Of course, I knew that after publishing Human Sunset I would continue to encounter things — dark things — that are instructive about the nature of modernity and which would have earned a sure place in Human Sunset. So, this page is dedicated to the dark and ongoing tragedy of Homo technologicus. Spending too much time here is a mental health risk. You’ve been warned.

Most of these are reader suggestions. If you find something in the news especially emblematic about the stupidity and foulness of the modern world, feel free to send your suggestions.

March 13, 2018. Fox News. Suicide Machine Harnesses 3D Printing Technology.

March 13, 2018. USA Today. New York Lawmakers Push Bill to Make Tide Pods Less Appetizing.

March 13, 2018. USA Today. Meth-Addicted Girl Gouges Her Own Eyes Out.

March 13, 2018. Vox. Ninety Percent of Public Schools Hold Mass-Shooting Drills.

March 14, 2018. USA Today. Americans Increasingly Self-Destructive.

March 16, 2018. The Baby Sleep Site. Delegate Your Child’s Bedtime Routine to Alexa.

April 1, 2018. The Japan Times. Robots Caring for the Elderly in Nursing Homes.

April 3, 2018. The Guardian. World’s Oceans Bombarded with Microscopic Plastic Contamination.

April 5, 2018. USA Today. Condom Snorting Challenge.

April 5, 2018. USA Today. World’s Largest Collection of Ocean Trash is Twice the Size of Texas.

April 20, 2018. DNA Romance. Online dating system matches people based on DNA samples. (*Personally, I enthusiastically endorse dating within one’s race/ethnicity, which by definition would make you more genetically proximate to your mate than dating outside your race. What I find dark about this is the outsourcing of mate selection to a laboratory! hahaha. What a world!)

April 30, 2018. Fox News. Freight Trucker Gets Stuck in Oregon Back-Country for 4 Days After Entrusting Navigation to GPS.

May 29, 2018. Russia Today. US Nuclear Arsenal in Hands of Troops High on LSD and Cocaine.

May 28, 2018. The Telegraph. Church of England Encourages Trannies to Seek Positions of Church Leadership.

June 6, 2018. Russia Today. British Health Service Expects Explosive Increase in Transgender Derangement.

June 14, 2018. Russia Today. New Study Suggests Intelligence in Decline.

July 12, 2018. Yahoo News. Dead Teen Placed in Video-Game Playing Pose for Funeral.

July 30, 2018. NPR News. Declining Number of Hunters Threatens State Conservation Agencies. Young People Too Busy with Meaningless Electronic Pursuits.

July 30, 2018. Pacific Standard. 24-Hour Daycare Becoming Increasingly Popular.

August 5, 2018. Business Insider. China Testing Bird-like Surveillance Drones.

October 16, 2018. Russia Today. Tranny Freak Denied Refuge in All Locker Rooms During School Shooter Drill. (LOL, so many levels of insanity in just one headline!)

October 22, 2018. Daily Stormer. YouTube Now Altering Comments, Forging Fake News Consensus. [Here is the direct link to the story on the YouTube channel of the gentleman who originally reported the problem, seeing that Daily Stormer is stripped of its url so frequently.]

October 24, 2018. Independent. Scientist Discover Plastic in Feces of Everybody Who Took Part in Europe-Wide Study.

November 10, 2018. Daily Wire. Tranny Freak Files Human Rights Complaints Against Spas Which Refused to Wax His Genitalia.

November 13, 2018. Russia Today. UK Companies Prepare to Microchip Employees to Boost Security.

December 28, 2018. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Teflon and Other Plastics Linked with the Development of Smaller Penises.

January 10, 2019. Fox News. American Psychological Association Deems Traditional Masculinity, as Marked by Stoicism, Competitiveness, Dominance and Aggression – “Harmful”.

February 10, 2019. Daily Mail. Leading British Surgeon Calls for Trannies to Receive Womb Transplants.

February 11, 2019. The Times. Underage Kids Increasingly Using Apps to Hook-Up. (As young as 8 years old!)

February 12, 2019. Daily Mail. UK Woman Arrested in Front of Her Children for Calling a “Trans-Woman” a Man.

February 18, 2019. Daily Mail. Doctors at England’s Only NHS Transgender Clinic for Children Warn Lobby Groups and Pushy Parents are Exposing Young Patients to “Long-Term Damage”.

February 26, 2019. Russia Today. Gay & trans sex education to be taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK.

February 26, 2019. Cancer Defeated. BPA-free drink containers may be worse than ones with BPA.

