Noblesse Oblige

Bernie Sanders has taken and maintained a significant lead in the polls among the Democrats vying for the party’s presidential nomination.

At this point I am not convinced that Sanders [east-coast jewish communist] could actually defeat Trump [craven east-coast shabbos goy capitalist] in November 2020 but the fact that Sanders is leading his party highlights an important development in American society, namely, that a very large, perhaps sufficiently large, portion of the population is feeling ready to take the plunge into communism.

This is very bad news. Again, I don’t think it’ll happen in 2020, but I do think it will happen one or two election cycles later — unless some other titanic (and also calamitous) turn of events derails the Communism Express.

Communism is always the result of grave and very extensive failure. Much like a divorce. Man, do we have bad times coming.

One of the great failures in our civilization — a failure out of which comes many bitter losses — is the failure of those who are great to take an active interest in the well being of those who are of lower estate. 


Look, something really important for my readers to understand is the fact that I am not saying this as somebody who has any sympathies for communism. You hear these Bernie bro types all the time whining about how they are owed A, B, and C. Trust me, that’s not where I am coming from with this. Not me and never has been me. I am a financially successful small-business owner who built my livelihood with my own work ethic and persistence; day after day, year after year. In pure truth I can say that I never took a government hand out — as doing so would have been a serious violation of my own values. I also did not have an education or business handed to me by my parents. I also paid my students loans, though I did not stay in school and graduate… You could really say that my story is a great example of the Free Market (or “Capitalism”) enabling a person to realize material success.

Nonetheless, as I approach middle age and consider my own story in comparison with that of others, as well as look at the socio-economic situation overall in this country, I see very clearly that a great many average people have been ripped off by the “great ones” of our society. And no, I’m not saying these whiny millennials ought to receive government funded birth control or student debt forgiveness. No, but that still doesn’t change the fact that there has been a massive rip-off. The enormous popularity of this terrible jewish conman, Bernie Sanders, is simply the result of that. Bernie sanders is the wages of sin.

America’s going to pay that moral debt — might still be one or two presidential elections away (thus, it might not literally be Bernie) — but it will pay. And of course that’s going to be an awful and bloody time. Many economically innocent people — of which I am an example — will suffer unjustly. But that’s simply the nature of communism. It’s a tsunami sent by the laws of human nature to punish accumulated sins, ravaging all in it’s path, guilty and innocent alike.

It didn’t have to be like this.


When you consider the major bloodbath revolutions of the early modern period and onward, you find always the same dogged disregard for the little man which builds up and builds up and eventually explodes.

It’s not that the little man is usually just and wise in his demands — no, often the specific things that the pleb demands are ridiculous, often his understanding of economics or politics is childish — but what actually matters is that there really is a long train of abuses that he suffers at the hands of the elite, which defraud the pleb by small increments until he is left in a totally desperate state. Often, he does not know just what it is that strikes him, but he nonetheless absorbs the flurry of blows, one after another, until he is laid out on the mat. At such a point, the remedies he cries out for may indeed be poisons, but the bewildering pain that makes him cry out is undeniably real. To dismiss the angry pleb because we understand socialism/communism to be an error is to miss what is actually going on.

Being a self-made man of Generation-X, I have a strong instinctive feeling of contempt for the weak, entitled losers of the Millennial generation — at least, as far as immediate gut responses go. But I also have enough subtlety to see them on a deeper level. Millennials are actually big-time victims. (I interview these folks all the time when they apply to work for my business. Absolute disaster. They are totally screwed.) They were born at just the right time — the time when debts of the sins of past generations has really started to be called in. But because this is mostly a result of cause/effect I can confidently say, that if we were millennials, we would be handling it no better than they are.

Let’s talk about this sin.

