This Corona Hysteria is Only a Test Run

The coronavirus is a massive scam. I touched upon this in my last post, which you can read here. There is no way a person of sound mind can believe the numerous scientific data about this “disease” and think that the current measures being taken are justified.

For one, data out of Italy indicate that 99.2% of corona deaths happened to people who already had at least one previously diagnosed medical problem and about half of the deceased had three or more previously diagnosed health conditions! (On top of this official data, there is a growing evidence that coroners in Italy and the USA are simply assigning “corona” as the cause of death for people left and right, regardless of determining whether coronavirus in a person’s system was in fact a sufficient cause of death.

For one, I sure as hell would not go to the supermarket if I truly believed there was a very catchy and very lethal disease that can live in the air for three hours and on stainless steel for 3+ days! LOL!

Even when the media is screaming that there are “young people also dying”, I urge you to not get taken in by this. The whole “young people tho” is primarily an American phenomenon, because America is grotesquely obese, even down to the youngest segments of the population. Obesity is very hard on the immune system, as is promiscuity, and it should come as no surprise that the fattest and most sexually liberated country in all of human history is losing a few younger people to a (comparatively mild) virus.

Basically, this virus is just finishing off sick people. I know it sounds crass, but that’s life — and it works that way with or without the coronavirus. Look, there are obese and/or sickly people in my life that I would be really sad to see die, but nature is nature. There is cause-and-effect built into everything and I don’t let my attachment to people distort my overall grasp of reality nor my ability to live a normal life (which is inherently risky, with or without coronavirus). From the beginning of this hysteria, I have been willing to (temporarily) adjust my life to accommodate the emerging concerns of others, the willingness and even the practical ability to continue doing so is rapidly burning out.

Having touched upon these few introductory notes, we need to get down to business. Today’s business is learning from this incident. I have said before, that God will not permit this sick modern world to go on. This is something that can be known simply by discerning the benevolence of God, our Creator, who, being perfect, had no need to create us but did so out of pure love. That love will not permit us to be irredeemably lost in a hell even of our own making. The modern world is not fitting to the intrinsic dignity of human beings, whom God loves, and neither is it fitting to the glory of the Creator of human beings, thus we can be sure that God will not allow it to persist. Though the time may seem to drag on, a century is but an “eye-blink”, as it were, in God’s time. This certainty of God’s opposition to our self-destruction is apparent enough even within a deistic framework and it should therefore be all the more apparent to a Christian.

What I, a Christian, cannot say with apodictic certainty is whether “the end” to which we are quickly advancing is THE END or simply the end of an age. (I think it’s the former.) Certainly, the former is the best but even the latter would be a tremendous blessing — provided we are preparing ourselves in all ways, physically, intellectually, morally, relationship-wise, and supernaturally. (*Keep in mind that history has had its share of “miniature” returns of Christ, for existence, after the French Revolution or after the fall of the USSR. Even though these were not the ultimate hope cherished by Christians, they were nonetheless extremely important foretastes of the Great Redemption that will come for those who wait upon God.)

Anyways, we are nearing either THE END or an end. Either way, it’s very important to take this experience as a lesson and not just some obstacle to get through. Think of it like this, it’s as if God is saying, “I just gave you guys a practice run, a stress test; what did you get out of it? Y’all need to learn from it and get ready, ’cause the real one is coming up!”

First thing I want to talk about is mass hysteria.

Mass Hysteria

This corona event is a great moment for teaching us just how precious common sense and rationality are. Clearly there is no guarantee that “cooler heads prevail”. There is no guarantee that after the initial blow of some big event, things will naturally settle down into a reasonable state. There is no center of rational gravity among the general populace that is so trusty as to prevent delirium and destructive excesses from ravaging a society before those “cooler heads” start prevailing.

Humans are far from being perfectly rational agents. Only a small fraction of humanity is even capable of approaching such a state of being under ideal conditions. Most humans are a mix of strong emotions, herd mentality, selfishness, sloth, lusts, instincts, and phobias, with a bit of rationality thrown in. Most people, if they fell through the ice into the lake, would not have the strength of rational mind to calm down and try to get out using sensible approaches; most would die panicking.

