Utah May Decriminalize Polygamy.

This is a piece by me concerning a subject featured in an article written by Jonathon Van Maren at LifeSite News.

I am supplying the link below, but will not reprint the article here.


I will say up front that, notwithstanding the fact that I really like LifeSite, I don’t look at this issue the way they do, namely, their viewing polygamy (more precisely, polygyny) as some kind of great evil that results from society’s acceptance of homosexuality. Put another way, LifeSite and many Christians in our era, believe in some sort of slippery slope in which the top of the slope are troubling things like gay marriage and down below are absolutely ghastly things like, gasp, a man having more than one wife!

Look, I have my criticisms of polygyny, which I will get to later — so don’t jump to conclusions — but what I want to take apart is what I see as a bizarre and very distorted view of men, women, sexuality, family, etc., whereby polygyny is down-slope of homosexual acceptance! I just can’t even…

Poly Meme

They aren’t even on the same slope and the failure to see this betrays a significant misunderstanding of the massive social decay we find ourselves in. That’s why I’m bothering writing about this — I don’t have a pro-polygyny agenda per se. I do solemnly believe monogamy is the gold standard. My way of looking at this issue is to divide male-female relationships into 3 categories, Monogamy, Polygyny, and Sexual Liberation. I have ranked them in descending order — and my ordering is in distinct contradiction to the implied ranking of most of today’s “conservatives”, who would have it Monogamy, Sexual Liberation, and Polygyny distant last. Any given society will have all three present, but will tend to elevate just one as the most ideal. The West, if one is to judge by actions of the masses and not words of the “conservative” minority, is a society that ranks them in this way: Sexual Liberation, Monogamy, Polygyny. The fact that polygyny is such anathema to a society as degenerate as ours ought to make us think.

I will make the case that monogamy is from Heaven (i.e., represents the greatest good under most circumstances), polygyny is from earth (i.e., is perfectly natural and has many practical virtues, but like all things of earthly nature, has its costs), and sexual liberation is from Hell (i.e., represents the most fleeting and meager pleasure at the price of tremendous long-term suffering and potential annihilation).

Let’s start with polygyny. As far as I am aware, no society in which polygyny is legal is dealing with any of the following:

(1) gay parades,

(2) gay tyranny of private firms (i.e., wedding photographers, bakers, wedding chapels, etc.),

(3) gay tyranny of schools, churches, and adoption agencies,

(4) gay tyranny of public institutions, including the courts, and public spaces, (this includes state-run film-production studios),

(5) gay pressure on private institutions to opt in on the rainbow aesthetic and promotion of homo-acceptance, (this includes private film-production studios),

(6) gay marriage.

So, looking at this, you’re going to have a hell of a time convincing me that polygyny is somehow a result of acceptance of gay marriage. It would be far easier to believe that the impermissibility of gay tyranny is practically ensured in a society by that society’s protection of polygynous marriage. (This is roughly, but not perfectly, true, as I shall explain later.) In fact, as far as naturalness versus perversion, I would even say that polygyny is as perfectly harmonious with nature as gayness is a rebellion against nature.

For one, a great many animals are by nature polygynous. This is especially to be observed in mammals, thus, I am not resorting to making a case based on some obscure micro-organisms, but on the very class of animals that is most highly evolved with respect to brain capacity, parenting, and broader social structure. In fact, without exception, all of the mammals deemed “clean” by the Old Testament are those animals whose nature is for one male to have a harem of females, e.g., goats, sheeps, cattle, deer, antelopes, and other ruminants. (I just throw that in there for the “whole-Bible” types of Christians who may be reading.)

(*While many homo-enthusiasts like to claim that some animals also engage in homosexuality, the examples which they cite are nothing more than very exceptional cases of animals in very un-natural environments, such as strict captivity where they are deprived of the normal opportunities of procreation and are presumed by sensible people to be simply acting out instinctive reproductive behaviors on inappropriate targets, much like a dog humping a piece of furniture.)

I will up the ante here and say that the legal protection of polynygy is one of a small handful of practical measures that can be taken right now to help turn our civilization from its mad rush to self-destruction. Why is that?

(1) Polygyny will help to reestablish patriarchy. All polygynous societies that I am aware of are patriarchal, and let’s be clear, this is really the only reason our long-neutered society hates polygyny, because polygyny is understood (rightly) as non-compliant with feminism. If you think one woman devoting herself to building up a household with one man is a revolutionary act this day and age, just imagine two or more women devoting themselves to building up a household with one man! Polygyny can do society a huge favor by replacing the love of “rights’ and “entitlement” with the principles of duty and faithfulness. It is the very antidote to feminism.

