A Goy Has Nothing in this Woild… (III)

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After having a conversation with a friend, it occurred to me that a few clarifications and elaborations are in order.

First off, my thanks to R______ for the good feedback and good insights! (I’m withholding his name only because I don’t want him to be connected to the controversial views that are often expressed on this site.) Talking with R______ is a true instance of “iron sharpening iron” (Proverbs 27:17). In fact, much of what I will write today is gleaned from a recent conversation with him.

Anyways, as I have said earlier, I find that many people — solid, mentally sound, well-adjusted people — have been feeling this “THING”. It actually started before the (((pandemic))) and has simply become more intense and widespread with the onset of the covid scam. People know something really big is happening — something much bigger than alleged pandemics and the kooky responses to them. Even Christian friends of mine, who by their own self-description are not generally zealous or even “really Christian” have been experiencing this internal surge of some hard-to-describe “THING”. I find this very inspiring. People who are not the 3-hour Bible conversation types are now telling me they just “know” this is The End and they are really relieved to find somebody to talk to. Very interesting. Amazing, really. I repeat, these are not flaky people. These are not people panicking about toilet paper or panicking about their income or their retirement plans. These are people who have more than enough of the basic personal wherewithal to soldier through challenges and setbacks in the material sphere of life, and yet, and yet . . . they are disturbed by something: something more sinister and more intentional and blacker than any natural disaster. It’s as if, looking at the face of all this government and media mendacity and all of the state’s dumb cruelty, they have seen a fleeting flash of vampire-red in the eyes of Big Brother, and they gasped and inwardly said, “Did I really see that?”

We have all been living in a luke-warm epoch of Church history. There is a real cold shower of mercy happening right now. The veil is removed and the scales are falling from thousands, eventually millions, of eyes. As I said in Part II, the real reality is that we were born into a spiritual war that is taking place in a material battlefield. The powers that rule the world right now are not merely brutish, unintelligent, irresponsible, and selfish — oh that we should be so lucky! — no, they are much worse. They are literally serving satan and they have an actual agenda and that agenda involves crushing the God-given dignity out of every man, woman, and child. People are beginning to see this: that their governments are servants of satan purposefully implementing a satanic agenda. This is by far the simplest of all interpretations of current events. It is the Occam’s Razor.

In my last article in these series, I didn’t even attempt at plumbing the depths of the sadism, of the telegraphing of evil, of the devilish symbolism packed into so much that they do. I was in a hurry to simply get the main idea out there and leave the details, either for later or for other people. There’s no way I could even begin to make an exhaustive list. For example, I didn’t mention that mega retailers and liquor stores and even abortion clinics remain open while churches are shuttered. I left out the deeply subversive way in which the young are being sacrificed for the very old. I left out the fact that Bill Gates’ Microsoft debuted a promotional video for the openly satanic Maria Abramovich on Good Friday of all days! I left out the fact that the ghoulish jew-run mainstream media promoted the false notion that covid-19 deaths would peak on Easter. Do you imagine that to be a sheer coincidence, or do the jews behind the curtain have a desire to denigrate the most holy day of the Christian year with their lies? (Interestingly, and quite opposed to their symbolism agenda, deaths are now reported to have peaked on Good Friday.) I left out the fact that in some places, churches are being told by the state to register the people who come to worship. I left out the fact that so many people are succumbing to mental breakdowns and very drastic acts due to this sadistic regime of house arrest. I didn’t mention the TRACE Act (literally HR-6666) that is intended for total covid surveillance and provides for the forced removal of people from their homes! In the last couple of weeks, several MSM dispatches have noted that Bill Gates has donated “$6.6 billion” for the development of a covid-19 vaccine, to be developed within 18 (6+6+6) months.

As I have said before, I am not hereby alleging that the virus itself, nor this or that law, is necessarily the actual mark of the beast. It is simply the case that this number, being so uniquely and famously tied with satan and satanic things, is found to a curiously high degree with things that are occult and evil even outside of the specific mark-of-the-beast context of the Apocalypse. 666 bespeaks a missing third. The basis behind this number’s notoriety is the missing third of the angels who followed satan in rebellion against God (see Revelation 12:4). Thus, things attached to this 666 motif are harking back to the fact that satan slashed to population of the heavenly beings down to 2/3 of what it should have been.

Interestingly, R______, in relation to my earlier observation about the 4 cubits of personal space from Part I, points out that: 4 cubits = 6 feet, 4/6 = ‭0.666666666666666………………

On top of it all, the satanic rulers of this world are fast removing all chance of dissent and eliminating the means of combating their lies with truth.