That’s how it is with this coronavirus and that’s how it will be with the next “pandemic”, and with the next disaster, etc, and that’s how it will be with the end of the age — panic, panic, panic (Luke 21:26). When people are stampeding because of a safety-fear panic, there is simply no reasoning with them. If you try to dissuade them from running with the stampede, they will think you are the crazy one or they will think you are pulling some evil trick on them. There is no reasoning with hysterical people. What this means is that you need to get out of the way of the stampede. Be prepared for this.

Another type of irrationality that we are witnessing is not quite at the level of hysteria, but is nonetheless good for learning, because, I repeat, we will see it again. If you read up on mass hysteria events of the past, you will soon see that with these events there is usually an underlying cause that is rooted in a long-shouldered psychological burden, a severe stress on the mind that has been pent up for a while and must vent. I believe a part of this over-reaction to coronavirus is made possible by people’s very deep and private feeling of moral failure as well as their innate yearning for redemption, even if it is misdirected, even if it is too little, or is too late. Why are people willing to crash the whole economy (with themselves in it) just to thwart a fairy-tale virus? Because even many of the most hardened secular modernist know deep-down — subconsciously even — that the system is a monster and it truly deserves to be executed (even if they die along with it). It’s one those “every knee shall bow” (Romans 14:11) things. Deep down, the masses know they have hollowed out their life for Federal Reserve Notes and other vapid temporal rewards. Deep down, the masses know that school is a wicked place to send your kids. Deep down people know that the fake life we lead is a massive avoidance of real life and truth. Deep down they know the widespread societal acceptance of abortion, sexual liberation, and LGBTQ is calling out to God for punishment. Deep down, they know they should spend face to face time with their family. Deep down, they know they ought to take a break from the rat race and appreciate what they have. So, now these things are withheld from them and now, naturally, there is a part of our humanity that wants this interruption from emptiness and evil to last forever.

Deep down, people know they should be going to church and spending time with the real Presence of Almighty God, (but the churches are closed!). This last point take especially to heart — because when the real End comes, it will truly be too late to repent!

Mass Bondage — The Emperor’s New Clothes

The media first blew this thing out of proportion — this is the way they always act, making their stories larger than life is how they compete with one another business-wise. Everything else just avalanched from the early media reports.

I think it also “helped” that the origin was China. My money is on this, that before the advent of COVID-19, just about every honest person would have to admit to thinking China is a hotbed for global plague. Everybody all over the world is very familiar with the massive manufacturing pollution and biological filth that abounds there along with the insane population density and their disgusting eating habits. Plus, even the Chinese themselves are always on pins and needles about catching something. So when the news media first started yammering about the Wuhan virus, people all of the world, had to be thinking (even if they would never admit it), “Yep, the filthy Chinks have really done it this time! We’re doomed.”

So there was real reason for concern. That concern spread like a grass fire on a windy day, and for most people — who were glued to the sensational media reports around the clock — the concern quickly escalated into real fear.

Do the elites fear the coronavirus? Judging by their actions, I have no doubt that many of them do. However, their fear is not as out of control as it is with the plebes. After all, politicians, et al,  are almost gods in their own eyes — bulletproof against many of our lowly concerns and wealthy enough to buy cures that are only dreams to us. Also, even though elites have fears all the time (of rivals and reprisals, for example) they also know how to make a tool out of it.

Fear is one of the most important things in political reality. Accordingly, every politician from Wuhan to Milan to New York City to America saw in it an extraordinary opportunity to cement his or her power to a degree previously impossible. This is simply how it works in politics, especially in democracy. Put it this way: that feeling of anxiety you have over losing your job right now — that is something politicians also feel (and most of them have much more to lose than any of us!), the only difference is that a politician loses his job when he or she fails to milk a situation more than their rival, or fails to be a bigger demagogue than his or her rival, or doesn’t outdo his or her rival in the proclamation of grandiose promises. Of course, there are risks. The risk for the elite right now is that they might overplay the general fear to the point that the economy is totally gutted. You’re now starting to see both Republicans and Democrats starting to worry that they might have overdone it in this regard. It’s good to be king, but not over a scorched realm.