It has been stated that sin and crime are basically bad methods for achieving ends that are generally good. For example, it is normal and healthy for a person to desire sexual relations; traditionally, human societies have devised ways to make sexual relations obtainable, albeit through rigid and complex cultural constructs that are designed to make the attainment of sexual gratification a thing that maximizes the good and minimizes the bad to the whole of society. Thus, through the institutions of monogamy, courtship, wedding vows, beautiful and memorable wedding ceremonies, etc., the reasonable expectation is that greater benefit will accrue to the resulting children, grandchildren, neighbors, in-laws, etc, as well as the couple under consideration.

When these cultural constructs are not respected — primarily through an inability/disinterest to be patient and see the long-term picture — and sexual gratification is obtained in an illicit manner, either through fornication or rape, you have created a destructive force in the world that will bring pain and sorrow upon the resulting children, grandchildren, neighbors, in-laws, etc. That is reason sex outside of marriage is a CRIME. Even if a country’s laws do not consider ALL sex (including consensual) outside of marriage as a genuine CRIME, it is clearly a crime against nature. In addition to being a crime it is a sin, for it is an act of rebellion against the Creator who deserves all of our obedience and has bidden us to emulate Him in building up the world creatively and not tearing it down destructively.

So is the nature with all crimes and sins. You can satisfy your healthy drives either in a good/creative way or in an evil/destructive way. The difference is almost always directly connected to patience and the ability to see the long-term, multi-personal reality. (Those who refuse to see past their own immediate appetites are truly children of damnation. They must not enter the Kingdom of God in this unconverted state lest they bring ruin with them.)

Hungry? You can either procure food lawfully, or you can rob somebody. Again, you can proceed either in a good/creative way or in an evil/destructive way. Almost everything is like this. We could go on and on with similar examples.

The sin problem of an entire society is similarly constructed: if a society’s elite doesn’t bother considering the long-term, society-wide implications of their behavior they will commit grave crimes against the current and future generations. The nature of these crimes may be severe enough to actually condemn that society to destruction.

We live in an extremely pampered and greedy society. Not only the elites, but even large sections of the upper middle class will sell out their own mother if it will add to their already cushy lifestyle. It’s a paradox — at least on the surface. You see, everyone who studies history tells us that we long ago entered an age wherein the most average person enjoys more luxury than the nobility of past ages. All this would make one think that we have all that the heart could wish for and that nothing could tempt us to sell out — ah, but far from it! It seems all of this increase in living standards has only exaggerated our appetite for even greater luxuries.

In order to cut the costs of production across all industries, three major trends have emerged — (1) the exportation of jobs to places where they will be done by people willing to earn less, (2) the importation of foreign workers who are willing to work here for less than native-born workers, and (3) the development of an ever expanding array of machines to replace human labor.

All three of these trends emerged while the USA was an economic superpower enjoying world-leading standards of living. It wasn’t as if the country was starving and desperate and said, “Gee, I hate to do this, but I see no other way than to sell farm in order to survive till next month…” No, the opposite happened. The elites had great abundance of everything — EVERYTHING — and they figured they could sell the old family farm in order to book an extra cruise! And before some libertarian starts rattling off arguments for the supposed greater good of outsourcing, migrant labor, and automation, look, I already know. Trust me, I was an Austrian school libertarian for quite a few years. I know the libertarian argument and I find it to be incorrect because it assumes a two-dimensional reality wherein only monetary costs and profits have significance. Life is a lot more than money.

Look at this country now. In the hands of the elite — who ought to be the stewards of the country — the land has become a smorgasbord for every brown-world vulture “looking for a better life”. No matter who you are and where you were born, if by any hook or crook you can manage to get here, the mammon is yours for the taking. You can have the job a genuine home-born White American would have had — just undercut him. And take welfare, too. Yes, use all the means at your disposal. This material smorgasbord for all nations is our country now and it’s all because the elite didn’t concern themselves with anything beyond gratification in the moment. In boardrooms across America consultants and analysts figured out new ways every year to trim 0.5% here and increase some leverage ratio 0.5% there, until, year by year, we get to this point where there is no national sense of identity, there is no cohesion, there is no homogeneity of race, culture, religion, anything. It’s a shame. This country is like the shopping zone of some giant international airport — you don’t know a damn person around you, where they came from, where they’re going, what they’re about. No, it’s actually worse than that. Once you include the political side of it — the public sector mammon — it’s much, much worse.

