What Exactly is “The West” and Why is it Dying? (and What Can be Done?)

When I see something is dying, I wonder, Why is this thing dying? Why all this bleeding? Why all this pain and bewilderment? What happened to bring this about?

Dying civilizations evoke a similar curiosity, and I am far from being the only person touched by that curiosity. Especially as The West now seems to be all but dead, the doctors are working harder than ever to identify all of the many and terrible cancers and to trace the line of their development. Expert surgeons are assessing whether anything can be done. The police, too; they are busy trying to figure out who the masked man was who stabbed the feeble and sickly West right in the back in the hour of his greatest vulnerability. (We know he made many enemies in his latter years.) And we know much blood is also on the hands of the street gangs — which suddenly came out of dark alleys to rob him down to the bare skin and beat him within an inch of his life.

Many of the younger kids today only know him by his eccentricities and perversions. But some of us are aware of his glorious past, alas, what a tragic end to a story once bright and promising!

The West’s identity is kind of hard to pin down in all of its particulars — at the risk of overdoing the metaphor, I’ll say that civilizations are kind of like people in so far as they change a little as they grow up. The West was born a child of great promise; wisdom was his mother and courage his father. When the West was young, he was splendidly endowed with all the natural virtues and was ambitious in noble pursuits, besides being quite given to religion. He grew in favor with God and man, never failing to impress his peers by his good character and lofty attainments. His good conduct earned him a good reputation and by his diligence his wealth was multiplied. He built glorious cathedrals, stately marketplaces, and cities which were the envy of other countries. He wrote poems and stories which fascinated and inspired generations of intelligent people. He was a guide to the blind, a guardian of the widow and orphan. When great men had disputes with one another, both parties found always obtained a satisfying peace from his mediations.

He was nothing short of a wonder. His sons and daughters, clothed in honor and modesty, elicited admiration from all who met them. He was a great man among the greatest men and he slept peacefully every night.

Then suddenly — and nobody is totally sure as to why — The West undertook a strange pivot in his life. Inexplicably, he became obsessed with a queer concept he called “freedom”. He seemed permanently transformed by this “insight” as he called it. Henceforth it was always “freedom” this and “freedom” that. “Freedom” was his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He even started to re-interpret his past, and all of its admirable content, as having arisen not out of his former virtues, but out of “freedom”. He became a mighty evangelist for “freedom” to anybody who would listen and even those who wouldn’t. Sometimes he would even barge into the grand cathedrals he had built in his old days and interrupt the worship with fanatical sermons of his own, always, as you have surely guessed, extolling the “virtues” of freedom. Sometimes he would get so worked up about this “freedom” obsession of his, that he would burn with resentment at all things around him — and even within him — that weren’t yet wholly free and nothing could cool him down but to descend into an orgy of murder, like in the 1790s.

The following years saw brief seasons of cooler temperament here and there, but overall, he continued coasting downward. When he became convinced that some townsman was impervious to his doctrines he would become enraged at him and brawl with him. But for all his outrageous public conduct, he also, now more than ever, turned inward. He began to devote tremendous energy into inventing new machines, machines that could take over the services that people had always done for one another — for in his philosophy of “freedom” the less a man was dependent on his fellows the better.

Thus he split his time, now working on the newest contraption, and now returning again to the town square to harass people. He had long ago quit his poetry and his music. His cathedrals, once awe-inspiring and abuzz with life were now neglected, many were utterly abandoned while others had been re-purposed into things more “practical” or more entertaining to the lower strata of society. His libraries, once glorious, were now full of dust, rubbish, and squatters — sometimes pimps used the old libraries for their trade.

The decay of his city was on par with the decay of his person. The West, so given to the “freedom” of gluttony and the “liberation” of recreational drugs and recreational sex, had become a monstrosity — a truly grotesque caricature of his former self and was clearly suffering from several illnesses all at once. (The herpes was particularly bad!) Most of his old schoolmates could no longer recognize him, a huge diseased warthog of a man. Truly, he seemed more insane than anything else — and, interestingly, some people said that a mousey little demon had for a long time been encouraging him in his self destruction.