There’s also the power-holders lower down on the pyramid; less powerful individually, but more numerous — pundits, experts, state and local bureaucrats, medical honchos, academics, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, first responders, doctors, nurses, banks — all of them are objectively more “important” when they are standing in the midst of a disaster. (I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard doctors, nurses, and medics boastfully say they “save lives for a living” — good grief!) It’s only natural for them to amplify the severity of the present trouble, so as to elevate their importance. However, just as with the upper elites, they bear the risk that if they amp this up too much, they could be left with nothing but castles made of ash and rubble.

Thus you have this massive tangle of perceived self-interest propelling this debacle; the elites and petite noblesse have their angles and the plebes have theirs. What is clear is that all of this is possible without any need whatsoever to invoke secret cabals, sinister Bohemian Grove meetings, and the like. All you need is some common human folly, some political ambition, some fear of dying, and some herd mentality to come together in the right doses at the right time and you can get a phenomenal disaster. I bring this point up because when I say that this corona virus is a scam or a hoax, I’m not at all alleging that all of the world’s hospitals, politicians, and media — many thousands of people — are all together in some elaborate conspiracy. The scam and hoax of this all is its being tremendously overblown and fraudulently used. Now, that isn’t at all to say that conspiracies don’t exist or that deeply sinister things aren’t going on — they most definitely are! — I just don’t find them to be necessary causes here.

Let’s talk for a moment about some of these more sinister things. We know that already a few members of Congress have been credibly accused of insider trading during this corona crisis. Additionally, the recently passed $2.2 trillion corona stimulus bill contains tens of billions of dollars in known non-related spending for special interests. To show the depth of it, let’s do some math:

$2.2 trillion divided by 329 million American citizens equals $6,687 for each man, woman, and child in this country. That’s a “tremendous” difference from the measly $1,200 for each adult and $500 for each child!!

That difference — which in political parlance is called “pork” — is what legislators use to buy campaign support and votes in future elections. (You, of course, will eventually pay for that bribery through your taxes. Thus, your total tax burden in this stimulus will far exceed whatever benefits there are coming to you.) Now both of these things, the insider trading and the funneling of public money to special interests in order to secure favors, are in fact conspiracies in the basic meaning of that term. And they are also very common conspiracies.

I bring this up because there is obviously a tremendous financial incentive for these people to screw over the country and the country has shown that it is rather amenable to this kind of abuse. This is a glimpse into one of the supplementary causes for this type of “crises” to exist. It has been said that chance favors the prepared. Well, crisis favors the political. There is huge money and power (for them) in crises, and we must expect that we will see this coronavirus stretched out and resurrected and milked for all its worth — which could take years.

The evil gets darker though, and it’s nature becomes more spiritual as we examine the facets of this that are more than mere money, namely power. The opportunity to lord over others is very great in this. Already we have seen many examples, both in this country and abroad, of those who love to rule. You can see the power trip in them — they have wished for so long to be important and now entire populations and economies are brought to their knees and are not permitted to rise again without their say-so. They throw lock-down timelines of months and half-years around like it is nothing. Some are even saying there’s no way of telling when the lock-down will end! Additionally, there is a growing use of cell phone location data to track (retroactively) the movements of people diagnosed with corona.

Amazon SWAT
Once they close the grocery store loophole.

September 11 ushered in a “new normal” of greatly increased government surveillance and financial control over the American population. There is every reason to suspect corona will have similar results. In fact, just in the last couple of days I’ve heard the phrase “new normal” several times on radio news broadcasts. It is very likely that quarantine and economic shutdowns will be new normals. Cell phone tracking has already existed for a while, but there have ostensibly been some barriers blocking its usage by the government. This will change. Cell phone tracking will become a “part and parcel” of the corona age. Similarly, there is work being done to use cctv systems to watch for coughing and other systems of the dreaded virus and couple this technology with advances in facial recognition and tracking.