March 17, 2019. Daily Mail. Girl, 15, Taken from her Family After Telling Teachers her Parents ‘Didn’t Want her Changing Sex’.

March 31, 2019. BuzzFeed. 61-Year-Old Surrogate Mother Gives Birth to Gay Son’s Child.

April 15, 2019. New Zealand Herald. Revealed: Almost Half of All New Zealanders Have Police Alert on Their Names.

April 15, 2019. Stat News. A New Study Finds Your Sexual Partners Can Change Your Microbiome.

April 30, 2019. The Federalist. Father Gagged, Found Guilty of ‘Family Violence’ for ‘Mis-Gendering Daughter.

April 30, 2019. Natural News. Students Now Being Expelled from Schools in America for Not Having the “Correct” Views on Transgenderism.

April 30, 2019. Zero HedgeGoogle Tracks Your Location and Shares It with Police, Even When Your Phone is Off.

June 20, 2019. Fox News. Facebook Moderator Dies After Viewing Horrific Videos.

July 10, 2019. LifeSite News. Psychologists Form New Task Force to Normalize ‘Polyamory’.

July 10, 2019. New York Post. Alexa Calls Cops on Man Allegedly Beating Reprimanding His (Unfaithful) Girlfriend.

July 15, 2019. LifeSite News. Facebook Bans Saint Augustine Quote as ‘Hate Speech’.

December 21, 2019. San Fransico Mayor’s Office. Mayor Announces Rental Subsidies for Sodomites with HIV.

December 21, 2019. LifeSite News. ACLU Demands Tampons in Men’s Bathrooms for ‘Menstrual Justice’.

Jan 1, 2020. Daily Sormer. ADL Adds FBI’s “13/50” Meme to Hate Database, Claims the Internet is Evil for Reporting Crime Statistics.

January 1, 2020. Breitbart. Grooming Gang Epidemic: Nearly 19,000 Children Sexually Exploited in the UK Last Year. (Nearly all the perps are Paki invaders.)

January 10, 2020. Infowars. Thanks to Immigrants, Nearly Half of Dutch Women Regularly Feel Unsafe in Public Spaces.

January 10, 2020. Nation File. Student Behind “It’s OK to be White” Flyers Expelled, Interrogated by FBI Counter-Terrorism Unit.

January 11, 2020. Daily Mail. Thousands of UK Children (Some as Young as 4) Investigated by Police for Sexting.

January 15, 2020. LifeSite News. Rural Public Library Will Again Host Lesbian Pole-Dancer’s ‘Teens Only’ Sex Ed Class.

January 21, 2020. Breitbart. In France, Nearly One-in-Five Newborn Boys Have Muslim or Arabic First Names.

January 21, 2020. The Sun. Muhammad Makes List of 10 Most Popular Baby Names in the US for the First Time.

January 24, 2020. Daily Mail. Health of Poor British Adults is Now WORSE Than it Was for Those Who Grew Up in the Great Depression and WWII, Finds Study of 263,000 People.

January 28, 2020. Study Finds. Modern Family: Average Parent Spends Just 5 Hours Face-To-Face With Their Kids Per Week!

January 30, 2020. Breitbart. Sweden: Just Seven Convictions After Year of Over 250 Explosions and Bombings.

February 1, 2020. LifeSite News. Cross-dressing LGBT activist to appear on Sesame Street.

February 5, 2020. Sputnik News. Record Number of Swedish Men Getting Sterilized.

March 21, 2020. Study Finds. Office Hazards: Inhaling Printer Toner Particles Can Cause Genetic, Metabolic Changes.

March 22, 2020. Unz Review. In 70% Black Baltimore, Black Mayor Begs Residents to Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can be Used for Coronavirus Patients.

April 3, 2020. Vice News. FDA Permits Gays, Sex Workers, Druggies, and Freaks to Donate Blood.

May 12, 2020. Daily Mail. Average British Adult Spends 34 YEARS of Their Life Staring at Screens.

May 21, 2020. Daily Mail. U.S. Birth Rate Falls to its LOWEST in 35 Years.

May 25, 2020. Russia Today. Already High US Suicide Rate SOARS to New Levels Amid Covid-19 Lockdown.

May 27, 2020. Daily Stormer. United Nations Openly Promotes Agenda Under the ‘New World Order’ Name.

May 28. Times of Israel. US Will Push Other Countries to Love their Jews More, Anti-Semitism Monitor Says.