Back to Work

After a several month’s hiatus, I am back! Thanks for your patience.

I am very pleased to announce that our family is one daughter larger. As you might imagine, this new addition has kept me quite busy lately. Additionally, fall is always a very busy time for me professionally, thus, writing essays has been out of the question. It is only in the last week or so that I have begun to notice a little bit of free time in my life as work has quieted and the baby has entered more and more into daily routines.

During my hiatus, I have adjusted some of my objectives with this blog. Namely, I have decided to share/re-post content from other people in addition to writing my own stuff. I have done this 2 or 3 times in the past, but I will be doing it regularly from now on. My reason for this is that there is some really superb content already out there and I see no sense in re-inventing the wheel. Obviously, I may see some of the finer details differently, but if needed, I can always explain those differences at the appropriate time. If I see somebody has made a really important observation, I obviously want to share it as much as possible. I’ve also had this idea for a while of putting out a recommended reading list.

Additionally, we are witnessing an increasing incidence of internet censorship. Having as many websites as possibly mirroring good material is a good thing.

I do not like spending time online (that should come as no surprise!), nor do I think it is right to help others waste time online; so if I am writing something or if I am re-posting something from somebody else, you can be quite sure that I consider it to be a very important idea.

With that, I will list, in no particular order, some websites and books I think are of key interest to people opposed to modernity.

1.) Not long ago, a friend introduced me to the videos of a man named Devon Stack, whose website and YouTube channel bears the name, Black Pilled. The bulk of his videos has to do with analyzing and critiquing iconic films. I think this is important because of the tremendous role that the film industry has had in shaping (degrading) our culture. His analyses are superb and he is very good about offering healthy, traditional antidotes to the propaganda found in the films. He also spends some time on current events and cultural trends. His work in these areas is also very, very good. You can tell the man sets a very high standard for himself and he is a serious Christian.

Again, as someone who highly values my own time and especially doesn’t like to waste it online, I can fully endorse spending your time on hearing what Devon has to say.

I will include two good intro videos here:

This is on the scientifically measured power of telling unpopular truths —

This one is on the concept of “tolerance” as a vehicle for ever deeper degradation —

2.) Next on my list is Counter Currents. In terms of content and values, I would say it is a twin brother to the Daily Stormer, only the format is decidedly more intellectual and high-class. Thus, when it comes to issues of race-realism, White interests, problems of modernity, consumer culture, etc, it is very solid and what’s more, if you had some friends who might be open to this way of seeing the world, yet seem like the type that would be turned off by the brash humor or the sometimes “offensive” language of the Daily Stormer, or else desire more substantive, through-going essays, this is a really good source. I will definitely be sharing some of their material in the coming weeks.

The one caution I have regarding them is that most of the contributors are opposed to Christianity to one degree or another. However, let me add that their opposition is not hostile. The opposition to Christianity which I have observed on their website always takes a form that is exceptionally good-natured and seems to proceed only from an honest assessment of the current state of institutional Christianity and the ways that it has unfortunately come to enable many of the worst factors in society rather than faithfully defend what is still right in the world. Without a doubt, I must concede as true many of the charges which they bring against “Christianity” as-is, only I hold to a different interpretation of the matter.

No doubt almost all of Christ’s friends, when they saw His apparent defeat and humiliation on the cross, fled from Him, so great was their disappointment of hope and so small was their ability to see the big picture. Nonetheless, He was patient and wholly welcoming to those come back to Him when they learned of His ultimate victory over death. Christ’s Church is (let’s be real) also in an objectively horrid state today, thus, let us be steadfast in out convictions in this trying time and also be patient with those who cannot make sense of this tragic chapter of Church history, especially when they are people of good will.

For my own part, I have a deep appreciation of all people (especially those of European stock) who oppose by word and deed the degeneracy of our age and who by no intentional fault of their own cannot discern an ally in the Church, much less a home. When the Church rises from its sick bed, I believe they will be among its most valiant sons.

3.) The Daily Stormer. I’ve mentioned this site and linked to it a number of times — literally the most persecuted website in world history. That alone should tell you something, namely that the Jews — the most economically and politically powerful group of people in the world — feel very threatened by people finding out the truth about what they are doing to us. I believe the site is 5 or 6 years old and in that short time it has become the undisputed gold standard for Dissident Right commentary on current events. The content is mostly presented as a commentary on news stories from other websites, interspersed with editorials and advice pieces. There is a good deal of brash humor and a pleasant disregard of all political correctness. Ted Kaczynski, Jacques Ellul, and technological skepticism are held in high regard, and the editor, Andrew Anglin, has shown a growing and inspiring devotion to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

This is the only website I check out on a regular basis.

4.) Life Site / Church Militant. These are two important Traditional Catholic news sites. Contributors are pretty based — readership is also pretty good, judging by the comments. “Traditional Catholic” is a somewhat large category and can mean anything from thinking Vatican II and Pope Francis are merely very problematic to considering Vatican II to be literal apostasy and all popes of the Vatican II era to be impostors. From my reading, it seems that many of the contributors come rather close to the latter. Fortunately, there also tends to be a healthy counter-semitic current in Traditional Catholic circles. If you are one of those people who is seeking some news and social commentary from a traditional Christian perspective, these would be fine sources.

5.) E Michael Jones and his e-magazine, Culture Wars. (He has also written a number of excellent print books.) E Michael Jones is truly one of the greatest thinkers of our time, and in the last couple of years he has become very influential. If you are wondering why Roosh, Owen Benjamin, and a number of other people are constantly talking about Logos, it is because of Jones. Whether it is about Jews and their sinister tricks, American culture, Christian culture, demographic issues, White genocide, the man is a towering authority. Please read his books.

6.) Industrial Society and its Future, by Ted Kaczynski. You can read the whole thing here.

7.) The Culture of Critique, by Kevin McDonald. I also very much recommend the Occidental Observer website, of which he is a major contributor, and if I am not mistaken, an editor.

8. Revolt Against the Modern World, by Julius Evola.

I think that’s enough for now.


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