GRIDS Month & Identity Crisis

I said that I would “celebrate” GRIDS month by writing up a piece about The Gay. Instead of simply ranting about them and underlining how disgusting and dangerous fags are, I figured I would offer a bit of speculation. Here is my 2 cents on what I think is an overlooked aspect of this aggressive social cancer.

About a week ago, a group of concerned mothers peacefully protested a “drag queen story hour” at a public library in Spokane, Washington.

Really, this sentence alone contains enough shocking elements — drag queens (deranged and/or demon-possessed men) are actually welcomed into public libraries all over America and the rest of the West and are permitted to read to children and otherwise engage with them. Yes, this is bad enough, but it is only the beginning. As you will find by following the link provided at the top, the rest of the story involves SWAT snipers being stationed on the roofs to intimidate the protesting mothers as well as arrests of peaceful, protesting parents. As if that is not enough, some of these drag queens threatened to rape the parents! A follow up investigation revealed that these perverts were passing out condoms, anal lube, and literature about safe sex (the pages of which were designed in the image of an erect penis) to their little-kid audience!!

These are the people demons the SWAT snipers were protecting!

This is just one instance among thousands. It doesn’t take a genius to know, intuitively, that these freaks are riddled with pedophilia and heaps of other severe sickness and are something like 20 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Our society is letting these things spend time with its children.

How did we get here? Really, do we know how this happened? We now have a whole month of the year dedicated to the celebration of foul sexual deviancy — Western governments and virtually the entire corporate world are pushing this crap on everybody.

Did anybody ever predict that homosexuality would be so massive in the world? that we would see state-enforced capitulation to gays and their diseased wishes?

Some people will point out (correctly) that a lot of homosexuality is the result of childhood sexual abuse. Yes, but I don’t see how this can explain homosexuality’s  meteoric rise to general acceptance and power. In order to convince me, such people would have to make the case that there has first been a meteoric rise in pedophilia.

Still other people will suggest (((propaganda))) is what has led to this. I do affirm that (((propaganda))) has certainly been tremendous and effective. However, it must be understood that propaganda is successful only insofar as it is able to resonate with some genuine need in the populace. This agenda that has been promoting alternative “sexual identities” has been successful in great part because there is a general crisis of identity. The siren call to the ever expanding smorgasbord of sexual deviancy is finding undeniable traction in a lot of people.


Moderns are almost completely divested of identity. This happened long before “pride month” became a de facto obligatory observance. Consider the following:

People today are largely engaged in non-physical occupations. By non-physical, I mean that they do not primarily engage their bodies for the attainment of a livelihood. This is a titanic denial of basic human nature. We are not merely brains within flesh-boxes. We are creatures made of earthly elements and it is specifically the higher reaches of our being that are comprised of mind — the rest, which is by far the greater portion of the average person, is a lot of blood and guts and sinews, a lot of instincts and deeply inherited drives which have always been pleased only through physical toil and through life as an encounter with the real and concrete.

By being engaged in non-physical occupations, I also mean that the “labor” of modern “work” produces fruits which are either non-physical or, at best, only very indirectly physical. This arises from people’s work being either very intellectual or else comprising only a tiny indistinguishable fragment of some massive cooperative effort. It is very rare today to find a person who can, when describing his livelihood, point to something concrete and say, “I made that”. A hunter, farmer, or craftsman of old could show you very exactly the fruits of his labor. Sons knew what their father did as a working man. That’s largely gone. A important element of mental health is tied into the meaningfulness of one’s labor, and like it or not, an important qualification of meaningfulness as it pertains to human understanding is tied to being real and concrete.

The occupation in the non-physical is not only the plague of adult life. This hell starts early. Kids are essentially forced to sit through hours of boring, sedentary schooling. Kaczynski said it very well in ISAIF #115 —

“The system HAS TO force people to behave in ways that are increasingly remote from the natural pattern of human behavior. For example, the system needs scientists, mathematicians and engineers. It can’t function without them. So heavy pressure is put on children to excel in these fields. It isn’t natural for an adolescent human being to spend the bulk of his time sitting at a desk absorbed in study. A normal adolescent wants to spend his time in active contact with the real world. Among primitive peoples the things that children are trained to do tend to be in reasonable harmony with natural human impulses. Among the American Indians, for example, boys were trained in active outdoor pursuits—just the sort of thing that boys like. But in our society children are pushed into studying technical subjects, which most do grudgingly.”

The whole world seems faggy in large part because the whole milieu of schooling and work is extremely un-masculine. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve occasionally had people objecting to my judgment of things like smart phones and office jobs, etc, as “gay”. Look, they are. Also, I am not judging every person who has a smart phone or an office job or likes video games. I am totally aware that there are manly men engaged in these things. There are always going to be exceptions, and even in ancient times there were totally manly men who lived primarily off their brains. What I am pointing out is that you absolutely cannot have this be the dominant way of the world and not see masculinity undeniably wither away in the overall population. In order to be in a state of mental health, most of humankind needs to be toiling in the dirt.

As if the abstract nature of modern livelihoods were not bad enough, there is the transitory element as well. Researchers say the average person has as many as 15 occupations throughout his lifetime. No sooner has a person begun to struggle to find identity in a career than his department closes down or his line of work becomes obsolete and he is forced to survive by finding some other arcane micro-task to do. Our present situation is a recent and great departure from the long-term norm for human societies. Pre-moderns understood their livelihoods — be it hunting, farming, war-fighting, or the many ancient crafts — as being earthly reflections of supernatural realities. Hence, you had “gods” or angels and saints who stood as patrons and guides of those crafts practiced by mortals. Thus, a silversmith, for example, was not merely a mortal hawking silver wares to the public, he was a disciple of a discipline that gave him all kinds of serious obligations whose steady fulfillment bestowed upon him a character pleasing to the Creator. The things produced of his labor were considered true offerings to heaven, made in conformance to high and exacting standards held in common by others of his craft. He saw in his earthly work a parable informing him of his spiritual calling. He enjoyed the camaraderie of the other fellows in his craft or guild.

