A Goy Has Nothing in this Woild… (I)

Goyim have been told that they have nothing in this world but the four amos of social distancing.

Recently, a British official has gone public admitting that the global social distancing mandate of 2 meters (6 feet) has no basis in scientific reasoning and was just “conjured up out of nowhere“.

I, for one, don’t buy that at all. I do agree with him that it has no basis in scientific reasoning — as scientist themselves have talked for decades about the natural propagation of airborne pathogens far exceeding distances of six feet. So, 6 feet being some kind of safe distance from an allegedly “dangerous” disease is completely ridiculous. What I don’t buy is that it was “conjured up out of nowhere”.

In rabbinic literature there is a very frequently recurring reference to the measurement of “four amos”. An amah (plural, amoth or amos) is the Hebrew word for the cubit, which is an old fashioned measurement derived from the length of one’s tip of the middle finger to one’s elbow, or as virtually all interpreters agree, roughly one and a half feet. “Four amos” is the talmud’s quintessential measure for an individual’s “personal space”, and figures among the other standard measures, such as a kezayis (an olive’s size of something) and a beitzah (an egg’s size of something).


The talmud and later rabbinic literatures are constantly employing these measures in laying out the various norms of jewish law or expressing certain homiletic concepts. For example, a jew cannot expose his tzitzis (shawl fringes) nor study torah within 4 amos (6 feet) of a grave, a jew cannot sit idly beside another jew who is praying 4 amos (6 feet) away or closer, nor can a jew walk within four amos (6 feet) in front of another jew who is praying. A jewish man may not walk more than 4 amos without a kippah. This is just scratching the surface. The 4 amos is symbolic of an individual’s personal space. Very often jews will actually refer to personal space as one’s daled amos (daled meaning “four”), for example, by jewish law, a house does not have the status of a house unless it is at least 4 amos x 4 amos, since smaller dimensions would fall short of a person’s personal space. This is such a common thing, it even appears outside of jewish legal literature. Just as I am writing this I found a blog called “Daled Amos” wherein the writer says that “what [he] writes only has to go so far” (as in, a mere 6 ft of personal space) and by his own description, the blog is “about the history and politics that surround the Jewish Homeland Israel in the Middle East” (i.e., the Jewish nation’s (alleged) personal space).

I might sound like I am laboring this point too much, but in my inadequate way, I am just trying to get across to you how ubiquitous this 6 ft thing is in Judaism. (If you haven’t read my series where I describe my experience studying and practicing orthodox judaism, be sure to do so. You can start by going here.)

Anyways, there is an oft-repeated phrase in judaism about God having nothing in the (rebellious) world except the 4 amos of jew’s personal practice of jewish law. Alternatively, it is said that a jew has nothing in this world except his own personal practice of jewish law (i.e., halachah).

I repeat, this 6 ft thing was NOT conjured up out of nowhere. I hope this is obvious now to all of us. The jewish overlords have imposed upon us the confinement to “personal space” that has been defined by their oral tradition since before the birth of our Lord (may He rebuke them soon). That’s all we have, because we have permitted jews to live among us, which in turn means that we have permitted them to climb above us and stomp us down. Just as their hannuka menorah is a brazen display of mastery, so is this social distancing fiat. Jewish media (in other words, all mainstream media and popular media platforms) have, by their own admission, been working around the clock to eliminate all contradictions to the official WHO line on covid-19.

A goy has nothing in this world except the 4 amos of social distancing — until he will wrest back this world from the spidery hands that stole it from him. Do you see where this is going? If not, I will explain it to you. The jew has smashed our legs so that he can now sell us a wheelchair (on credit). The point we are in now is one where the majority of small businesses in the entire Western World have been crushed to powder. We have 30 million people on unemployment in the USA alone at the moment I write this. This is and will continue to be devastating to the middle class and small, independent businesses. We are witnessing a massive capture of market share by big business away from small business. The big, well-connected chains have been permitted to stay open while independents have been forcefully shuttered. It’s amazing. Once the dust settles, the only tiny chance for employment for most people will be at the megastores that had already begun phasing out human labor in favor of robots and self-checkout!

But this is just one small facet, and one with a decidedly optimistic sheen to it. It is still very far from being a suitable contemplation of the whole trouble.

Do you know anything about supply chains? Back when I was pondering the effects of a Carrington-type event, I got into learning about modern supply chains, logistics, just-in-time inventory systems, and so on. I was left with the feeling of absolutely surety that two or three days without electricity would be enough to bring down the entire world-wide system of modern “living” once and for all and leave the world in a state forever incapable of re-“achieving” modernity, namely because all of the low-hanging and even mid-hanging fruit of technological advancement has already long been plucked. As a good friend of mine put it: it would be like expecting the Romans to dig deep offshore oil wells and a thousand other absurdities. Utterly impossible. While we don’t have a Carrington II on our hands (yet, hahaha), what we have could nonetheless prove to be a rather formidable blow to the status quo, for both good and bad.