You see, no matter how “conservative” the home culture of these new arrivals is said to be, the new “Americans” do not vote in any fashion that could be considered conservative. Orientals, Mexicans, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Africans — they are all known to have conservative homelands, yet they come here and vote democrat. I’m not making this up — this is the voter data that anybody can easily find.

Many mainstream “right-wing” people are unhappy with the way this country is going, particularly with the increasing forms of and breadth of socialistic welfare policies and gun control and the overall anti-patriotic tone of society. Yet none of these developments have come about by some trick. Brown people were let in and given the right to vote and brown people vote for left wing hell whenever they are in host countries. Simple as that. It’s simply part of the invade, exploit, conquer instinct that is fully activated in people when you present your country not as a sacred ethnic territory but as some kind of opportunity colony. You see the exact same thing happening in Western Europe, too.

This is the fatal flaw in mainstream right-wing thinking, i.e., “America is a land of values” or “America is open to whoever is willing to work” or “America is a nation of [ambitious] immigrants”, etc. For decades now, with our own eyes, we are observing that such a mantra is absurd. Ask yourself, have you ever seen anybody have their American citizenship revoked on account of them having low ambition or having non-American values (whatever that would even mean in 2019)?

To be honest, I am against ALL immigration for this reason, even immigration from Europe to the US. There are a couple well defined and very small exceptions, but for the ultimate good of everybody, people by and large need to stay home and get their own house in order. But that’s something I’ll elaborate on some other time.

Most of my readers see this problem already, I have nothing to add to what has already been said by more capable people when it comes to immigrants and the many problems they bring with them. My angle is really about the role of the great people — the statesmen, the magnates, the people of renown and influence — they are supposed to be stewards of their countries. You great men of politics and business are supposed to be paternal guardians. Nobility has its obligations. I don’t begrudge you for enjoying the sweet fruits of your accomplishments. You people have obviously ascended great heights and you have a right to take pleasure in that, but don’t forget your obligations. Your grandeur is actually very, very small and fleeting if you cannot leave a legacy — a sovereign, identity-possessing country — for your own children and your serfs.

Perhaps the worst decision to come out of the short-term thinking of the New World aristocracy was to permit slavery in the new colonies. (Here is a case of me agreeing with liberals for the “wrong reasons”.) Did they really not foresee the world we have today? Did they really never think this would bite them in the ass; that we would have a country made drastically poorer — materially and spiritually — by having among us millions of African slave descendants treasuring feelings of eternal grievance in their hearts? For all the trouble slavery has been to the blacks that have actually suffered under it, it is easily ten times worse for the majority of Whites who had nothing to do with it.

By the aforementioned trends of (1) the exportation of jobs to places where they will be done by people willing to earn less, (2) the importation of foreign workers who are willing to work here for less than native-born workers, and (3) the development of an ever expanding array of machines to replace human labor, our elites are committing a sin of great and long-lasting consequence that shares much in common with early American slavery. The children of these people will be devoured by the very hordes they import in, devoured either through communism or basic brown violence.

It’s really a shame we have to suffer too.

Unlike people today who are hired and fired as easily as somebody might change clothes, my grandfathers worked for single companies until retirement, which was given to them along with gifts, ceremonies, and distinctions. Companies had baseball teams in that era. Henry Ford beat the labor unions by treating his workers to compensation, job-safety, and respect that meet or exceeded that promoted by the unions. (It is probably no coincidence that this man who so embodied noblesse oblige also understood the perfidy of the jew and did so much to warn the country.)


It’s really, really sick what has been done to America. When we do take back our country, we not only have to correct these things, but we have a great deal to learn from the mistakes of the past.

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