He would go many days consecutively to the the town square and harass people — cussing them up and down for being “slaves” and belittling them for believing in God. He was notorious for shouting out frightful obscenities, alleging, among other things, that men were slaves to superstitious prejudices if they would not let him sodomize them! He especially liked to target large happy families for such verbal assaults, which not infrequently left the verbal and went to fisticuffs. Sometimes he won these bouts and did very shameful things afterwards to his victims. Other times, thank God, he was bested and scurried off to lick his wounds for a day or two before returning to the town square.

Having painted the picture thus far, it would be unjust to omit the other side of the West. You see, the West was developing a strange emotional instability. Sometimes he would simply take a seat in the town square and stare at passersby and mutter strange things at them while tears welled up in his eyes. Then he would suddenly break into great bellowing sobs and wail unconsolably, begging — yes begging on hands and knees — for the street gangs, dope dealers, and bums to come and live with him. “Mi casa es tu casa!” — he would bellow out. “Take all I that have, I love you! I love all you people.” So he would undergo these nervous breakdowns. What’s more, the frequency of these episodes increased steadily. The West insisted that members of street gangs must make themselves at home in his home, or else they would deprive him of the chance of being a consummately “good person”. As if this were not ghastly enough, he also insisted that the gang members take his daughters for concubines. He aggressively pushed for all people to follow his example.

When some people reproached him for the shame of giving away his property and daughters to thieves and drug dealers, it was he who overpowered them with “righteous” fury! After giving them a withering sermon on what “compassion” and “freedom” is, he threatened to imprison or kill anybody who should dare to bring up the subject anymore.

It wasn’t long before decent people hoped for his death. And as the West is currently on his deathbed, this hope might soon be realized.

Folks, we need to talk about freedom (or, “Free-dumb“). Freedom is an extremely powerful word-symbol today, and for the last several years, its power has been employed almost exclusively for the advancement of self-destruction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t see value in certain concepts that have been described at times as “freedom” — but I am saying that in 2020 virtually all people clamoring for “freedom” are, many knowingly and some not, actually pushing for the promotion of unrestricted vice. And make no mistake, those who knowingly push for vice, do so not with only their own “enjoyment” in mind, but with the goal of subjugating the rest of society to their depraved tastes. Thus, “freedom” is nothing but a subterfuge. Power is what is really going on here. (We’ll return to that thought shortly.)

“Freedom” as a euphemism for vice is not unique to our present day. The word has been used that way since at least the French Revolution. The difference between then and now is that “freedom” used to be used in a range of meanings, whereas today its usage by the media, by academics, by political and social elites, and by the vast majority of common people under age 50, has indisputably been narrowed to the promotion of mandatory vice and abomination. (As for the other, now outdated, meanings of “freedom” — it used to mean the condition in which a given nation was free from the yolk of another nation. Thus, the Americans winning their freedom from Britain, the Poles regaining their freedom from the partitioning powers, and so on.)

Of course, while the meaning of “freedom” has indisputably been narrowed to the promotion of mandatory vice and abomination in virtually every facet of current events, it would be erroneous to say that this is all there is to say about the word. No, the old associations of “freedom” still echo in some faint way in the subconscious of decent, well-intending people. Thus, there are still people who cannot bring themselves to oppose “freedom” even though this so-called freedom is beating them like Russian riot police. It sounds weird at first to say that you are anti-freedom. I know, because this is something I had to deal with myself.

