Dragons, Epstein, and Other Dark Curiosities

Apropos of Jeffrey Epstein and Pizzagate and the love that so many of the elites –especially the Levantine global elites — have for pedophilia, I was thinking that maybe there is something more to these old stories about dragons who regularly devour virgins and have lairs full of gold.

It’s a classic ancient story. An archetype. A dragon preys upon the people of some country, destroying villages with the hellish fire of its breath, robbing the battered people of their wealth, holing everything of value away in some lofty mountain lair; such are virtually all the dragons of old lore. The one thing these dragons lust for besides gold is, of course, virgins, which they demand as a tribute of sorts from the host population. Supinely, the people feed virgins to the beast, supposing it to be the lesser of evils.

The hero in these stories is always some man, or group of men, who cannot bear witnessing the evil. They are determined to slay the dragon, free the people’s wealth, and stop the serial destruction of the country’s virgins. Once successful, they are elevated to great honor and prestige.

That’s the basic outline. It’s a motif found in ancient folk tales in Europe and, to a lesser extent, in sound Asian countries (such as Persia).

A few years back, I became interested in folk stories. They are often surprisingly powerful in their capacity to hold and convey wisdom. I do suspect that the hand of the Almighty is in at least some of them. However, even where there is no divine inspiration, they still bear the imprint of countless generations of wise observation, crafted long before the mental enervation of the modern lifestyle.

Do the old dragon myths have anything in common with today? If so, what do they tell us?

Here’s my take:

Demonic or dragon-like “people” of today who somehow seem to have the lion’s share of the wealth are also the ones with a voracious appetite for virgins, i.e., young girls and even young boys. Their usage of these children basically amounts to slaying and devouring them. This is seen in recently exposed evils such as Epstein’s “Lolita Island” where many of the global elites would gather to have sex with girls only 14 years old (possibly even 12 years old). Epstein’s guest registry includes some of the most important people in politics, news media, entertainment media, and “culture”. This is not some obscure list of nobody-perverts. This is a really big deal. I believe this should also lend even more credibility to the pizzagate accusations (which were already sufficient in my judgment). By the way, those who dismiss pizzagate as sensationalism or mere conspiracy theories, I would like to know how they think they can explain away the ghoulish “artwork” featured at Comet Pizzeria which features demon-like people molesting little kids? And while we’re at it, what would they like to say about the bizarre temple on Epstein’s island?

Anyways, for a long time, many astute people have suspected that this kind of stuff happens, especially among the closed-off world of the elites. The Epstein case proves what has always been “known”. There is truly no reason to ever doubt the general truth of this. Not only do the elites — the dragons of our world — devour virgins through literal rape and occult rituals, they devour virgins indirectly through the foul mental and spiritual poisons of the media and the cultural institutions which they head.

Both their gold and their sexual victims are essentially locked away in “caves” — places remote from any feasible rescue; i.e., their banks and orgy chambers.

The hero in our times is the numerous men who have ventured to search out the dragon’s lair and slay the beast, thereby rescuing the gold and those virgins who haven’t been consumed yet, i.e., undermine the (((dragons’))) banking and pimping of the host population’s children.

Striking, no?

Further, dragons are always (1) parasitical, (2) ancient, (3) high-IQ, and (4) extremely sensitive toward any advances made at opposing them. Also, dragons in Western Lore have long snouts! This may not seem like a serious remark at first but it should be remembered that oriental dragons are pug-faced.

What did the ancients know that we are only just beginning to see?

I’ll say this: the dragons have been playing the long game. The (((dragons))) literally crave all of the conditions that make for true hell on earth. Day and night, they work non-stop at realizing their vision. If they have their way, they will one day look down from their mountain lair and behold a world of non-gendered, brazilianized hordes fried out from every vice imaginable — then they will crown their “moshiach”.

Heroes, the Lord is calling us to be prepared, to be worthy of the service of the great day. Sometimes the Church is allegorically the “Bride” of Christ, sometimes it is the “Temple” of God, sometimes it is the vineyard of His planting. But soon, the Church will be the Battle Horse of the Lord — the WHITE Battle Horse — flanked by all the righteous forces of creation to once and for all slay this Dragon.

king of kings

Lord, help us to be ready for that day.

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