Division of Labor / Narrowing of Mind

Here's an experience I had a couple years ago: As I've mentioned elsewhere, I own a window cleaning business. At some point in time, I bought a sophisticated water purification system which -- without delving into the mechanical details -- significantly increased the speed at which we can clean windows. So, we get done cleaning… Continue reading Division of Labor / Narrowing of Mind

The Latest School Shooting

Had the killer in this most recent attack lived 200 years ago, I am confident he would have lived a contented enough life as a farmer, a butcher, a lumberjack, a surveyor, or a frontiersman. He would have had, relative to today’s standards, a physically tough life, but a decent, respectable livelihood nonetheless . . . Very importantly, he would have had reasonably good access to at least one woman who was not total trash and who could be his and only his. It’s a lost world.