Here are a few ways to get my book, Human Sunset. (Yes, one of them is for free.) This book consists almost entirely of screenshots of the the news media reporting on the increasingly sick, bizarre and technologically advanced world we are in. It is a powerful visual indictment of our unfortunate path of life (or perhaps better said, path of death). These problems must happen, as they are, owing to the very characteristics of advanced technology, unavoidable results. Many people realize there is a very serious problem with our technological world, but they figure there is next to nothing that can be done about it. They shrug their shoulders and go on — often self-medicating with “electronic opiates”. My aim is to jolt people out of their complacency. Serious problems are always worth addressing, no matter how daunting they may appear. In fact, reason dictates that the more serious the problem, the more it is worth our time and effort to do something about it.

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1.) Your first option is to purchase the full-color book for $25. My goal was not to seek income from this book. I have a comfortable livelihood from my own business. Lulu, the printing company, told me that $25 is the minimum they will sell this book for — they didn’t offer an “at-cost” option, so this is as close as it comes to at-cost. What ever money makes its way to me after-cost, I will use 100% for the purchase of more books. If you prefer physical books, this is the way to go. Additionally, if you want other people to read this, they are far more likely to read a physical copy than to look up a link to a free PDF download. Just think about leaving a copy of this book sitting at the lunch table, the gym, etc.

2.) Your second option is to purchase the black-and-white version of the book for $7.50. As with the full-color version, this price is lowest price possible with Lulu.

3.) You can read and access a free downloadable PDF file by going to this link.

You are welcomed — even encouraged — to make as many copies as you wish. My only request is that you make these copies in their entirety so that all of the content is preserved as well as contact information to this website.