For much of my adult life, I identified myself as libertarian. It is certainly true that I had an appreciation for the foundational principles of libertarianism, but it is even truer that what really drew me in was the idea that, should libertarianism one day succeed, I would have no (or at least less) obstacles in exercising power in my sphere of the world, namely, I could empower and maintain very traditional values. In other words, I could provide a good, normal education to my children without any of the perverse ideological agenda of Western state-governed education. Additionally, being a small-business owner, I could manage my business affairs sensibly and without the ideologically driven hassle that the state heaps upon us in ever growing doses. Also, I would not be forced to finance absurd social engineering and foreign wars. I have never been pro-drugs or pro-gay, etc. I have always despised queers and druggies. In fact, a very significant part of my former embrace of libertarianism was a conscious wish to bring about a regime of social darwinism which would starve (metaphorically and literally) degenerates and leaches of all types to either death or a drastic reform of their lifestyle. Libertarianism (in theory) provides a logically consistent platform where the social playing field is fair, i.e., we are all free to do whatever we want (within the bounds of the NAP) but we, the traditionalists, secretly know that non-traditionalists will die out. This is Hoppean libertarianism in a nutshell and this is what I once subscribed to.

Sounds great, but there is a fatal flaw. The problem is that almost no anti-traditionalist is dumb enough to fall for this. Obviously, they know, if only subconsciously, that they are milking the rest of society and they do not want to be weaned. Additionally, only a small portion of our society is even capable of abstract thinking in the first place (and this number is limited almost exclusively to a segment within the White population). Using abstract reasoning with people who are not capable of appreciating it is futile. Secondly, not all abstract thinking is equal in capacity or identically focused.

Some abstract thinkers have had the correct view of the world, namely, that what actually counts in the world is power. This is true of good and evil ends both — but listen VERY CAREFULLY — it is far more true of good ends! It is not decay that relies upon the labor of man, but creation.

The idea of having to do something powerful in so difficult a situation as what we now have may seem daunting, but it need not daunt us at all. The fact is, if we can successfully appeal to people’s natural desire for power, we will find that nothing is impossible. That’s right, people want to be powerful, or at the very least, want to interpret their life circumstances in the most powerful light. (I recommend you read Industrial Society and its Future, paragraph 33 and onwards, for more insights as to people’s need for power.)

One of the very worst of White men’s psychological stumbling-blocks in recent history is the simultaneous exaltation of freedom and the absolute abhorrence of power. I understand that in a number of circumstances freedom and power are closely related to one another and that there are a number of cases, wherein, at least theoretically, the terms could be seamlessly interchanged — but what I am doing here is contrasting their ultimate differences, particularly in modern parlance. “Freedom” has long come to mean the absence of judgment or restraint, the absence of obligations or consequences, and also the right to certain things. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if this is not what, say, John Locke had in mind when writing about “freedom” or “liberty” back in his day — what matters is that this is indeed the meaning which a huge portion of Westerners have in mind when they use these terms. Trust me, I’ve been making note of this exact phenomenon for several years already. Thus, when most Westerners talk of freedom today, they mean the lack of obstacles to a woman seeking on abortion, they mean the lack of judgment against promiscuous women or against queers, they mean the “freedom” of homos to get “married” and adopt children, they mean the release from burdensome (but totally voluntary) financial obligations (student debt), and just a general letting go of all of the traditions, standards, and expectations from past generations that would offer any friction to their whims.

Thus, if you ask a Westerner which societies are “un-free” the answers are guaranteed to be Russia, Eastern Europe, the mohammedan world, China, North Korea, Africa, etc. If you further ask them what it is which makes these countries un-free, they will without fail cite the various restrictions on abortions, restrictions on gay “rights”, the expectations that these societies place on people’s public behavior, and so on. (By the way, the Western Civilization of John Locke’s day was basically as “un-free” as the so-called “un-free” societies of our time.)

If this were not bad enough, there is the added and very unfortunate fact that a great deal of the White Western men who ought to be able to make noble again the fallen estate they have inherited are too drunk with the wine of “freedom” to do anything. They have been convinced — brainwashed, rather — that their true greatness rests in permitting “freedom” to take its course no matter what the consequences and that real men of character and principle must always demonstrate their principles by standing for “freedom” even if it costs them life itself.

