Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

It is most doubtful... Modernity is almost like meth: Speeding people way up, making them grotesque and fried out, and slowly but surely killing them. Can you talk a person out of the meth habit? I am slightly more optimistic when to comes to getting people off of tech, industrialism, and modernity. And if God… Continue reading Can Modernity Get Anything Right?

Noah’s Ark (III)

For the 3rd part of this series. I thought the best way to clarify a few items and to head off a few objections is to criticize the ideas in the first two parts and present it all in a question-and-answer format. (Some of these criticism are things I actually hear from people.) 1. You… Continue reading Noah’s Ark (III)

Noah’s Ark (II)

Objectively, things are pretty awful. The industrial age has indeed been everything that Kaczynski described: "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life expectancy of those of us who live in 'advanced' countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have… Continue reading Noah’s Ark (II)

Globalization, Consumerism, and my Recent Stay in Poland

Not long ago I returned from spending about a month in Poland and Prague. In some respects, this post might seem to stray a bit from the usual scope of things here, but there is a justification to it. I'll explain later. Part of this trip to Poland was due to attending to some family… Continue reading Globalization, Consumerism, and my Recent Stay in Poland

The Flag is at Half-Mast Again… What is it this Time?

"Again?" "What's the massacre this time around?" I thought to myself as I noticed the flag lowered to half-mast while driving home from work. I make no effort to follow the "real" news from day to day, so oftentimes I don't find out about mass-shooting until a day or two after the fact. (By the… Continue reading The Flag is at Half-Mast Again… What is it this Time?

Reflection in the Face of Constant Connection

Many people look at the internet as the greatest invention of all time. All the vast body of human knowledge constantly at hand, able to be called into service at any moment -- they exclaim -- is a modern miracle. A real miracle of science if there ever was one. Besides all this, there is… Continue reading Reflection in the Face of Constant Connection