Digital Gluttony and the Hunger for Wonder

One of the particularly strange phenomena observable in modern man is seen here: Even if we were to say, for the sake of argument, that these smart-phones and other gadgets are worth owning, what could possibly compel people to sacrifice so much time, foregone earnings, comfort, and dignity just to wait in line to… Continue reading Digital Gluttony and the Hunger for Wonder

The Latest School Shooting

Had the killer in this most recent attack lived 200 years ago, I am confident he would have lived a contented enough life as a farmer, a butcher, a lumberjack, a surveyor, or a frontiersman. He would have had, relative to today’s standards, a physically tough life, but a decent, respectable livelihood nonetheless . . . Very importantly, he would have had reasonably good access to at least one woman who was not total trash and who could be his and only his. It’s a lost world.