The Hechsher of the Beast

"You mean the MARK of the Beast, right?" No, I mean the HECHSHER. For those who don't know, a hechsher is one of the tiny jew-symbols found on food packaging to indicate that the food is kosher ("hechsher" and "kosher" come from the same root, k-ลก-r), i.e., decreed "fit", under jewish law, for consumption by… Continue reading The Hechsher of the Beast

The Master Becomes the Servant (IV)

It's a long one today, but I believe it's worth it. We ended Part III of this series by looking at the radical uprooting of traditional gender roles in the practical life and saw that this has a significant effect on the inner-spiritual life of humankind. Most of the fundamental spiritual truths and values held… Continue reading The Master Becomes the Servant (IV)