Being Non-Racist Won’t Save You. (So What’s the Point?)

Well, I just got done reading something online wherein some American White guy was criticizing Poland because of how racist it is. It’s not the first time, and hopefully far from the last time (although I do hope subsequent denunciations of racist Poland will come less and less from Whites!). The guy was talking about his vacation there, saying that it’s a wonderful place, blah blah blah, but there are far too many racists there and practically no people of color. (He even worded it as if he had experienced some sort of deprivation by seeing only one minority (!) after twelve days of touring — bizarrely, he said it was akin to some alternative world in which children do not exist…)

As you might expect, people used the comment section to give this guy all kinds of hive-5s and such. (Unfortunately, most of them White and some of them even Poles — doing the whole “we’re actually very non-racist and we love everybody and we’re trying to re-educate our stupid racist hooligans, etc” bit. Ughhh…)


It got me thinking.

It is time to say something that really needs to be said. Not only does this need to be said, but it needs to be lived out. Listen up fellow crackers, STOP TRYING TO BE NON-RACIST. It’s nothing but a fool’s errand and it only makes matters worse.

The first thing you need to realize is that, no matter how hard you try, no matter what great lengths you go, you will never be considered to be free of racism. Never. Literally hundreds of millions of White people in dozens of White countries have for several decades already done every conceivable thing in their individual, personal lives to be consciously friendly, neighborly, helpful, kind, welcoming and accommodating to Black folks and other aggrieved minorities. To wit, they have welcomed Blacks and other aggrieved minorities and their children into White neighborhoods, playgrounds, and schools. They have hired Blacks and other aggrieved minorities and patronized their businesses. They have donated to the schools and churches of Blacks and other aggrieved minorities, they have sent record-setting donations to their countries, not only after whatever disasters, but also on a regular basis as funding for aid and development projects. Far from letting their wallets do all the work, huge amounts of White people have left their safe and comfortable White neighborhoods and have personally gone to bad inner city neighborhoods as well as to Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean, etc., in order to undertake humanitarian work there.

But wait, there’s more.

Whites have changed their language to accommodate the ever fickle sensitivities of Blacks and other aggrieved minorities. For example, Whites stopped using terms like Negro and Chinaman, and replaced them with more enlightened terms like Afro-American and Oriental. And when these new terms fell out of favor, they changed them again to things like people of color and Asians. Whites have disowned numerous classics of their own literature because of the slightest shadow of offense to sensitive minorities, Whites have changed street names and lake names, and demolished historical monuments, etc., in their own predominantly White neighborhoods in order to walk on eggshells. Not only have books had to be thrown out, but films have been redone in order to star more Blacks and other aggrieved minorities.

But wait, there’s more.

Blacks and other aggrieved minorities have been accepted into all White country clubs and professional organizations, and even into White families (!). What dearer gift could Whites give than to share our unique and irreplaceable genes? Nothing. And yet the anti-racist generosity of Whites has even met this challenge (most unfortunately), which brings that walking-on-eggshells vibe of multi-cultural America from the sidewalk right into grandma and grandpa’s own living room. While it’s true that such a thing has only happened in a small fraction of White families — and it might therefore be suggested that it doesn’t say anything about Whites being non-racist — it should be noted that miscegenating Whites don’t face anywhere near the ostracization which they would receive in a racist society. Thus, Whites on the whole are exercising non-racism in ways that simply boggle the mind.

But wait, there’s more.

The gosh-awful “music” of Blacks and other aggrieved minorities has disturbed the peace in White neighborhoods too many times to be counted. But it’s really nothing compared to more actionable crimes, such as murder, assault, robbery, and rape. According to official crime statistics from the FBI, Blacks are several times more likely than other racial groups in the USA to commit violent crimes. In fact, in any given year, 50% to 55% of all violent crimes in the USA are committed by Blacks who are only 13% of the population! What’s more, according to the FBI, Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa. Many areas of large American cities, once they have become inhabited by Blacks, have effectively transformed into primitive and dangerous sh*t-holes. My own family had to leave Detroit for this very reason. It would be quite an error to assume that the drastic over-representation of Blacks in violent crime is a phenomenon limited to the USA. Nope, everywhere in the world, where comparable standards of police record-keeping are to be found, the same situation obtains.

But wait, there’s more.

The interesting thing is that many American Blacks are the descendants of slaves. While most peoples of the earth have had a history with slavery — either as slaves or as enslavers or as both — it is White people who abolished the slave trade. Yes, White people, who are still treated as evil racists who basically deserve whatever abuse they receive at the hands of Blacks and other aggrieved minorities. History shows us that Whites were not content to merely halt the slave ships coming into American ports and release the Negro slaves from the plantations — no, Whites continued to find ways to enfranchise Blacks socially, politically, and economically. They gave Blacks the right to vote, then they established admissions quotas and hiring quotas to ensure that Blacks and other aggrieved minorities would get into higher education and obtain coveted job positions in various industries, even if their academic performance did not merit it. Of course, at any given time there is a finite supply of positions in schools or in jobs, so you can definitely say that this was an act of compound magnanimity as Whites not only turned a blind eye to Blacks’ inferior grades but let them take their places! Even then, the Whites would just not stop. Local, state, and federal welfare programs were multiplied over the last 60 some years and the scope of these programs includes everything from medical care to housing to child care to social worker assistance to food stamps to community centers and educational enrichment — all of which are disproportionately serving Blacks and other aggrieved minorities, not only by a simple head count compared to the general population but also in terms of dollars paid in versus cash-value received.