The masses of people are only now starting to catch word of “broken supply chains” and to see news stories about things like milk, eggs, and other produce being dumped. This is utterly perplexing to most people. Most people wonder why the farmers don’t just give it away. Well, honestly, I’d say 100% farmers would rather give away produce than to just dump it. Farmers are some of the most generous and benevolent people you are ever going to meet. The problem isn’t with farmers or their good-will. The problem is with the extremely stupid idea of shutting everything down (over the flu). There are very many steps between the farm and a person’s belly — and ZOGs all over the world decided to take a wild sledge hammer to the fine-tuned and delicate mechanisms that get food from the farm to you. It’s always thousands of times easier to destroy something than it is to build it, and the world is about to learn how great and painful and deadly it is act like a hypochondriac sissy.

To illustrate: You have fourteen cows. One cow produces milk for your household, the other thirteen produce milk for you to sell. One day, the governor issues a quarantine order. You sell almost no milk. The cows need to be milked (twice per day!) whether you sell or not. So you milk your cows. You have more milk on your hands than you can use and more than you can store. Normally you are selling your milk to schools and restaurants all over the state, but they are closed. You give the surplus milk to neighbors and hope things turn around. Week two. Again you have no one to sell to. Cows keep eating (cost), keep needing care (cost), keep needing to be milked (cost), you give away what you can. You have no place to store surplus milk. Cows are not faucets that can be closed. You try to find other buyers. It’s not easy. Demand has shrunken as most people are not allowed to work and earn money. You, and farmers like you, find it increasingly difficult to sell your massive oversupplies of milk. You, and farmers like you, have your own expenses. Eventually, you slaughter a cow or two. You funds are getting tighter all the time. You need to conserve resources and the meat from you cows is more useful than dumping milk. More weeks go buy, more businesses close. The town dairy co-op has drastically reduced activity and cannot pay for necessary maintenance on several pieces of equipment. Additionally, the only refrigeration technician in the county has left for the big city in hopes of finding work. Two months have past. You have slaughtered all but three cows. The government “aid” money that was supposed to help small farms like yours has been sucked up by all kinds of well connected big-agro firms before you ever had a chance to do anything. City people who work in cubicles and watch facebook clips of farmers dumping milk and killing milk cows suppose that farmers are stingy. They don’t realize that neither Dean’s nor Kroger’s nor Meijer’s nor Safeway has sent a truck to your town in over six weeks. You, and all the farmers in your area, have been economically marooned. If you ever get back into the dairy business — and that is a HUGE “if” — it would literally require a rebuilding from the ground up of a lot of things, both physical and intangible.

It’s kind of like driving a semi truck on one of those wintertime arctic convoys to resupply a distant village up in the tundra of northern Canada, and the drivers are ordered to stop in the middle of nowhere and turn off their engines and let the diesel freeze, then they are ordered to lay motionless in the snow for a whole day and night. When after all the drivers but one have died of hypothermia, the boss radios in and orders the lone driver get all the trucks started and finish the route! This is essentially what is currently happening to our supply chains. Not only to milk, but to eggs, meat, crops; eventually everything will be effected to one degree or another.

The Road to Serfdom, Full Steam Ahead

Before this hysteria hit, we were already a debtor nation — both on a household level and on a governmental level. The same could be said for most Western nations — people were living highly consumerist lifestyles and assuming that the circulation of money would always continue as before. Democratic governments were taking on debt, buying constituencies today with tomorrow’s unearned money. Now governments around the world are issuing welfare money to their populations, and (((central banks))) are only too happy to print it.

30 million Americans are on unemployment today. As I write this, governors are extending stay-at-home orders. God alone knows how many more tens of millions will be jobless — unable to feed themselves and pay rent/mortgage — by the time this is over. A truly enormous amount of people, all over the world, will have one and only one way to try to avoid starvation — borrowing money. The fast approaching scene is going to remind us of the jewish legend of the Exodus, wherein famished and impoverished Egyptians bartered all their possessions, including their bodies, for a morsel of food from the hand of the Egyptian puppet government, while Joseph and his tribesmen, the real rulers of the land, live it up.

Not Allowed to Not be Crazy

I am really impressed by the iron determination that the overlords have in keeping us in this mental state of panic, fear, loneliness, stupidity, and despair. A massive, multi-platform effort is maintained to make sure that no ray of hope may penetrate into the darkness they have created; no dissenting view is heard. All you have is your allotted 6 feet of personal space. You can amass all the truth, medical facts, and common sense in the world, but for what? Who are you going to talk to? and by what means?

You will be lucky just to be able to talk to a handful of people in your so-called “social” life — that is, if they have not already surrendered all sense.


Part II

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  1. It’s not just small businesses that are getting squeezed financially but also churches. Donations are down due to reduced access (online-only giving) and from reduced sense of community due to streaming rather than meeting in person. I believe this is intentional.


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