Are Cellphones Going to Cause the Apocalypse?

This is a piece written by Andrew Anglin at The Daily Stormer. Besides reproducing the text of the article in full below, I am supplying the link below: There was a time -- roughly a couple years ago -- when The Daily Stormer was not as based and red-pilled on the tech question, but… Continue reading Are Cellphones Going to Cause the Apocalypse?

The Hechsher of the Beast

"You mean the MARK of the Beast, right?" No, I mean the HECHSHER. For those who don't know, a hechsher is one of the tiny jew-symbols found on food packaging to indicate that the food is kosher ("hechsher" and "kosher" come from the same root, k-š-r), i.e., decreed "fit", under jewish law, for consumption by… Continue reading The Hechsher of the Beast

The Faith Which Moves Mountains

Sometimes I am asked whether I truly view every bit of modern tech in such a negative light. "Isn't there something redeeming about it?"  "Isn't there at least one aspect -- at least one possibility -- from all of these amazing emergent technologies that fascinates you?" No. No, I sincerely believe all that I have… Continue reading The Faith Which Moves Mountains

The Green New Deal

I've really become quite a fan of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez lately. No, I'm just kidding of course. But I do appreciate her championing this GND resolution, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Before we get going here, I want to make a few points abundantly clear, lest there be some confusion later on: 1. I do… Continue reading The Green New Deal