Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

It is most doubtful... Modernity is almost like meth: Speeding people way up, making them grotesque and fried out, and slowly but surely killing them. Can you talk a person out of the meth habit? I am slightly more optimistic when to comes to getting people off of tech, industrialism, and modernity. And if God… Continue reading Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

The Master Becomes the Servant (II)

I have found that most people, when asked whether they are technological optimists or technological pessimists, will eventually say something along the lines of, "Well, what difference does it make, it's taking us where it's taking us whether we like it or not." Ask yourself: Are these the words of a master or are they… Continue reading The Master Becomes the Servant (II)

The Master Becomes the Servant (I)

If I had to characterize tech in one word, it would be "degenerative". When people complain about degenerates or about a degenerate society, whether they realize it or not, they are complaining about the mostly unavoidable long-term results of a rapid leap forward in technology. This leap started with the Industrial Revolution, but did not… Continue reading The Master Becomes the Servant (I)

The Awesome Power of Hate (I)

About one week ago, my wife and I and a couple close friends had a very nice dinner together in honor of my brother, Brad, who passed away one year ago. He was young -- only 33 -- he died of a minute anatomical abnormality in his heart which no one knew about. It's rare… Continue reading The Awesome Power of Hate (I)

Saving the Environment

The other day I was reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- a gigantic soup of garbage, mostly small bits of plastic litter, swirling around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Similar phenomena are found in the world's other oceans as well. Lately scientists and environmentalists have claimed that the GPGP has come… Continue reading Saving the Environment