Fellow Whites
“Getting extirpated from our own countries because we believe in freedom is who we are, fellow Whites!”

Thus, you will find many “conservative” and “libertarian” Whites who do not personally indulge in many of the “freedoms” they are so committed to defending at all costs. I constantly hear and read Whites saying things of the following nature:

“I myself don’t engage in gay sex, but I believe in the freedom of two adults who love each other, blah, blah, blah, to do whatever, blah, blah, blah, in the privacy of their own homes.”

“I myself don’t use any drugs, but I don’t think the government should punish people for using marijuana.”

“I would never personally be in favor of abortion, but I don’t think the government should tell women what they can and cannot do.”

“I would never want, as an individual or as a nation, to go and forcibly colonize some other country, but I don’t think the government should prevent foreigners from settling here.”

“I wouldn’t just passively let a family member do A, B, and C since it would probably wreck their life and bring a lot of hardship upon the family, but I don’t think the government should prohibit people from doing A, B, and C.”

“I don’t care what they teach at public schools — my wife and I home-school / private-school our kids. . . Hey, why are so many American kids these days a bunch of brainwashed, incapable, snotty brats?! What’s this world coming to? Oh well, I can always hire Hindus and Pakis to fill the job positions our nation’s kids can’t/won’t do.”

“I don’t think the government should be in the business of regulating trade with other countries. In fact, I welcome the possibility of buying more affordable goods. . . Not sure why my brother’s business tanked . . .”

“Freedom” will continue to humiliate the West, until enough of us realize that it was never supposed to be a foundational value. In reality, freedom is but a desert — enjoyed best in limited portions by healthy and temperate men who have been faithfully discharging the weightier duties in life — such as securing the existence of their people and a future for their children. In other words, men who have manfully exercised POWER.

When analyzed carefully, we see that “freedom” in the modern sense has been the counterpart to POWER, for it is always frustrating the ends that we should be achieving through POWER. I have resolved to henceforth be anti-freedom and pro-power, and I encourage you to do the same. Western freedom is dead to me. I only know power. “Freedom” has been the buzz word of degeneracy and self-destruction for the last 200 years. Let us have even half that time, huddled under the banner of POWER, which comes from Almighty God, and we will do great works. Power is from God, the libertine “freedom” of the modern era is literally satanic. When one of your friends erroneously suggests their is some good thing in freedom or some need to defend freedom, talk sense into him. Tell your friend about power.

Many people are already ditching freedom for power. Subconsciously, people realize freedom is passive, pathetic, and gay. It’s more common now to hear about “girl power,” “empowered women,” etc, as opposed to “women’s liberation”. In fact, many women have begun re-framing their sexual promiscuity as a manifestation of “power”. It is not uncommon now to hear women talk of “f_cking” men, as though they are the f_ckers and men are the f_ckees, notwithstanding the fact that this is flatly contradicted by both anatomy and the dynamics of male-female behavior. Obviously, this is a result of women not content to view themselves as merely “liberated” but insisting on being “powerful”. Even a liberated woman knows that it doesn’t sound good at all to “allow oneself to be f_cked by 15 guys”. She knows it is a situation in great need of being spun into something different.

Crude as this example may be, I didn’t bring it up just to be crude. Far from it. The reality is that this is exactly the type of degeneracy that passes for “freedom” (and even “power”) these days. The West is mortally wounded and THIS is the smoking gun. We must confront this head on — especially with the young adults within our sphere of influence — by explaining to them the folly of “freedom” and the supremacy of POWER. If they invoke some sort of false, libertine “power” (since, modernity is just now starting to switch over to “power” as a mantra in limited situations) we must make a clear show of what real POWER is. People have an innate attraction to power — our job is to introduce them to true power.


