Self-righteous Hermit?

Neither Boyle nor Sterligov have totally disappeared from the modern world. Both are quite active, each in their own way, of promoting a back-to-nature agenda, and I think this is what must be done. Retreating to the woods entirely does nothing. The system is coming after your woods. By all means, start transitioning yourself and your family to a pre-industrial rural lifestyle, but don’t abandon the work that must be done.

The Latest School Shooting

Had the killer in this most recent attack lived 200 years ago, I am confident he would have lived a contented enough life as a farmer, a butcher, a lumberjack, a surveyor, or a frontiersman. He would have had, relative to today’s standards, a physically tough life, but a decent, respectable livelihood nonetheless . . . Very importantly, he would have had reasonably good access to at least one woman who was not total trash and who could be his and only his. It’s a lost world.