These are the Times that Try Men’s Souls

Never give up. Never.

It’s only natural to find yourself exhausted, spiritually exhausted at times. There is such an onslaught of perverse developments in the world. One thing after another seems to radiate out of hell and wash over the earth. One of the particularly nasty things about modernity is its ability — made possible through its great array of tools, i.e., the news media, constant connection, etc. — to rub its every triumph in your face.

We know deep down that we should never lose heart. Sometimes, it takes great effort to hold on to that. Remember, God’s favor eventually vindicates those who, despite great and long trials, keep the faith; keep the hand to the plow without looking back. We must refresh this truth in our heart often. Ask God for help.

June was a difficult month for me in this regard, what with it being GRIDS month and with my family and I spending much of this time in a large and very degenerate American city known for lavish fag parades. It was exhausting. Rainbows and gay propaganda on billboards and other signage, a steady stream of reports of raucous abomination on the news, and the feeling of alienation. Perhaps nothing can make a person feel more homeless and alienated than to be surrounded by a world that literally celebrates filth and delights in opposing everything having to do with decency, modesty, and honor; a world infatuated with the overturning of one virtue after another. I’ve often felt exhausted from feeling constantly on alert — wondering what abomination might be just around any given corner, wondering what might be the next thing I have to explain to my children who are too young to know about sex, let alone a satanic perversion of it.

This brave new world has picked up so much momentum. Notwithstanding the fact that I’ve watched many of these developments unfold in real-time, I am still surprised by them. This probably has a lot to do with me being almost totally disconnected from pop culture, i.e., not owning a TV for over 20 years, etc. It’s really grating and exhausting when you haven’t had the mind-marinade that most people have. (I guess you could say my “tolerance” is low.) Then there are all these “trial balloons” indicating that pedophilia is next! Are you understanding that? Pedophilia is next. It’s already started, actually, with these drag queen story hours.

Places to which I feel a connection fold under this great tidal wave, one after the next. People that I believed could and would uphold what is right have been failing, one after the next. It is disheartening and, in a sense, even humiliating to see people and places you take pride in and feel deeply connected to fall for The Gay. You would think this would be the easiest thing on earth to oppose, condemn, punish, and eradicate, but alas…

On top of this, Trump is still being a sold-out shabbos goy.

On top of this, CRISPR is marching ahead, Epstein has been murdered before standing trial, the WHO has declared that plastics in drinking water (and even in arctic snow) are no reason for special concern, etc, etc. Devil’s carousel all around…

Everybody eventually experiences mental/spiritual exhaustion. The key is to know yourself — to realize what is going on and to have a solid practice of returning to your Vision during low times and refreshing your courage and your resolve to live a life well pleasing to God. The resolve to live out the holy will of God — the resolve to keep the faith and to do heroic things with it — must be so firm that it ultimately surmounts all trials and exhaustion. You may feel blitzed and off balance after a serious set of blows, but you shake it off and regain your footing. That’s what Vision does.

Some of you may have a more difficult time with this. “Vision? What vision?” You might say. “My Bible tells me that great tribulation awaits us! I look at the world and the world corroborates what I read in the Bible — evil is ‘good’ and good is ‘evil’. The deviancy that is just barely ‘tolerated’ today becomes the ‘moral’ baseline of tomorrow. It’s too much: the Jews, the Tech, the Gay, the consumerism juggernaut, the global elites being pedophiles and satanists. You can’t battle these things — they’re far too gigantic. Only God can. All we can do is wait it out in faith.”

Yes, it is true that we are faced with things that are impossible to overcome without God. But sitting on our hands and letting things run their course is not God’s will. Remember the parable of the three servants; it is the one who did nothing with the talent entrusted to him that was condemned. We shouldn’t even be content to let prophesied evils run their course. Prophecy is not doomsday. Prophecy is a summons to greater faith.

Never except doom as final

Not even the doom you perceive to be decreed by God Himself. The hope which persists in the face of seemingly hopeless situations is a crown of moral excellence and is something which God takes great delight in — because it is the fruit a soul which is so honed to that good which really ought to be, that nothing can knock it down.

An idea — a truth really — that is learned from studying the Bible is that no heavenly decree of doom should be taken as absolutely final. The people of Nineveh were told, by a prophet, that their city had been sentenced to destruction. Instead of resigning themselves to this fate, they appealed to God with prayer and fasting and repentance — and were spared. Jesus cites the repentance of Nineveh frequently throughout the Gospels and when He encountered people with that nineveh-esque hope, He always showed delight in it and granted those people that very thing they sought. (See Matthew 8:5-13, 15:21-28.)

Really, every case of Christ healing people in the Gospel was like this. Jews believed (and still to this day largely believe) that the ailments, poverty, and other troubles which afflict a person are decreed by God and that a person more or less has to just accept it. (See John 9:1-3.) However, some people had a more hopeful way of relating to God — a way which sees God as more of a creator of healthy, thriving things than even a punisher of evil — and these people came away blessed. It is interesting that you kind of get the “type of” God you believe in: if the primary attribute of God, as you see it, is the One who meets out justice, well, you spend your life primarily on the sore end of justice. On the other hand, if you really see God as primarily interested in relationships, and you see the overall purpose of creation as a way of God to pour out His benevolence on sentient beings, then you see the very real possibility of forgiveness, healing, rebuilding, rehabilitation.