In 2008, I watched in dismay as Whites elected Barack Obama as President. Nearly 100% of the Whites who described their choice of Obama — whether to me in personal conversations, or in the media, etc — explained that one of their key motives was to “atone for past wrongs of Whites against Blacks”. I’ll never forget a long time customer of mine — a White boomer — actually crying tears of joy as Obama was elected, explaining to me how he has pined for this moment all his life. While that man is a Democrat, it would be quite an error to overlook similar gushing affinity for Blacks and other aggrieved minorities in the USA’s other political camps. Republicans and Libertarians at every step have preached, taught, and demonstrated through constant example the conviction that everything in the country should be “colorblind”, as they say. By and large, Republicans and Libertarians have pushed aggressively for open immigration and, overall, have taught a strictly individualist social ethic that emphasizes a person’s merits over his belonging to any group, racial or otherwise. It is always the Republicans and Libertarians who are claiming that Democrats are the “real racists” because of their engagement in identity politics. (Yes, I realize that there are insignificant exceptions, but I am describing the overwhelming majority of Republicans and Libertarians here.) I have known tons of these people very closely all my life; the vast majority of them are true believers in a non-racialist world view.

Yet for all this — and this is just a very brief sketch — Whites today, in 2020, are automatically assumed to be “racist” or “prejudiced” or “white-privileged” or “guilty” or whatever the hell word they want to use. That’s why I say, No amount of being non-racist helps. You are automatically damned, forever, just by being White. You can literally do every conceivable thing for them and at the end of the day, they will talk about “systemic inequality” and “white privilege”. You are racist and holding the colored man down without even realizing it just by being alive.

Near the start of this article, I suggested that trying to be non-racist is not only a fool’s errand, but that it also makes matters worse. Here’s why:

White people (particularly in the West), very recently, became the first and only people in known human history to take up a social ethic of non-racism, a way of life by which they repress, by an array of  means, their racism and tribal feelings — feelings inherent in all people — and act as through free of them (and opposed to them). Concomitant with this ethic is the insistence that all people, regardless of tribal or racial background, be accepted as equals in White societies and that they be judged on certain merits that are imagined to be independent of a person’s physical/racial being, i.e., intelligence, character, values, talents, etc. It is very important to understand that the Whites’ commitment to the dream of human egalitarianism is so great, that whenever non-Whites have failed to bring any meaningful wealth of intelligence, character, values, talents, etc., to their White host-societies, Whites have been the ones to invent excuses for this failure, excuses which steer clear of any obvious race-based understandings and generally place the blame on Whites themselves! As a consequence of this, the very worst that “humanity” has to offer is welcomed with into White societies with very open arms. The lowliest and most savage of foreign tribes present but another chance to put this “noble” experiment to yet another test. Every incremental failure emboldens the White idealists to imagine that “true human equality has never been tried”.

Non-Whites, on the contrary, have not taken up this social ethic and show every sign of not doing so in the foreseeable future. Non-Whites are very much in touch with the natural racial/tribal feeling. They do not repress it; in fact, they (rightly) see it as a critical part of maintaining their identity, and thus, they cultivate it in their children and make it a constant and key element of their political activism. They feel no need to contribute to White host-societies, but demand that White host-societies cater to them and satisfy all their appetites — this flows completely naturally from their intense us-them worldview and, more importantly, from motivations (whether conscious or subconscious) of conquest. If the true meaning of “wealth” for them were wealth of the spirit — things like intelligence, character, values, talents, etc. — they would eagerly cultivate these things in themselves, while staying home. “Wealth” for them means whatever impressive thing — whether of a spiritual or a material nature — that a roving brigand, having left his home in customary disrepair, might chance upon during a raid. So we see they are attracted not so much to humble or mediocre pastures, but to those of the richest abundance; bypassing places like Eastern Europe they go straight for the sweet meat of Scandinavia, Western Europe, America, etc. These savages incrementally engage in conquest; here some annulment of local customs, here some rapes and robbery, here a terrorist attack, and eventually a takeover of the host-society. This is what is happening in all of the societies that are the most committed to non-racism.

I repeat: The societies that are the most committed to non-racism are exactly the societies most in danger of collapsing under the tyranny of their “guests” and being taken over. A society’s insistence on being non-racist always signals to opportunists — “Here is a place of fools and cowards just waiting to be looted.” No ethic of non-racism goes unpunished.

Racism is like the good fence that makes good neighbors — it need not be ugly or cruel, especially if it is constant and not late coming into the picture. It’s basically just saying, “You are not us, we are not you. Always know and respect the boundaries.” Oh, but just try putting a fence around your property and locks on your doors after invaders have already long made themselves at home in your house and have made use of your hard earned things, and even worse, have made use of your wife and daughters! Now you have no way back to your dignity and to peace except through bloody war. What a bitter scene! In such a scenario, the racism must take on a drastic and very zealous character — either be astoundingly racist, or be slaughtered. Does not every thinking society now wish it had always been as racist as its ancestors! How much nicer life would have been! How stupid and unnecessary these present troubles!

Be More Racist

Never before has such a massive act of shameful cowardice taken place — an entire civilization giving away it’s land and women, because to do otherwise would be “mean”.


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