Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

It is most doubtful... Modernity is almost like meth: Speeding people way up, making them grotesque and fried out, and slowly but surely killing them. Can you talk a person out of the meth habit? I am slightly more optimistic when to comes to getting people off of tech, industrialism, and modernity. And if God… Continue reading Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

Globalization, Consumerism, and my Recent Stay in Poland

Not long ago I returned from spending about a month in Poland and Prague. In some respects, this post might seem to stray a bit from the usual scope of things here, but there is a justification to it. I'll explain later. Part of this trip to Poland was due to attending to some family… Continue reading Globalization, Consumerism, and my Recent Stay in Poland

Consumerism for Dummies

"Consumerism" is a buzzword which is currently entering the mainstream. It used to be only hippies and economics wonks would talk about consumerism, but I hear more and more use of this term by people whose interest in economics is not particularly acute, but they are rightly sensing that something in our economic milieu is… Continue reading Consumerism for Dummies

Flesh and Blood Hath not Revealed It…

Our society is a decidedly materialistic one. Science, which can often prove a fine tool in many areas of inquiry, is exalted far above its proper place. If science cannot identify something, then for many, the thing does not exist. If science cannot explain something, then for many, there is no decision or judgment that… Continue reading Flesh and Blood Hath not Revealed It…