The New Normal

I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t had much time to make videos. But, I have wanted to share his video on the New “Normal”.—Happen-Network:3

I’m not saying I endorse every particle of this film, but it is overall very useful in getting one’s self familiarized with the openly stated objectives of the global elite. Much of the material for this film comes from publicly available films and papers published by the World Economic Forum and similarly focused organizations.

Many of you already know about the “Great Reset” but some don’t, or, some suspect that it is a conspiratorial spin of things. Please understand, there is nothing conspiratorial about global elites using a pandemic (whether real, exaggerated, or downright fake) to usher in sweeping societal and economic changes across the globe — it is a frequently and openly stated goal of theirs! Hear it from their own mouth.

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