Tribalism: a Healthy Dose Would Do Wonders for this Suffering World

This is a piece written under a slightly different title (I changed it on my post menu just to head off potential problems with my web hosting service, as I have had such problems in the past) by “Frei” a frequent contributor at the Daily Stormer.

Besides reproducing the text of the article in full below, I am supplying the normie-web and TOR links:


Most of the World’s Problems are Caused by a Lack of Racism

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019


Most of the world’s problems are caused by a lack of racism.

This is a terrible truth so at odds with conventional wisdom that to utter it is the equivalent of telling a medieval Christian that Satan was actually the good guy.

Nonetheless, it is true.

Scientific experiments have shown that empathy is strongly conditioned by racial affinity. We know which part of the brain governs empathy responses. You can hook people up to equipment to monitor electrical activity in that part of the brain. Then you make them watch other people being subjected to pain and measure the strength of their empathy response. When the results are analyzed, they show that the empathy response is greater when the person watching is of the same race as the person being subjected to pain. This is not a choice. It is an instinctive, instantaneous reaction that operates below the level of consciousness.

The racial empathy gap is one of the most important insights science has ever achieved, yet one that has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream arbiters of what we are allowed to know. And for good reason. It radically calls into question the ideology and policy agenda of the ruling class. It tells us that the forced diversity program they are enacting is the prelude to future disaster. Without empathy, without the fellow feeling that comes from genetic similarity, the population of a country is just an agglomeration of individuals; or rather, ethnic factions; a cockpit of seething tensions that will, sooner or later, explode.

Yet, thanks to the power of Semitic sophistry, we, the ones who warn about this impending disaster, are the ones blamed for creating it.

Most of the world’s conflicts arise because peoples who lack empathy with one another are forced to share the same space. But why are they in the same space at all? Because racism failed. At some point in the past, they or their ancestors weren’t racist enough.

If they had been more strongly or successfully racist, they would have been able to prevent outsiders intruding on their domain, nipping future conflicts in the bud – whether those conflicts ultimately take the form of wars, terrorism campaigns or massacres in shopping malls. If people from the future could travel back to warn us, their message would always be: “Be more racist. Turn the racism factor up to 11, no 12, and just leave it there, OK? Trust me on this.”

Be More Racist

A small amount of racism at the start can prevent a genocidal civil war later. If hardcore racists had been in charge of the US government, the dead beaners in El Paso would have been back in Mexico, sipping tequila and strumming their guitars. Our vision could have saved those beaners’ lives! Instead, they were killed by institutionalized anti-racism, by an unhinged elite determined to enact policies that run against the grain of human nature and against the founding charter of their own country, which was always intended to be for “free white men of good character.” Their tragedy is our tragedy. We mourn those beaners as we mourn the innumerable other victims of enforced diversity.

We nationalists love diversity – in its natural place. We are against unnatural and imposed diversity, the source of unending problems. Never let them tell you that we are the bad guys. Ours is the vision that can bring peace to the world. Peace through Racism. Racism is our strength. A world of racist peoples, each living in their own land, is a happy world. A peaceful world. All the discord in the world is caused by elite cosmopolitans imposing their twisted visions on people who do not want them, shifting borders and populations back and forth to fit some mad template in their minds. History is just the chronicle of people’s resistance to those dark visions. And history goes on.

So disregard everything you are hearing from the Establishment media. Racism is not the problem. Racism is the solution. Our mission is to bring this insight to the world.

I think this article is excellent, and I hope you enjoyed it, too.

It reminds me of a time when I was explaining to a young person the soundness and beauty of “positive racism”. (Sometimes, I use the term “positive racism” because “racism” has been so unfairly demonized.) Anyways, after describing the obvious benefits of peace, cohesion, and solidarity among a given people when their society is not disrupted by outside agents, I said, “What the (((elites))) want is a mockery of real society, they want a situation where you don’t know or feel connected to the people in your city or region any more than you would the random strangers in a busy international airport. And they expect you to ‘love’ these random strangers whose very unbidden presence prevents you from having a society because their presence crowds out your own people’s presence. Ultimately, it is ruinous for them even as it is for us. (Although, we clearly have much more to lose.)”

I continued: “Imagine you could choose between two systems for trying to achieve the maximum level of general well-being in the world. The first system says that every tribe ought to forget itself entirely and wholly devote itself to the betterment of other tribes. Every tribe must trust that its own needs will be met by those other, foreign tribes, which, it is suggested, are doing everything possible for those tribes foreign to them. It’s a system of ‘do only for others’, and assume they are guided by the honor system to ‘do for you’.” (At this, my young interlocutor was already snickering.) “The second system, however, is one in which each tribe takes care of itself, and, if after seeing to their own needs they have means leftover and are moved by the desire to be charitable, they assist the tribe that is nearest kin to them. Which of these will produce a better world?”

The answer is obvious. It’s a shame to human intelligence that we are even forced to look at a situation like this theoretically, let alone live in the real, unfolding ruin of multi-culturalism and forced racial integration. We are constantly told we must accept the first, imbecile system. We are told that diversity is bringing huge benefits to us and that we need only abandon reasonable, natural self and help the diversity.

“Listen Goyim, help the diversity, and the diversity will help you!”

Those who boast of being “anti-nationalists”, “anti-racists”, “world-citizens” and other such nonsense will surely come to see that this perversion is every bit as horrid as the notion of some revolutionaries to abolish the family in favor of a communism of children. They will see — unfortunately, they will see through hemorrhaging eyes and broken bones, becoming convinced in their last horrible moments of consciousness that all the “backward” prejudices of their forebears were reasonable and worthy of all maintenance.

Mark my words, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BEING “PRO-FAMILY” BUT “ANTI-NATIONALIST” OR “ANTI-RACIST”. Family, tribe, nation, and race are nothing but more and more expansive kin-groups — they are completely natural. It is diversity that is the artificial construct. When you offend nature, you offend God’s order and you will suffer for the sin.

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