1.) Explain to the young, power-hungry women in your life — daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, students — where real, long-term POWER lies; namely in preserving their virginity and cultivating the beauty that arises from holistic health and modesty so as to attract the most high-ranking males in their ethnic dating pool and thereby secure an early marriage to a good man who is capable and desirous of building a large, prosperous, and honorable family. Explain to them that large, prosperous families have a significant social gravity and smaller families and individuals, by a law of nature, must revolve around them. Early marriage to a man of honor and capability — along with being fruitful and multiplying — is the key to wealth, security, social influence, and eventual political POWER. Explain to these young women in your life how whoring forever diminishes their prospects, because all things equal, a man is going to greatly prefer a low- or no-mileage woman to one that has seen a lot of “wear and tear”.

2.) Explain to these young, power-hungry women in your life — daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, students — what great despair is eventually felt by women who pursue illusory power (careers instead of child-rearing) and/or short-term kicks (slutting it up, i.e., “freedom”). There is a growing number of articles, videos, and testimonials, often featured in the type of mainstream periodicals where one would not expect them, wherein shriveled up career women describe the anguish of pursuing an “emancipated” and “empowered-woman” lifestyle only to one day find they have hit the hard wall of age. Now they are either post-fertile or else spending tens of thousands of dollars to often futile bid to fight nature and produce but a single descendant, who, owing to the advanced age of the career-lady, is likely to have unsatisfactory health. There is NO POWER in this sad and sadly common scenario only bitter and irredeemable failure.

In all of these cases, it is up to you to know your audience. You should know how to talk with your daughters effectively and you should know how to tailor your message to nieces or students, etc. I want to point out that humor is very important, including caustic humor. If you can cleverly roast some dumb career-lady spinster or some dumb skank who foolishly sold off her valuable maidenhood for literally nothing and now must settle for losers who treat her like garbage, do it! Obviously, don’t overdue the frequency of such digs, but by all means when you have a ripe opportunity to make a laughingstock out of somebody who traded power for freedom, do it and do it good! Young people are in no hurry to become the very types of people they’ve enjoyed ridiculing — party skanks, spinsters, miscegenators, hoodlums, etc.

3.) Since I just mentioned miscegenation, let’s take a look at that in the context of power/freedom. Miscegenation is, as we all see (much more than we’d like) very heavily promoted as one of the big Western “freedoms”. Being aware of the ubiquitous freedom/power tension, this in itself should be enough to make a person suspicious that race-maxing entails some loss of real power. (Many of my readers are already very race-literate, but not all (yet).) Of course, this point should be equally directed towards the young men in your life as well as the young women, since both the sexes are falling prey to this snare.

Very basically, there is the issue of IQ and the closely connected capacity to defer gratification, both of which are incontestably connected to race, at least when we are observing the average performance throughout populations. Thus, an average White person (IQ 100) procreating with an average African person (IQ 72) is, according to numerous very solid studies, likely to produce offspring with an IQ of 86 — thus, a person who has a significant (in this case, about 1 standard deviation) disadvantage in intelligence and will necessarily struggle to perform many of the mental tasks that average Whites do without struggle. Of course, this is looking at only pure intelligence, we must also keep in mind that similar race-based differences are to be found in things like patience/compulsiveness, judgment, gullibility, etc, which are also critically important in life. Thus, for a White man or woman to produce children with Blacks is a colossal forfeiture of genuine POWER just on this count alone (a huge victory for any Black person, however!).

Of course there is much more to this topic. Even if IQ tests were to show that the specific miscegenating couple in question is equally yoked in terms of brain power, the resulting offspring are still dealt a cruel hand by the parents who evidently didn’t realize that they have traded POWER for “freedom”. The cruel hand is that the child will be born with an identity disorder, more or less severe as the overall conditions dictate. While I have known some mixed-race individuals to be well adjusted and successful (spiritually and in the worldly sense), the sad truth is that this is the minority. (Sad, indeed, as these individuals had no influence over their parent’s choices.) Many more never find a sense of complete belonging in their society, and this is also true even in their own families! The mother’s side and father’s side see the child very differently, but both see the kid as an something exotic and not a pure kin. Their peers are always unsure of how to relate to them. The child must drift to “find home” in either one world or the other, a task which cannot be completed until the passage of several generations. Truly, a tough road.

