A Goy Has Nothing in this Woild… (I)

Goyim have been told that they have nothing in this world but the four amos of social distancing. Recently, a British official has gone public admitting that the global social distancing mandate of 2 meters (6 feet) has no basis in scientific reasoning and was just "conjured up out of nowhere". I, for one, don't… Continue reading A Goy Has Nothing in this Woild… (I)

If Only People Believed in God…

Recently, a good friend suggested that I should write something about how so much of the senseless inconvenience, unemployment, anxiety, alienation, impoverishment, state tyranny, despair, HYSTERIA, etc, would have been avoided if people had simply believed in God. It immediately struck me as a very good thing to write about. Thanks, DF! This present miasma… Continue reading If Only People Believed in God…

Utah May Decriminalize Polygamy.

This is a piece by me concerning a subject featured in an article written by Jonathon Van Maren at LifeSite News. I am supplying the link below, but will not reprint the article here. I will say up front that, notwithstanding the fact that I really like LifeSite, I don't look at this issue… Continue reading Utah May Decriminalize Polygamy.