Right now batches of new “laws” are made, not by the legislative process, but by pure fiat. Polling shows that Americans are increasingly approving of this.

There is also a LOT of talk about the need to do away with cash. You know, for safety.

And of course, vaccines: Think now. What are the odds that the most hysterical disease panic in any of our lifetimes will not usher in a new and “amazing” vaccine? The legal ability to protect yourself and your family from these poisons is going to be under threat like never before.

Also, snitching has emerged as a significant way to ward of the “deadly” coronavirus. Evidently, the surgeon general’s eyes are everywhere. Ah, the sweet fragrance of the new normal…


What has this crisis taught you about your situation? I think the most important thing we can do right now is evaluate our performance during this time and figure out what we need to adjust and what we need to change. I could be mistaken, but I believe we will have a significant but incomplete revival of the economy later this spring and summer and I believe many, not all, but many aspects of our day-to-day life will return, at least in a superficial degree. Underlying the apparent return to normalcy will be a massive increase in government control over the population — and the population will be  traumatized for quite a few years from its terrifyingly close brush with “mortality”. The general population has shown that it is not willing to take even the tiniest risk when it comes to survival, and you better believe the poor huddled masses of West’s fat and sick people will stumble and squeeze into whatsoever hoops the elite place before them.

During this time, did you feel safe? Did you feel able to provide for the safety of your family? Did you feel like you’d be a goner if the grid went down or law and order was shaken in your area?

Have you been able to feed yourself and your family? Have you been able to procure those things needful to your household during this time? Did empty shelves at grocers and other stores make a fool out of you? Did you have masks?

Have you been worried about martial law? Have you been wondering what you would do if martial law was declared where you live?

What has this done to the relationships in your life? Did you see “reliable” friends turn into flakes? Did you see people you held in high regard show themselves in a different light? perhaps the “strong” and “independent thinkers” around you turned soft and gullible? Did your neighbors show themselves helpful and trustworthy, or are they raving mad and ready to snitch on quarantine-breakers?

In the context of crisis, do you live in a good or a bad place? Are your neighbors strangers? Are they worse than strangers? Do you live near family?

Did the people in your life impart hope and good guidance to you, or did they wallow in bad news and unnecessarily dark speculation?

Let’s say you lose your job, do you have the skills that give you a good shot at finding employment elsewhere? Do you have the skills that make you valuable to your community in a disaster economy?

Let’s say this current blow to the economy (or a similar one next flu season) snowballs into a complete disintegration of the government and the modern economy, do you have any skills that would enable you and your loved ones in a vastly more primitive context? Do you have any experience growing crops, raising animals, hunting, trapping, making your own things?

To repeat, I do not think this 2020 coronavirus craze is The End, but it is a great occasion to examine our lives, and that is a very important exercise. It’s probably something like John the Baptist on the timeline heading up to Christ. I strongly suspect that during my lifetime I will see either The End or at least an end to the present age. One thing we know from the plain warning of God’s holy Word is that a time is coming when you will not be allowed to participate in the economy unless you have a certain mark in your head or in your right hand. That’s right, you will have a choice: buy and sell like “normal” people or be destitute (and starve to death) — it all hinges upon you accepting this mark. Folks, do not ever let them put microchips or similar things in you or your family. Never. Even if the official stated purpose of the mark they are trying to give you has nothing to do with religion (i.e., public health), do not accept it under any circumstances. Believe me, it is religion.

Either the continuance of our life derives from a relationship with God or else it lasts a little space of time while groveling pathetically before some economic system. Its our choice and it is coming fast.

None of us while have what it takes to succeed at this test of loyalty unless we already have a genuine love of God.

“This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.” (John 11:4)

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