(2) Polygyny can save at least some of the women who would otherwise destroy themselves and their nation through wantonness. A great many women — as indisputably demonstrated through their free actions — have nothing at all against sharing a man. By far, the most important thing in the eyes of a woman when it comes to men is wealth and status. A man can be a literal mass-murdering dictator, he can be known for brutally beating up the women he’s been with, he can be known as a massive philanderer, or a bad father, a con-man, he can be ugly, he can be ill, he can be physically incapacitated from having sex(!), he can be poor in all of the qualities that other men would consider manly and admirable, but let him have ether wealth or status, and as sure as the day is long he will have a bevy of young, beautiful, and fertile female admirers. That is simply the reality of the average female mind when not under the conservatorship of a benevolent patriarchy.

In fact, so disordered is the female attraction to wealth and status that a disgusting trend has arisen whereby girls who model on Instagram — and these are beautiful girls in their prime — go to Dubai and other such places and whore themselves out in ways so vile it would be hard to believe were it not so unassailably substantiated (particularly, by the girls themselves!). I won’t get into details here on my website other than to say that these “sex” parties frequently involve bestiality and human feces — if you insist on knowing more, look up “Dubai Porta Potty”. Thus, a beautiful, young, fertile White woman will permanently defile herself in a satanic fashion just in order to ride around in some sheik’s yacht for a week and get some expensive clothes and jewelry and, most importantly of all, post pictures of her lavish lifestyle on Instagram. It should be noted, that poverty is not driving women to do this, as many of the women come from financially comfortable backgrounds.

Look, these girls are going to wind up somewhere, option one is that they end up in some sheik’s villa (and later on, dead in the gutter as a used up, psychologically shattered druggie whore), or option two, they are married off to some super successful White Christian polygynist, with whom they can stay on a good path to spiritual maturity by raising a family (which is necessary for women’s salvation, see I Timothy 2:15). There can be no hesitation as to which is best.

My hopes for my society would be elevated by a very great factor if I lived to witness the general acceptance of polygyny, as it would be society’s ascending out of Hell and being back on Earth. I don’t imagine it would save all the women who are susceptible to gold-digger-type destruction, but it would definitely save some. There are plenty of White Christian men who are super rich — this is not something that vile subhuman arabs have some monopoly on. I believe that when there is a White Christian man who is blessed with so much riches and status that multiple women are content to “settle” with having to share him to build up families, it should absolutely happen. In other words, the gold-digging and status-seeking impulse of women should be presented with a licit target whereby some good may emerge.

(3) Reproduction. White people globally are a very small minority, what’s more we are not reproducing at replacement levels and they are rapidly being dispossessed of our lands by aggressive immigration from impoverished and/or non-White countries. What is going on is nothing less than war. I am far from being the first to categorize it this way. It is war without the conventional trappings but it is war no less. Extinction doesn’t happen when the last one dies — in a very practical sense, it happens much earlier. When, for example, you are at only 50% of the population in your own country — as is nearly the case in the USA — you are staring death in the face. Every attempt at righting the situation becomes geometrically more difficult with each 1% drop in your share of the population. The notion that we can’t have polygyny because it’s somehow unenlightened and barbaric, etc., is completely nuts. You want to know what’s truly barbaric? I’ll tell you: it’s getting erased right out of your own homeland by armies of brown, r-selected welfare leaches (who are often polygynous!). You’ll never beat that savage level of barbarism. I’m serious. Every fertile White female womb needs to perform at at least double the replacement rate for a while to get us out of this jam, and if that means some heroic mothers of our White nations are going to do this as co-wives to some White Christian millionaires, then I am not only accepting of this, I am thrilled.

It is a fact long observed that while there is an approximate equilibrium in terms of raw numbers of young men and women of breeding age, the number of reproductively desirable males (in the eyes of females) is always lower than the number of reproductively desirable females (in the eyes of males). This is an eternal phenomenon which today has the name “involuntary celibacy”. Many scientists postulate that, genealogically speaking, humanity has 3 or more times the amount of mothers as it does fathers. The just thing would be to harness this natural way of things into something legitimate — particularly in times of drastic emergency such as the present time. The insistence that the daughters of White nations should just produce children for foreigners because “ewww, White polygyny” is treasonous.

At this juncture, the reader is probably thinking, “Well, you started by assuring us that monogamy is the gold standard, then you went on to promote polygyny like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, what gives?” Okay, here’s is where I will balance things and clarify that question.

Monogamy is the gold standard, it is what a reasonably healthy society should promote far above any other regime of home-life. I believe monogamy is what God, in the context of reasonable societal conditions, wills for us. We are currently in a society that is very far from that range of reasonable conditions — uniquely so. I do not think it is at all realistic to call our society “Christian” or “traditional” or “chaste” or anything other than sexually liberated at this point, nor is it realistic to say that there is any modicum of stability. We are living in a time of genuine materialistic barbarism coupled with a gaping demographic crisis. Never before has it been possible for a small town belle to upload a few photos and get an invite to a palace on the other side of the globe to have oil billionaires defecate on her for money. You know, heck, we don’t have to look at the more egregious examples of disorder in the world; never before have we had a world wherein such a massive percentage of women burn up most or all of their fertile years chasing careers and engaging in massive serial non-monogamy (i.e., sexual liberation). This is now considered “normal” and desirable.