“Normal” people are seeing this — more and more, although it is a hard pill for many to swallow. A person cannot accept the reality of sadistic, literal satan-serving governments without accepting the accompanying truth that these governments are assembled, in their actions and intentions, AGAINST a definitive thing, namely the image of God in humanity, given to us through God creating us and redeemed for us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, people are realizing that they have been put up against a wall and that a literal satan do it to them. All they have now is Jesus. Those who are already at least nominally Christian are realizing that things are about to get real-er than they ever imagined.

So, a few weekends ago, my family and I were having a splendid time violating this evil and ridiculous quarantine by having dinner at our friends’ house (not R______’s). These folks are Christians — solid Christians — but not the type to make any big to-do about their faith. Eventually, the conversation turned to economics under these current conditions, and after some minutes of discussing this and that government policy and this and that market dynamic, I cut to the chase and said,

“Listen, I think this is probably the End of Time.”

Then, hearing how my own words sounded to me, and being quite dissatisfied with them them, I hastened to correct myself, saying, “No, actually, I believe this is the End of Time.”

Do you see the difference in these two statements? I definitely do. I explained to my friend, that according to all my intelligence, intuition, and conviction, we are entering the End Times. You see, that is much more assertive than just saying “this is probably the End of Time”. “Probably the End of Time” leaves a fairly big escape hatch if I am mistaken, whereas “I believe this is the End of Time” leaves only a tiny one, insofar as all humans are finite and capable of error. I want to be as clear to whoever reads this as I was to my friend at dinner: according to all my intelligence, intuition, and conviction, we are entering the End Times.

Is it possible my intelligence is of insufficient quality for this and my intuitions are distorted, resulting in incorrect convictions? Yes, it’s possible. But I really, really, really don’t believe I am wrong here. If I am wrong — which I am convinced is not the case — I will be fine with that. I’m not securing an escape hatch, I’m just clarify my stance. Frankly, I don’t need an escape hatch vis-a-vis readers of this site. I’m not making a public reputation on this. I’m not selling people things. This site is not monetized.

R______ asked me whether I think it is theoretically possible at this point to stave off God’s Judgment.

Based on Jonah (a book oft cited by the Lord) plus a few other incidents in the Old Testament, I am of the school of thought that, at least in theory, all chastisement portions of prophecy are subject to reprieve at God’s discretion. God often seems to favor mercy more than “being in the right”, as it were. Of course, there are certainly cases where longer forbearance yields no good fruit. Who knows whether now is such a time. My guess, for whatever little it is worth, is that it is a time when more mercy will not equal more improvement of the human species. Additionally, the arguments for The End being imminent and going for course seem so stacked and solid. So, it could be that the unfolding of the scroll of the Apocalypse will be shelved for another time, but I don’t currently believe it.

Jonah was a prophet and he was expected to be content with “being wrong” so that Nineveh could be rewarded for its massive repentance. How much more should I, being just some random guy, be happy that The End, with all of its terrors and sufferings, can be delayed!

R______ surmises that we have before us either slavery or martyrdom. I agree. That’s really what it all comes down to. Nothing about this will be easy, even for those of us who intellectually anticipate it. Our options will tend very quickly to the extremes: martyrdom or slavery. While it is completely natural to hope for some great thing to overthrow the ugliness of the present order, it is folly for a man to long for the judgment, for when that great hand comes down, how shall not every one of us feel the impact? We must keep our eye on the promise and brace ourselves for the trial we must pass through to get there.

As Father Larry Richards is wont to say, through Christ we are adopted sons of God, with all of the same categories of favor and responsibility. To us it is literally true that we are His beloved sons in whom He is well pleased, but it is equally true that there is the possibility of the terrible cup of bloody martyrdom, which all the hopeful supplication in the world might not take away if that is what the Father’s will is. We must not fall apart at dreadful possibilities, but we should meditate upon the very realness of being crucified with Christ. Everything about our current events suggests that it is at the door. Nonetheless, the sufferings of the very near future are not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us, if only we stay true to Him who is the author of all courage and loyalty.

I thought it would be good to put together a working list of things to keep our focus on as we go into the next weeks and months.

1.) The thing that tops the list, as best I see it, is: stick to the fundamentals. Stick to the basic, everyday things that comprise life for a Christian no matter what chapter in history we are in. There is not one kind of Christianity for the End Times and another for all the other periods of history. The life of Christian faith has quite a few constants that never change in the least whether the year is AD 70 or AD 2020.

Daily prayer. Daily Bible. Ongoing meditation upon what we are studying in the Bible and upon what we are seeking from God. Going to church whenever possible. We have learned from the last couple months that church (going to Holy Mass) and enjoying the company of other Christians is not something to ever take for granted.

Finally, be faithful in the small things, in the prose of life. Without this, we cannot take hold of any higher calling. You cannot be a neglectful father or husband and be a saint. You cannot be a slothful man, a leach on others, or dishonest in business and be a saint. Attend to the ordinary matters in life as you would at any other time, bringing to them honesty and Christian dignity. Form families, have children. Teach your children well. Prepare them for all the responsibilities common to all men and women of all times.