You can still see some vestiges of this. For instance, the term “vocational schools” — which is a hold over from the pre-modern Christian understanding that one’s livelihood was a directive or calling (vocatio being the Latin for “calling”) from God Himself and not a mere economic consideration.

This, sadly, is gone. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches still have feast days for the various saints, most of which stands as patrons of one occupation or another, but this matches up with worklife reality for less and less people.

All of this is already enough to greatly frustrate a person’s sense of who they are, but we are very far from being done. Besides the negation of one’s sense of identity as explained above, their is a deeper, more sinister thing taking place: the negation of the sense nationality.

The Industrial Revolution has slowly but surely brought about the unification and homogenization of nations. There is nothing to prevent an African negro from fully becoming a “German”, save some paperwork and the completion of a few legal procedures. And this bizarre circumstance is true in far more places than Germany — it has become part and parcel of the West! Thus, a person’s nationality — in the modern regime — has nothing to due with a person’s connection, through blood, to the history and fate of a distinct people. The “orthodoxy” of today teaches that the culture and personality of any nation is pure coincidence, that it is utterly artificial and extraneous, and that but for blind chance it could have been any other way. This is yet again a massive severing of modern man from his blood and guts.

Countries have been in the process of becoming nothing more than various shopping districts.

In the case of the various White peoples of the West there is yet another problem, the problem of so-called “White guilt”. White people are subjected to intensive and long-term brainwashing in schools and in popular media to believe that they and their ancestors are somehow guilty of horribly mistreating colored people and jews, especially jews. This rubbish has had the effect of making White people feel that proud identification with their ethnic heritage is taboo. Lately, (((leftist academics))) have moved the goalposts, so to speak, and have dreamt up a way to dump this artificial guilt even on the sons of White nations which did little or no colonizing of Africa or killing of Indians — by insisting that all Whites enjoy “institutional, unfair advantages” over minorities (who notwithstanding the alleged “White privilege” are eager as ever to stream into our countries).

Thus, by reason of the changes in economics and work life, as well as the subversion of national identification and ethnic pride, the Western man is left almost totally bereft of identity. He tries to find surrogates in his choice of consumer goods and hobbies (and tattoos), but this is fruitless. Obviously, real identity comes from somewhere deep, somewhere in his blood and guts. Tribal/national identification has long answered this yearning, but as we have just said, it is taboo.

Homosexuality, I believe, has seen such a recent surge in popularity and social power because it serves as a sort of substitute tribalism. Sexuality, in a general sense, is after all something that comes from deep within the blood and guts. While some may claim that homosexuality, too, is taboo, it must be admitted that whatever the taboos that still attend faggotry, they are as nothing when compared to the taboos attending nationalism in the Western world. In fact, there is just barely enough taboo with homosexuality to qualify it for a “victim” trophy, barely… (That’s also one of the draws — it’s an easy victim trophy.)

If you’ve ever looked into Weimar Germany, you will find that it was incredibly gay — and by “gay”, I don’t mean lame. Among other things, Weimar Germany was the birth of the homosexual movement and the birth of transsexual surgical science. Why is that? Yes, it is true that Jews played a role in promoting this degeneracy, but it would be easy to overestimate their role, as a great deal of genuine ethnic Germans were involved in this as well. I believe the reason lies exactly along the lines we’ve already laid out. Germany had suffered great blows to its sense of identity through massive industrial development which upended lots of long-standing social norms. Couple this with losing a high stakes war which left it not only humiliated but burdened with serious guilt narratives; some deserved, some not as much. Germans were lost and demoralized, and as such, they were easy prey to these demonic suggestions. If they cannot be proud Germans, they will be proud degenerates. You can see this continuing today. After losing WWII, Germany really doubled down on being gay as well as being famous throughout Europe as the country with the most “eccentric” sexual tastes. I will never forget my astonishment at spending the summer there as an 18 year old. Before that trip, I had imagined that America was Sodom and Gomorrah. Boy, was I wrong!

This is not to bash Germans. It is simply that as a world-leading technological power and as a nation with especially heavy guilt issues, they present a poignant example of a phenomenon common to all the West — some countries more, some countries less (for now).

Another thing: do you notice how fags insist on using the word “identity” all the time? They don’t describe their lifestyle as something they do. It is, according to them, what they ARE. Early on, this puzzled me. I couldn’t understand why somebody would attach such profound significance to their sexual deviancy in terms of the way they relate to the general public. Now it makes sense. Gayness is their substitute for the traditional sources of identity. They even march (as do national armies) and have a flag (as do nations)! Gays are a rather ambitious and expansionary pseudo-nation, too — always looking for more lebensraum. Their own bedrooms are not enough. They want to expand their borders into your kids’ classrooms, your libraries, and ultimately, your mind.

So, as I said, that’s my 2 cents. Maybe I’m off the mark on this one. Well, see… One other thing that I think supports this theory: Look at Afghanistan and other countries, especially in that region of the world, where pedophilia (as in child brides and the molestation of young men) is a cultural practice. (Look up bacha bazi.) If childhood sexual abuse is the only significant contributor to faggotry, Kabul and other cities in the region should be have the most “lit” gay parades anywhere. So give that some thought…

In closing, we might say that queers are revolting against the modern world, albeit it misdirected ways which end up making the modern world even more hideous.

For the next few months I won’t be posting as much, as our family is about to grow. But I have no intention at all of quitting. The grace of the Lord to you all.

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