Believe me, I would love to see a world wherein the small town belle has no Instagram and no career and never even thinks of going to some vermin-infested place like Dubai but instead marries young to a good man who — while he may not be a celebrity, a millionaire, or a good-looking psychopath — is a man of good character and sufficient means and together they build a household on the foundation of monogamy, virtue, and good genetics. I would love to see that. I am sure that I myself am one of those men who could successfully head two or more households at once — and I would quite enjoy having a few wives and a small army of sons and daughters, believe me, I would; and yet, my views, guided by wisdom, are that the best society and the best family life are to be found in monogamy.

(1) Children get more parental attention in monogamous households. Being a person who favors high-investment parenting, I am cautious about that dream of having 4 wives and 25 kids. Polygyny, even if practiced by the best of people, is going to come at at least some cost to the parent-child attention ratio. Keep this in mind. On that note, I also think that a woman in a monogamous household having 8 or more kids is also knocking down the quality of parenting a bit. Five or six children is probably the maximum that a mother can produce and still be described as “fruitful and multiplying” and not simply “multiplying”.

(2) Monogamy is better for society as a whole (outside of crisis situations). Monogamy, when it is believed in by most of a society, is the closest that that society can come to ensuring that everybody will have a decent shot at all the good that marriage and family life bestows on men and women. It is not an absolute guarantee — as there will always be some amount of incels in a society, but it is a powerful way of tamping down the extremely hypergamous instincts of women and saying, “Listen, don’t get carried away in the conceit of your temporary youth-centered beauty. Pair up with somebody who is roughly your peer in terms of social station and looks and be settled, for life.” Sure, in this setting there is still some competition for the most desirable mates — which is good — but society is not undermined by the masses of merely average women playing concubine to the upper echelons of men while pursuing “careers”.


Marriage is a blessing that brings people joy in the form of companionship, marital intimacy, and the generation of offspring, but more importantly, it is the most common and effective means by which people gain maturity and learn how to be patient, generous, and compassionate. Bachelors and spinsters are almost always stunted people. The vast majority of people need marriage and children in order to grow up into the full stature of men and women. Monogamy is a way of enrolling the maximum amount of people into this very important school. (Which is why it is infinitely better for five women to be a man’s life-long full-fledged wives than for four of them to be merely girlfriends.)

Monogamy makes for the highest possible number of people in a society to feel invested in their society. As the portion of society with marriages and children rises so does the overall amount of long-term thinking. When you have an indissoluble monogamous marriage and you are raising kids, your interest in the goings on in the world is sharpened. It matters to you what the people around you are doing. It matters to you what vision your society’s leaders are guided by, it matters what the schools are teaching. This is not mere conjecture, numerous studies on voting patterns reveal that people who are married tend to be much more conservative/traditional than unmarried people in their age and income cohort. This correlation is intensified in those who marry younger and those who have more children. Not at all surprisingly to me, it is women who show the largest change in political attitudes when going from singlehood to married life.

As I’ve said before, there will always be some incels. If society is in a fairly good state of health, the incels will be restricted to a small number and will tend to be the “1’s” through “3’s” of the dating pool — as such, most of them come to terms with inceldom before graduating high school and will hopefully find reasonably fulfilling substitutes for family life. An unhealthy society — one in which female wantonness is protected and celebrated — will produce a great many incels. In this scenario, the incels are not merely the nerds, the eccentrics, and the uglies, but even the healthy, well-adjusted, reasonably handsome men — the “7’s” of the dating pool — are invisible to women that would rather spend their fertile years riding the carousel of single life as the serial concubines of elite men. This leaves a massive amount of men disaffected. Indeed, if a man can’t enjoy sex and can’t produce children, what reason does he have for caring for society? Or better yet, why would such men not want to punish that society?

Interestingly, in islamic societies where massive inceldom has become entrenched, the incels have channeled their frustrations into things like jihad, pederasty, and bestiality. So far, incels in White Western societies have favored drugs and video games as the escape from reality and worse antisocial behaviors will probably take root as Western Society continues in sexual liberation.

You never want too many incels. Thus, while sexually liberated societies are the most dangerous in this regard, even traditional societies with high levels of polygyny can leave many men disenfranchised and desperate. It would be in the incels’ best interest (and every man’s interest) to put away the escapisms they have clung to and work toward massive social revolution, whereby wanton women will be taken, regardless of their will, into actual marriage (either monogamous or polygynous) and child-bearing. Only in this way can our people crawl out of Hell and stand upon Earth again and work towards heavenly things.

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