I am very grateful to the providence of God that such a situation is not to be found anywhere in my extended family, and I prayerfully ask for such graces to continue forever. I have, however, heard of and read about quite a few families where there is miscegenation and it is a real drag. The simple presence of the miscegenating family member at family gatherings is enough to put everybody else into the walking-on-eggshells state of mind. Ninety percent of all important or pleasant topics or lighthearted banter must be jettisoned because of the remotest chance that the miscegenator and/or the miscegenated offspring may become offended or feel uncomfortable. The focus of conversation can therefore be only the most banal of things: sports, shows, shopping, etc.

It’s like importing politically correct corporate-America culture INTO YOUR FAMILY. Extremely unpowerful. Such a thing is a huge blow to a family, greatly frustrating the family’s chances of being happy, cohesive, and socially POWERFUL. Just imagine — and the way things look lately, this could EASILY happen soon — just imagine America has massive race riots again like it did in the sixties. Could you count on that cousin of yours and her little brown kid to honor the confidences of your family or to betray you? Horrible.

In this, we see that the IQ issue is not the only thing. Honestly, I see many of the Asian peoples as being intelligent, industrious, and admirable in numerous respects, yet I would still implore all Whites from mixing with them. Many White men look at today’s ghastly White women and then see the objective superiority of Asian women, what with their greater femininity and modesty and physical fitness… Don’t do it. Banish the thought from your minds.

One last note on mixing — even mixing within a race should be undertaken only with considerable thoughtfulness. One of the more powerful things we are losing as moderns (particularly in the New World) is the connection to the specific ethnic heritage of our forebears. The more specifically you can adhere to this background, the better, as these ancient goods — the language, the history, the traditions, the arts, the ways of life — arose from the very blood and guts of your ancestors. I don’t think anybody has to be extreme about this, but do make it part of your considerations. Realize that the more you can moor yourself and your progeny to the foundation of your ancestors, the more anchoring you will have in life, all other things equal. I had this very ideal firmly in my mind before I got married, and I am glad I did.

4.) The POWER of speaking up. Most people are seduced by the “freedom” of not being harassed for the truth. “Getting along” is one of the many self-destructive ways of the dying West. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that certain people simply can’t speak up without greatly jeopardizing the safety and well-being of their entire households. But, putting those folks aside, let us examine our own situations: are we really putting ourselves out there as much as we truly can? It’s telling that the popular slang these days for when a person is concealing their good fascistic sense about things is called “hiding their POWER level”. Pretty neat, eh? We all realize that the vision we have is for a world where none of us has to hide his power level. What comes first, that better world or the revealing of our power levels? Obviously, the latter comes first. Let’s reveal POWER as much as we possibly can and encourage others to do so as well.

5.) Immigrants and refugees. As study after study of voting patterns shows, the admittance of immigrants into any country consistently undermines the practical power of the host citizens. Pro-immigrant people need to be put on the spot and made to answer why they want to lose their POWER (and by extension, freedom) by giving away their home to outsiders. This is a HUGE issue in our time and I believe we have to always go “full fash” here — no hiding power levels — because the truth is, you can phrase this in a way that is kind of politically correct. You shouldn’t get fired or kicked out of school if you can make an un-impassioned case about our country’s power being taken away by immigration. To not want the basic authority over your very person and property is a really sick mindset. Turn the tables on the liberals and make them own this sick mindset. Calmly. “Hm, I’m sorry, I just cannot understand, from what you have told me, why you would want these foreign-born people to make the decisions in our life here instead of us.”

Make everything about POWER. Even if you are not using the word “power”, confront everybody with the question of POWER. The preference for powerlessness is a disgusting thing and it must always be forced to squirm under a bright and merciless light. Fortunately, many people can be cured by witnessing a good comparison of power to inferior things like freedom.

If the West is indeed dead, we will build something better from its grave.

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