilineal descent. (2) It is a very old teaching, finding support least as far back as St Augustine, that the most holy Virgin, Mary the Mother of Jesus, was possessed of a certain in-born character fundamentally unlike all others. This later became solidified in the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. Although this teaching is scoffed at by modernists and late-Protestants alike, I find it very, very compelling. You see, the ancients understood something very matter-of-factly which we are only now starting to re-appreciate; namely, the fact that the character of any given person has very much to do with who their ancestors are. That is why the pre-modern world was so interested in a person’s lineage and pedigree. The Church doesn’t claim to know the specifics of Mary’s conception, but it does proclaim that by some divine Mystery (another term scoffed at by moderns and late-Protestants!) her creation and essential character are unique and pure. This is another one of those things which I believe now that I have experienced what I have experienced in life. Of all kinds of mothers in the world, the Jewish ones seem least likely of all to be naturally capable of producing the Savior of the world.

If you let them BS you, Jews will make the case that there have been many failed Messiahs during their history and that Jesus is no different. But he is different, there is no “failed” Messiah so hated by them as He. They even have customs of spitting at the mention of His name and the custom of not even walking in the shade of a church on a hot day! This did not escape my attention. Even several years ago, Daniel and I concluded, half-jokingly, that a person could almost make an actual religion based on nothing more than doing whatever infuriates the Jews. Simply do the exact opposite of what they tell you to do and you will not be very far from righteousness. This “joke” turns out to be truer than anything preached in almost all the churches today. Again, I want to emphasize to the reader that I was at one time the last person to ever expect coming to such conclusions — after all, my wife and I converted to Judaism at significant cost of time, money, and trouble to ourselves. Our eventual disavowal of this error does not come cheap, but was nevertheless inevitable after gaining Jew-wisdom and examining these folks and testing hypotheses about them in real-time.

In the next part of this series, we will take a very detailed look at the actions of the Jews in the New Testament.

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