We cannot claim to know all that is coming to pass. Not by a long shot. Don’t make the mistake that other Christians have made in the past, to wit, abandoning the greater part of life’s common routines and responsibilities in the name of waiting upon the Lord. The Lord charges us with making the most out of our talents, and most of those talents have to do with everyday things.

Should you study the Book of Revelation and try to better understand the significance of the time we are in? Of course. In fact, a blessing is given to the person who does so (Revelation 1:3). But it is much more fundamental to take in the overall message of the Gospel. Opposition to satan is important, but it is nothing compared to discipleship to Christ.

2.) Study the Church Fathers and the lives of the Saints. They have so much to tell us about the time we have entered, seeing that so many of them completed their mission on earth as martyrs.

3.) Get your moral house in order. As I have said before, you need to be reconciled with God and fully commit yourself to faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ. If you are not yet baptized, get it done ASAP. If you are not yet confirmed, get it done ASAP. If you are living in sin, repent ASAP and get right with God. Forsake fornication and all such pollutions, if you are cohabitating with a woman, get a sacramental marriage or else leave her. Make restitution in all cases where applicable. You can’t just tell God, “Gee, Lord, sorry about ripping those people off”, or, “Sorry about slandering those people” — it doesn’t work that way. If you have wronged people, you need to do everything possible to make it right. Don’t wait. It’s only going to get harder, seeing as we are becoming ever more restricted from interacting with one another. Don’t leave burdens on your conscience, deal with them quickly and thoroughly. Unfinished moral business will sink you big time in the days that are coming.

4.) Connect with other Christians. If you’re already a member of a congregation that has a good grasp of just how urgent the situation is, great! Consider yourself very blessed. Otherwise, help those whose comprehension of things is not quite keen enough yet. Be sure to teach patiently. Also, make contingency plans with those Christians in your congregation or social circle who do see what’s afoot. Figure out how you can support one another when things really go dark. We are fast approaching a time when we will not be able to buy or sell without receiving the mark of the beast — in other words, we will be excluded from the economy. Therefore, we should figure out right now how our skills, services, and goods can be pooled and/or bartered in order to secure our corporate survival. Interestingly, the nascent Church (Acts 2:44,45), owing to the exigencies of the times, started out with a communitarian model of social and economic organization. It looks like that will be true as well for the Church of the End Times.

Closely connected to this is the need to “flee to the mountains” (Matthew 24:16). It is quite possible that the “Judea” from which we must flee is the jewish-dominated cosmopolitan world (this would actually harmonize very well with the command to leave the Great Harlot). In any case, living outside of the cities — or at the very least, having a very rural place to go to when the time comes — is a huge asset. While it is true that rural living has much to do with agriculture, hunting, trapping, gathering, etc., this is not a complete picture of more primitive economies. You could still be a very valuable asset to a rural Christian End-Times community even if you aren’t very good at those things. Communities will need craftsmen of all sorts, doctors, caretakers, pastors, priests, people who can make tools or clothes, people who can mend durable goods, watchmen, and many other things. Don’t think that unless you are Davy Crockett, you have no place in the “mountains”.

Do your best to bring in the “lone-wolf” type Christians who have been avoiding church. Don’t badger anybody with doctrinal quarrels. As much as is possible, Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic should put aside differences and focus on the trials and tasks at hand. Perhaps they will have separate communities in most instances, but they should cooperate as much as possible and regard one another with the utmost fraternal love.

5.) Finally, do not take a fatalistic approach to anything — not even to Bible prophecy. Don’t sit there and say, “Whelp, God said it’s just going to be unbelievably grueling and horrible, so it’ll be enough if I can just get by. I’ll just try to hold out, absorbing the blows of an evil world…” No, no, no. Not only does God reserve the right to abrogate the doom aspects of any prophecy, He also has a million and one ways to fulfill what He has said that go beyond our comprehension. God is never painted into a corner. We should not be, either. Instead of absorbing the blows of an evil world, we should be dealing blows to the evil in the world. Christians should be feared by satan and his servants. Indeed, that latter chapters of Revelation describe just such scenes of pure Christian domination.

In the Gospels, you will find instances where Christ “marvels” at the faith of some people (always goyim, btw). Some might say that this experience of surprise is only possible because of the limitations of Christ’s humanity. Perhaps, but then again we cannot be sure exactly how that works, because we do know also that He was able to comprehend people perfectly. What we can take away, however, is that there is a certain pure-hearted audacity that is very pleasing to God. Pray that we may all be filled with it.


” . . . Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her. And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee; and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy PHARMAKEIA were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.” (Revelation 18)

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