The Awesome Power of Hate (II)

Please read Part I of this first. As I was saying earlier, some humans take up a mode of existence which bears uncanny practical resemblance to entropic forces such as disease and nuclear disasters. It's only natural that the more a person values LIFE, the more he must, even if not consciously at first, come… Continue reading The Awesome Power of Hate (II)

The Awesome Power of Hate (I)

About one week ago, my wife and I and a couple close friends had a very nice dinner together in honor of my brother, Brad, who passed away one year ago. He was young -- only 33 -- he died of a minute anatomical abnormality in his heart which no one knew about. It's rare… Continue reading The Awesome Power of Hate (I)

Saving the Environment

The other day I was reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- a gigantic soup of garbage, mostly small bits of plastic litter, swirling around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Similar phenomena are found in the world's other oceans as well. Lately scientists and environmentalists have claimed that the GPGP has come… Continue reading Saving the Environment

Tech Axioms

I consider these important enough that I'm giving them their own permanent place on the menu. Axiom I One cannot simultaneously pursue technological progress and conserve traditional mores. Any attempt to do so is delusional and doomed to failure, with the victory going to tech and the concomitant disintegration of traditional mores. Axiom II Industrial-age… Continue reading Tech Axioms

Why You Hate Contemporary Music

Chances are, if you read this blog of mine, you probably think modern music is mostly shit. I know I sure do. Even within genres that I like, most of the stuff being pushed now is awful. Well, there's a reason behind this. Check this out, too. Now, why do I bring this… Continue reading Why You Hate Contemporary Music

Technology and Relationships, Part 3, Nationalism or Consumerism?

In my book, Human Sunset, I use a lot of screenshots that pertain to loneliness and the deterioration of relationships. I think it’s really important to unpack this – and truly, there is a lot going on as far as this particular aspect of tech goes. You can find Part 1 of this series, dealing with friendships in… Continue reading Technology and Relationships, Part 3, Nationalism or Consumerism?