Having spent so much time among the Jews and later coming back to the Catholic faith of my forefathers, I can tell you — I warn you — that this is really important! For Jews, the most tangible manifestation of God in the physical realm is the Torah, which, for them means not only the Pentateuch but also the Talmud, the traditional interpretation of the Pentateuch. In short, they relate to God in a distinctly impersonal way. Jews relate to a gigantic compendium of policies and rules. Seeing that the spiritual “high ground” of Jewish life is a matter of navigating “small print” and legal nuance, is it any wonder then that in the lower, everyday matters of life they are the way they are? If Jews are jewing God, you can be sure they are jewing everybody else. They’ve been at this for countless generations. If a people does this long enough, it’s essentially encoded in them — that’s why they are rife with mental illness, shady “businessmen”, lawyers, and other schemers. Not an anti-semitic remark, just a true observation. They are thus locked into this cycle where they relate to God and Man this way — get really rich and powerful through the con — and then get righteously slammed by God and Man. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Christianity, on the other hand, sees the most tangible manifestation of God in the physical realm as the person of Jesus Christ, the very revelation of divine benevolence. There could not be a greater contrast between these two bases of religion. Jews have an impersonal “god” whereas Christians have a personal God. When you are relating to the personal God who is manifest in Jesus Christ, you cannot help but be inclined to hope, no matter how dark and violent the storm.


The immense Jewish influence in our society is, in deed, a very dark and morally filthy storm. (It is no wonder why our Western World, after it allowed the Jewish serpent into the fortress, has gone from being an honor society to being a litigious society — Jews abhor honor, instead they act the coward and sue, sue, sue, and scheme. It’s what they learned from millennia of having their “religion”.)

I realize I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent here — the point is that no matter how bleak the news and no matter how bleak the prophecy, never let your spirit fall. Even as we find ourselves watching the real-life fulfillment of the grimmest passages of the Apocalypse, we must possess the hope that perhaps God has another way — perhaps we can tug on the heart strings of our Father in Heaven and see a different resolution to all of this. For one example, while Christ said Christians will be “hated by all nations” (Matthew 24:9) we really ought to “prove Him wrong” — He would actually love that — and see to it that the nations of which we are a part do not conform to this. There are many such things as this. Don’t just say, “Whelp, it’s bad, but that’s just the way it’s destined to be.”

Live like the Kingdom of God is within you

Who is fit to live in a redeemed and perfect world? Who is fit to live in the Kingdom of God? Naturally, it is the person in whom the Kingdom of God is already a reality. Don’t be such a “realist” that you think you need to live by a certain set of values now, because the times demand it, and imagine that the truths and principles of God are for some better time and better circumstances beyond the horizon. Now is the time, today is the day of salvation. I have in mind specific temptations which are right around the corner, including, but not limited to, human gene editing, brain-tech interface, microchipping, etc, all of which sets the stage for permitting and not-permitting each human being to participate in economic affairs (i.e., the mark of the beast).

We must not fall into the temptation of thinking, “Since the jews/chinks/etc are using CRISPR, we better do it, too.” These sinners are playing god, all to their own destruction. Or, “Well, everybody is sending their sons and daughters to anti-god public universities, it’s the only way to succeed!” Wrong. These people are sure to reap very bitter fruit. In fact, the harvest has already begun…

This life is not about keeping up with the devil, it is about getting to know God and abiding in His Truth. Each one of us should ridicule and undermine the world of the jews and their father, satan (John 8:44), not try to get along in it. Don’t say, “Sure, in _____ year, a girl could marry at 17 and stay home and raise her children, but not now. We have to send our daughter off to be a career woman, like it or not.” Wrong. Totally wrong. There is absolutely no reason we cannot live by the exact same principles as our godly ancestors of 500+ years ago. Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything you truly need will be provided.

God is eager to help you turn the world on its head.

Prayer and the virtue of waiting and hungering

Often, we must persist in prayer some length of time before receiving what we are asking of God. Why? Maybe we are asking for something that is 100% the will of God, and yet we must wait and wait and wait. Why is that? God is giving us the opportunity to really yearn for things. Sometimes we are too focused on that which is actual. Sometimes we think, “If God would just grant me this one thing — which is something I know He approves of — then I could do A, B, and C, all of which are righteous and holy things. Why does God delay?”

Listen, doing virtuous things is virtuous, but did you know that desiring virtuous things is also virtuous?

Sometimes my kids ask me for something and the thing they are asking for is really great — something to make a dad really proud of his kids — and what do I do? give it to them right away? No. I make them wait. I make sure they really have the chance to want a good thing before they get it. It helps them to have a deeper appreciation for it. God does this with us. God wants us to really appreciate the good He bestows upon us, so sometimes He waits till we are really pining for something before granting it.


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