Our “Judeo-Christian” Civilization

Well, it's once again Chanukah, that greatest holiday of judeochristianity. That holiday in which eager gentile presidents and world leaders put on their yarmulkas and party with the yidden; eating latkes, playing dreidel, and, most importantly of all, lighting the chanukah menoyrah, (known by more in-the-know people as the chanukiyah). It's just part-and-parcel of being… Continue reading Our “Judeo-Christian” Civilization

The Hechsher of the Beast

"You mean the MARK of the Beast, right?" No, I mean the HECHSHER. For those who don't know, a hechsher is one of the tiny jew-symbols found on food packaging to indicate that the food is kosher ("hechsher" and "kosher" come from the same root, k-ลก-r), i.e., decreed "fit", under jewish law, for consumption by… Continue reading The Hechsher of the Beast

Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (III)

Part I here. Part II here. After coming to this view of the Jews, I did not leave immediately. I wanted to test and test again my observations. I wanted to really understand this matter, not just very well, but fully. The Jewish Question is obviously extremely controversial by nature — I wanted to be… Continue reading Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (III)

Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (II)

To read Part I of this serious, click here. I spent the next several years studying Judaism. A number of my readers are already quite wise as to matters of Judaism and Jewry and naturally may be wondering -- in light of the unsavory things that they know -- how anybody in their right mind… Continue reading Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern “Christian” Pussification (II)