Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (IV)

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. For a few decades now, there has been an apparent love affair between virtually all varieties of Christianity and Judaism -- well, at least a one-way love affair. Most Christians these days adore Jews and eagerly seek every opportunity to support Israel, morally, politically, financially, and militarily. Most… Continue reading Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (IV)

Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (II)

To read Part I of this serious, click here. I spent the next several years studying Judaism. A number of my readers are already quite wise as to matters of Judaism and Jewry and naturally may be wondering -- in light of the unsavory things that they know -- how anybody in their right mind… Continue reading Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (II)

The Faith Which Moves Mountains

Sometimes I am asked whether I truly view every bit of modern tech in such a negative light. "Isn't there something redeeming about it?"  "Isn't there at least one aspect -- at least one possibility -- from all of these amazing emergent technologies that fascinates you?" No. No, I sincerely believe all that I have… Continue reading The Faith Which Moves Mountains

Lessons From Nature (I)

LIONS VERSUS HYENAS The other day, somebody suggested I watch this video: It really is loaded with meaning and lessons that are especially pertinent for us. For all the truths that may be said about a lion's great strength, cunning, and ferocity, for all the talk about it being the "King of Beasts" and… Continue reading Lessons From Nature (I)

Noah’s Ark (III)

For the 3rd part of this series. I thought the best way to clarify a few items and to head off a few objections is to criticize the ideas in the first two parts and present it all in a question-and-answer format. (Some of these criticism are things I actually hear from people.) 1. You… Continue reading Noah’s Ark (III)

Noah’s Ark (II)

Objectively, things are pretty awful. The industrial age has indeed been everything that Kaczynski described: "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life expectancy of those of us who live in 'advanced' countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have… Continue reading Noah’s Ark (II)