The Hechsher of the Beast

"You mean the MARK of the Beast, right?" No, I mean the HECHSHER. For those who don't know, a hechsher is one of the tiny jew-symbols found on food packaging to indicate that the food is kosher ("hechsher" and "kosher" come from the same root, k-š-r), i.e., decreed "fit", under jewish law, for consumption by… Continue reading The Hechsher of the Beast

The Faith Which Moves Mountains

Sometimes I am asked whether I truly view every bit of modern tech in such a negative light. "Isn't there something redeeming about it?"  "Isn't there at least one aspect -- at least one possibility -- from all of these amazing emergent technologies that fascinates you?" No. No, I sincerely believe all that I have… Continue reading The Faith Which Moves Mountains

The Green New Deal

I've really become quite a fan of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez lately. No, I'm just kidding of course. But I do appreciate her championing this GND resolution, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Before we get going here, I want to make a few points abundantly clear, lest there be some confusion later on: 1. I do… Continue reading The Green New Deal

The Worst Inventions of All Time (II)

To read the first part of this article, click here. Plastics Honestly, plastics seem down-right satanic. I've already spent time addressing the environmental impact, particularly as it relates to human health, i.e., endocrine health, here. If you are not yet acquainted with the growing body of research showing plastic's role in undermining the hormone balance… Continue reading The Worst Inventions of All Time (II)

The Worst Inventions of All Time (I)

Well, try as I might, it's been hard lately to write something that is not demon-related. I guess it's just the nature of the times we are living in. The good thing is that at least this time around I can spare my readers the kind of revolting photographs found in my previous post. Recently,… Continue reading The Worst Inventions of All Time (I)

Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

It is most doubtful... Modernity is almost like meth: Speeding people way up, making them grotesque and fried out, and slowly but surely killing them. Can you talk a person out of the meth habit? I am slightly more optimistic when to comes to getting people off of tech, industrialism, and modernity. And if God… Continue reading Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

Noah’s Ark (III)

For the 3rd part of this series. I thought the best way to clarify a few items and to head off a few objections is to criticize the ideas in the first two parts and present it all in a question-and-answer format. (Some of these criticism are things I actually hear from people.) 1. You… Continue reading Noah’s Ark (III)